Battle in the Desert

We got these photos emailed to us under the subject heading "Dinner in Arizona." The email said the pictures were taken by one of the road crew members at Cloudbreak, Arizona. However after some help from our readers and a little more digging, it now seems that the photos actually are from Australia.
At first it was hard to tell who was eating who, but eventually the snake fit the sand monitor's head into its mouth.
It took hours for the snake (reportedly a black headed python) to finish off the sand monitor.
As you can see, the crew members taped off the area to keep and drivers from running over the pair of reptiles.
The sand monitor was estimated at about five feet long and the snake was more than seven feet long.
The snake is stretching its jaw and body to its limits.
Halfway done.

Check out a five-hour struggle caught on camera between a giant desert kingsnake and a sand monitor.