Big Game Hunting photo
When I got a call from a good friend Larry Welchlen (pictured right) and he told me that he drew a coveted Colorado mountain goat tag, I wasn’t sure who was more excited. I guess you could say that I have a mountain goat addiction and knowing that I would be helping out a guy like Larry made this even more enjoyable.
Larry is 69 years old and has been hunting his entire life. I know most people would think that 69 is too old to be hunting mouton goats with a bow at 12,000 feet, but not for Larry! This guy is tougher than nails and up for any challenge. A good pic through the spotter of the billy that Larry ended up taking the next day
My buddy Andy and I kept an eye on the group of goats before they bedded down for the night.
After three hours of glassing (and closing in on dusk) the goats were still feeding, but we needed to stay with them as long as we could to help minimize the search on the next morning.
We found the billy bedded in these cliffs about 100 yards from the group of goats we had been watching the night before.
After several hours of glassing and a few miles of maneuvering, a plan was put in motion. The stalk begins!
Larry starting to get “down and dirty.”
Getting a confirmation on the distance. He needs to get within 35 yards, 15 more to go and we are in business.
At this point the billy was closer to me then Larry, but Larry was putting the sneak on them and approaching from behind.
I was getting nervous at this point! The goat was only 18 yards away from me and he looked like he might be getting ready to “jump ship” and ruin our plans.
32 yards away… He is in range!
It’s staring to snow at this point (epic day to say the least), but this wasn’t larry’s first rodeo! He knew exactly what to do.
Life at full draw, and at 12,000 feet no less!
The shot was perfect and the billy only ran 65 yards before dying.
Watching this all unfold was one of the best days of hunting in my life.
Finally, Larry got to put his hands on the massive billy.
A great guy with a great trophy. Well deserved Larry!
But now the work begins.
Getting the entire goat inside my pack was a bit of a task, but after a little jerking and pushing we got it done.
I needed a little assistance getting on my feet, but I was good to go once I was standing.
Headed down the mountain! A 37 percent grade can be rough on the body.
Putting the walking sticks to good use, I needed a breather bad here.
We finally made it. I think it’s nap time now!
Me and the MAN! Larry is someone I am proud to call a friend and this hunt is something that I will remember for the rest of my life. Thank you Larry, I am happy that I could be a part of this.

Join Live Hunt host, Aron Snyder, on an epic backcountry bowhunt for a Colorado mountain goat.