Valentine’s Gift Guide

Monday is Valentine’s Day. If your significant other likes to fish, hunt or be outdoors, this is our best attempt … Continued

Can your girlfriend outfish you? Giver her a chance to brag about it. <a href=""></a>
The people at Ocean Girl make some quality rods, with a decidedly feminine finish. Just be sure you don't wind up leaving with her rod before sun-up. <a href="">Ocean Girl Fishing</a>
If she'd rather brag with a sweatshirt than a wall mount, this is a good gift choice. <a href="/">Fly Gal</a>
Hey guys! Flies that are actually supposed to wind up in her ear! <a href="">Fly Depot</a>
Mallards taking flight captured in gold. <a href="/">Cabela's</a>
Bass Pro combined pink and camo, something you don't see every day. <a href="">Bass Pro</a>
With this Firefly Fishing vest from FishPond, you can sneak along the extra gear yours is too stuffed to hold. <a href="">Fish Pond</a>
Browning Womens Sporter Shooting Vest. <a href="">Gander Mountain</a>
Look good without scuffing the boat. <a href="">FishinChix</a>
Browning's Silver Buckmark Drop Pendant Necklace. <a href="">Gander Mountain</a>
Fish that hold wine…genius. <a href="">Wyoming Fly Fishing</a>
"Gone Fishin," Fruit Flavored Candy. No fillet knife necessary. <a href="">Sam's Club</a>
Hunting and cupid combined. Enough said. <a href="">Zazzle</a>
Leave it to the guys at BassPro to come up with camo lingerie. Warning: Do not combine with camo bedding. <a href="">Bass Pro Shops</a>
If being too cold is the one thing keeping her off the trout streams in April, then these GoreTex waders from Simms, made especially for women, should be the difference-maker. <a href="">Simms</a>
Pick your dog breed and keep your wine fresh . <a href="">Orvis</a>
Fish-Flops! This will take some success on the water and some handy-work. And then some apologizing.
Here's another do-it-yourself idea, a wine-rack made from antlers. Image and idea from <a href=""></a>
Have animal feet adorning her feet. <a href="">Woodland Things</a>
Ticked Off Tick Remover. What's more romantic than "I don't want you to die of lime disease."? Nothing, that's what. <a href="">Ticked Off</a>

Monday is Valentine’s Day. If your significant other likes to fish, hunt or be outdoors, this is our best attempt to help you guys out. Here’s 20 ideas. Some are expensive, some are do-it-yourself, some tacky, and some tasteful. We’ll let you decide. Beauty, after all, is in the eye of the beholder.