I got my mallard limit in the Delaware River near Trenton, NJ. The drake was my 228th New Jersey banded bird. It was banded in Notre Dame De Pierreville, Quebec, Canada. The last eight banded birds that I shot in NJ were form Canada. -NJ219bands
Sadie, my five-year-old Chesapeake Bay Retriever spending the day out on the pond training for the upcoming season. -chop1036
These two just like playing around. If you look close, the 8-pointer on the right is bleeding from his forehead. -pafanasiw
This young bull doesn’t have much on top but makes up for it down low.
My Dad took my step mom (right) and I (left) fishing for sturgeon for the first time. Within the first 45 minutes we had already caught both of these fish. Mine is 59 inches, 65 pounds and hers was 66 inches, 85 pounds. These both were caught aboard the Young Gun 2. -allcamogirl08
Several good friends fishing live bait at night. This is one of several flatheads landed. My son Dan, and Chris Gent teamed up to catch this one. It was released back into the Allegheny River. -danielc1050
Not only did I shoot the deer of a lifetime, my grandpa and I had the hunt of the lifetime. I have hunted all over the world, however, this will remain in my heart forever as the best hunt I will ever have because my grandpa was with me. -huntingwithjess
My cousin and I stacking ’em up on the Ochlocknee. 61 “Specks” 25 “bream” and 3 big ‘ole cats. EPIC! -cspred
Brady and I went squirrel hunting on 1/16/11. We took our three rat terriors. We put them in a pet carrier, strapped it on our 4 wheeler and rode up in the mountain. We saw three squirrels and Brady killed his first squirrel with a Marlin .22 bolt action rifle.
About halfway through the drive I heard the deer coming, not long after hearing him he stepped out and trotted up along a down tree, once he cleared the tree I double-lunged him and he dropped within 10 yards. We had about a 1-1/2 mile drag out and on a 195-pound deer. -Sammy1129
A coyote and his meal to go… -idahooutdoors
My father has had two motion sensitive cameras set up for about a year. Christmas Eve of 2010 one of the cameras took three pictures, and two of those pictures had eight cougars in the frame. This was the most exciting of the three. -kdto5b
I killed this 10 pt. this year 2010. I shot it with 7mm Remington mag. at 76 yards. It scored 135 5/8. -donniepen
Took my boys out to fill our tag, stalked down a nice hen. -idahooutdoors
My sons, William and Quentin, and our grouse dog Timber with their prize. -idahooutdoors
A Bull that was very worked up in the rut. -idahooutdoors
Twelve-year-old Cameron on his first muley pack out. -idahooutdoors
An elk keeping a buffalo away from his girls … a standoff in Yellowstone. -idahooutdoors
We released this bobcat back into the wild. Since I live in New Hampshire it is illegal to kill them. But he was a beautiful creature. -Rinchi12
A charging Wyoming bull. -idahooutdoors
I took this nice Idaho mule deer this year on a hunt with my cousin and his sons. -idahooutdoors
I went out for the second season on Saturday Dec. 4 and at about 8:15 a.m. this buck came running in. The rest is history. It does help to pray, I did. -mike caraway
On the second day of the South Dakota mountain lion season in the Black Hills, I used a Tally-Ho predator call to call this lion within 30 yards. The cat is an 81-pound female. -billrow
My wife, Kim caught this fish off the coast of Paridise Island in the Bahamas. -preeg
Just a picture from a photo shoot I did with my newborn son, Casen. He is bound to hunter! -merriemoses
I shot this big boar while hunting in south Arkansas. -Catpool9
Winter turkey hunting is different than any other hunt. This is one example of a typical snow turkey setup using snowshoes as a makeshift seat. Calling a bird in on a setup like this gives new meaning to the term “cold calling.” I killed this bird on 12/30/10. Could it have been the last tag filled in 2010? -charlie elk
This is my son’s first pheasant. -kmitchele
Took this big 9-point following his lady friends in late rifle season. Nice way to end the year! -hambone
I glimpsed a big deer moving through an opening about 200 yards away on the other side of the clearing I was hunting. I grunted and snort-wheezed at him. He came right in and hung up about 150 yards out. When he started walking broadside to get downwind of me I shot and dropped him with a 12-gauge slug gun. My biggest ever at 138 inches gross. -inspector D
Fishing in Treasure Cay Abacos using a Tibor CL. Water temperature in the Bahamas was still cold! -Aluminum Leader
The night I was able to get this gorgeous animal I finally decided to be patient and just wait to here a bugle before I did any calling. I heard him from about 150 yards away so I softly cow called. I finally saw his huge rack over some trees so I positioned myself right where I thought he would come out, and sure enough he did and in mid-bugle I poked him. I will never forget that hunt. -hookedonmt
I shot this buck on public land. This was the first good buck I had seen all year. The deer was injured the previous year and when he stepped out I could see he had one good side, but I couldn’t see the other side for a while. To my surprise he was freaky looking when I got to see all of him. -bodine45
A wife of my club member shot this doe with 6-inch toes on all four hoofs. I was thinking how unusual this is and has anyone seen something like this before, also what would cause, if you have answers I would like to hear from you. -schneider15205
Get out fished every time -rose0660
It was the second week of Maryland’s rifle season. I had almost given up on the chance of bagging a buck. I went to my stand right after work and I was only in for an hour when he came by at 30 yards chasing three does. I still can’t believe it. He was never seen on any trail cams on our 1,200-acre club. Certainly the biggest buck I’ve ever seen hunting. -farmboy984
The photo is of my daughter Caryn and her 1st buck shot in Crawford County. She has been hunting for more than 12 years and has taken does and some half-rack forks but never anything like this monster. It scored 140 and weighted over 180 pounds. -Paul Krause
I took my first deer Nov. 3 2010 on my small farm in Adams County Ohio. On the first outing this season, 45 minutes after getting situated in my tree climber stand, this buck came in to a single grunt. He moved in to my 25-yard target area and that was it. Used a PSE compound bow. -stevemcfarland
Proof that hard work in the off-season pays back.
My boss bagged the big one. This buck walked out in front of him the second day of gun season and he put it down. He said this is the biggest deer he’s ever had the chance to take. -thoward84
It was the first day of the season and my brother and I headed over to a spot that has been pretty good to us in past years. I was trolling with a crankbait in 13 feet of water and suddenly my rod folded over. After a good 10 minutes of fighting and a great job netting by my brother we got the pike in the boat. After a few quick photos we gently released her to swim another day. -canadiancanuck19
First snow fall (2010) in Martin County Kentucky and this little fellow took a stroll by our trail cam. -Donaldset1992
I harvested this whitetail doe with a velvet drop tine the end of October 2010 in central Montana. No junk between her legs … old dry doe. -cschwartz
The strangest pictures from the wild My dad snapped this photo just off of his front deck. He said these two cubs wrestled and tore around the yard for the better part of 15 minutes to the complete disinterest of their mother.
This buffalo was coming at my car as I was standing outside the car taking a picture. -montana_hail
My Tasco trail camera took this picture the first night I had it in the woods. The doe is biting the buck while the fawn is nursing. -Katelyn
I got this awesome photo in the mountains of southwest Virginia on my moultrie camera. I thought it was pretty rare to see. -tylerparks
Suki likes to get some air on every retrieve. -Kody
Leave my buck alone, sister! Caught on a trail camera just to the right of my deer stand. -tcalhoun
This is my dog’s first night running a live coon. Like most times he is an overachiever, and just wants to make me happy. -cdn420
After a long day of an unsuccessful dove hunt in south central Pennsylvania, this Coopers Hawk beat us all, snatching this dove in mid-flight in front of the truck. -wildforest19
This photo was taken in the Missouri Breaks northwest of Brusett, Montana on the Curtis & Evelyn Chamberlin Ranch. -Justin and Jordan Cornelius
I got this shot of a red-tailed hawk screaming at me on take off. -joeb
That’s me and my dog Pokey discussing where the Largemouths might be hiding that day. -fasted
I was bow hunting in Pike County Pennsylvania and shot a doe. I hung it on the meat pole and went inside for some dinner. I noticed the deer was swinging, so I ran outside to take a look. A 300-pound black bear was eating my deer. He ate the whole thing in about 15 minutes. -mwicks62
I found this blacksnake the morning after a snow storm in about 20-degree weather in Pennsylvania on Jan. 7. The only tracks around were from deer, which I figure stomped its head. What the heck was it doing out in the snow? -Tony Donchak
This photo was taken this year during bowhunting season. I had seen this buck two different times this season but it never came into range for me. As of today this bad boy is still running wild! -amprigge
My Grandfather, brothers, and father’s best friend were all sitting on the deck of my cottage after a morning hunt and we saw a deer across the cove running through the weeds. We then saw the second deer (a buck) chasing her very closely. She finally decided she had had enough and jumped into the lake thinking he would stop the chase. No luck for her! -pjvander
Two does sparing. I’ve seen it in the field but never caught it on camera — until now. -jcpace
This picture was taken by a Bushnell trail camera seconds after I took a shot on a tom. -lds577
A 422-pound Maine black bear looks even bigger when he’s sitting in a tree 10 feet above you. -jackmanhardware
A golfer playing though while a bull elk bugles! -elkshooter
My trail camera caught these wolves taking a dip in my protein and salt lick. -Rita P.
This albino buck appears to be one of the reasons for all the albino whitetails here in central Minnesota. He is one of five albinos that live in the Father Hennepin State Park. There are possibly six albinos as of this spring 2008. An albino fawn was born but I’m not sure if it survived. -albinodeerguy
This fawn looks to be saying, “Excuse me, but I am bigger than you!” The gray squirrel wasn’t about to leave until he got his share, but finally gave in when a larger deer showed up. -albinodeerguy
Don’t know where it happened, just wanted to pass it along. -dearole
I saw these two cow elk duking it out at the Oak Creek Feeding Station. -hntrchik
Me and my two boys watched this fox squirrel walk around my dad’s front yard in Watkinsville, Georgia for a few hours, and then take a nap. This is a photo of him naping. -shansford
I hate to be the one to ask this question, but what happened to all the picnickers?

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