Live Hunt: Extreme Scouting

When scouting season starts in the late spring and summer I couldn't be happier. I use this time to not only find potential shooters, but to test out new gear and get my body use to those multi-day, multi-mile backcountry trips. If you are going to test out something new, scouting season is the best time. Here's how my scouting season went in 2010.
Here's a good side photo of a shooter buck.
Another non-typical Colorado muley.
The Kifaru Longhunter is ready to "rock."
When you are this far into the wilderness, everybody wants to come visit.
I could not find any flat ground, so I had to do some digging!
We did not find much elk sign this low, but dang what a pretty area!
This is what you want to find a week before season.
We counted 187 elk in this basin and season opener is only a week away! Not going to get much sleep now.
We spot another potential shooter.
I went out looking for these guys when the season finally opened.
When you run into a rub like this, it's always a good sign.
It's 3 a.m. and we are four miles in … Is it nap time yet?
We have got at least one potential shooter in this group.
I was hoping to reach the the mountains behind me before nightfall.
We finally made it and still have daylight to spare.
Home sweet home. I hope Jason doesn't snore tonight.
A big Colorado billy goat. As far in as we were, he will die of old age.
At least that old goat had a friend.
It's always a good idea to bring a fishing pole on your scouting trips.
Water break ... you don't want to get dehydrated!
Another potential candidate
A group of small bulls that popped out of the treeline behind a muley buck I was glassing.
The Hilleberg Akto, it will never let you down.
This bear put on a show for 45 minutes before finally getting our wind.
The ram on the left is now on my friend's wall.
Sometimes you just gotta dig.
I like the buck on the right, but either would work for me.
It was hard heading back to camp after seeing these guys all day.

Aron Snyder had a great hunting season in 2010, but it all started with a lot of backcountry scouting. Here's how he did it.