This is the hunter’s (right) first ever mule deer hunt and second ever deer. He will forever be spoiled. Gross: 210 NM public land hunt -summersc
The first of what will hopefully be many father/son trips to beautiful Lake Okeechobee Florida. Trevor & Doug caught over 120 bass in 2 days of fishing the Lake using shiners and senko artificials. Most of the fish were over 2 pounds. Many were well over 3. This one was well over 8 pounds. As if catching this many big bass was enough fun, Trevor also hooked a 12-foot gator! -dtopken
I only had a few days left to hunt so I put down the bow and picked up the 10 gauge (The Cannon). We got within 35 yards of 4 strutters, so check out how it ended. -LaDena Laha
Michelle Roper, the current women’s world record holder for the biggest Bohala, recently shot another nice fish. Amazingly, this fish is almost 20 pounds smaller than her record monster. -Dixmo
After sitting over our bait station in Interior Alaska my wife Tonya arrowed this 6’6″ black bear. She made a perfect shot and the bear expired after 20 yards. It is her first big game animal taken with her bow. -helmuth
Took my daughter bass fishing for the first time this April for spring break and this is her first bass ever. Stephanie caught this fish all by herself. I did net the fish, but it was hard not to take the pole from her when I saw this fish. She had no idea how special this fish was. She gave it a kiss and sent him home to his family.
This is my second buck with a bow. He grossed 188 and netted 180 6/8. -klint
On vacation in Yellowstone National Park -RNewland
Professional Hunter, LG Trichardt and I spotted the waterbuck to our left. There were 3 cows eating while the two males faced off several times ending with the eldest male on top. As I prayed, he came into the watering hole at 20 yards. I released my heavy metal jacket arrow with 4-inch hot pink feathers into the kill zone and BAM, he was down 70 yards later! -cammobear
I was lucky enough to draw a Montana moose tag after 23 years of applying. I shot this beautiful bull on opening morning and was able to get back to Ft. Carson, Colorado in the nick of time to make my deployemnt to Iraq!
Fishing with my son and his friend, Jake Frysinger- this big walleye came out of the depths just before dawn on opening day. For perspective, Jake is a former U-M defensive end ( he stands 6′ 5″). Great way to start. -crosbychief
These two gobblers were taken by my boyfriend and I at the same time on the last morning of the 2011 turkey season. Both birds had 11 1/2 inch beards and 1 1/4 inch spurs. What an awesome way to end the season! -harley2005
This is the last trip my wife and I were able to make to the premier King Salmon River with Funny Moose Lodge and John Iverson, who was the guide. The war on terror has kept me busy in support of the war(I work for DoD) since and only a few more years until retirement. -featherfisher
With one shot from 85 yards I took my first bull gator. -CaraMantovani
This is a beautiful 225-pound Russian boar that I killed at 125 yards with my 7mm. This is my first boar and I killed him on a ranch in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. I thought the hunt would be easy but it turned into a 6-hour spot and stalk adventure. I now have a new found respect for pig hunters. -bigbuck96
My wife and I have been working non-stop to get this kid to use the toilet instead of diapers, but his attention span is so short. So the next time we got him on the toilet, I handed him an Outdoor Life Magazine … He sat on that toilet for 5 minutes flipping through the pictures of the big bucks with a look of amazement! I’m so proud of my little outdoorsman! -bpatters
This year my Dad and I went turkey hunting for the first time. I chose a spot under a tree overlooking a corn field. I started calling with my H.S. Strut slate call. At around 8 a.m. with about 3 to 4 inches of snow on the ground, I saw a hen 20 feet in front of me. About 50 yds behind her was the tom! I continued calling, waiting until the tom was 15 yards away to shoot him. 9-inch beard, 22 pounds and 1-inch spurs.
This deer wanted a good look at my trail camera. -chasew37
The future of hunting is in good hands. -boats82
I tracked down my first Alaskan wolf about 15 miles outside of Port Alsworth, AK. -PaulOliver
Lot of patience and soft calling got this longbeard. Trent and I got him started gobbling about 6:45 am and Trent shot him at about 1:30 p.m. at 15 steps. -res1956
This is the first deer I have ever killed. -Ohiohunting5
My name is Robert J. Hoskins, from Columbia, South Carolina. I got TWO TOMS WITH ONE SHOT! The first tom had 10-inch beard and the second tom had 10 3/4-inch beard. -kellyree68
I was out hunting on a small farm with my little brother and my stepdad. I was hunting alone in a treestand. At about 4:30 I arrowed this eight point which was my first deer. -deerhunter25
Two months of shooting practice and some new camo really paid off! -steg
I’m real big into the outdoors and wanted to show that with a tattoo. I decided to get this one on my back, because finding elk sheds and hunting elk are my favorite things to do. -codybeierle
Got this gobbler spot and stalk style. He weighed 24.5 lbs he had 3 beards: 9.5 inches, 8 inches, and 7 inches. -kyle2013
My son, Mason Rieck, was fishing an Arizona urban lake when he latched onto this catfish. At first, Mason thought he had a snag, then realized he had a fighter on the line! Like an old vet, he worked the catfish up to shore and landed him. -JeffD
Michael Langston took his first bull in Arizona from 250 yards with a .30-06. The bull had an estimated green score of 330 inches. -skahler
A great day of rabbit hunting with family! Good times and great memories! -pjsabella
I never expected to see a deer like this on the land I was hunting because I had never even seen a buck here before. -kjr1995
We got to float the North Platte in March, 2011 with Rick Aune from the Reef Fly Shop. Wow, what a fantastic trip! This great rainbow took a San Juan worm and put up a big fight. -kgkautz
This big boy measured 25 inches. I released him after the photo. -Melvinstewart
John and his best friend “Hank” await arrival of the ducks at his family farm near Independence, Oregon. -swaimjr
This is my first buck. He’s a 6×5 (including eye guards) and weighed about 210 pounds. After I took this deer I became the town celebrity. -The Great Onalaskan
I moved to Colorado three years ago and I have hunted for two years there. I finally got my first deer last season! He was a 5×5 Muley with a 28-inch outside spread. It was very exciting and I can’t wait for the next hunt. -debandscott
Opening Day Trophy
My first trophy buck (122 raw score). I was sitting with my dad when he came walking through. I waited patiently, and when I got a small shooting lane the Ruger .243 dropped him with one clean shot. Robby Fort 10yrs old -wesfort
This bear was taken in Michigan’s Upper Pennisula. It was a great hunt over bait with Lac la Belle Outfitters.
The snow was still on the ground. I set up with a white, homemade hood and called using my secret weapon made by Primos. Within two minutes of calling this young tom strolled in. He stopped about 50 yards in front of me for a clean chest shot with .22-250. I’m having it made into a rug. -Josey
I shot this amazing deer first day of slug season 2010. Notice he is NOT albino rather white with brown between his antlers and back legs! Once in a lifetime monster! HE has a 22-inch spread, 5.5-inch bases and grosses 153 5/8. -stingray346
Monica and her dad were hunting a double ladder stand in Waterloo, Alabama on a green field when four does walked out. After about 20 minutes Monica chose the largest deer and took it in one shot. She’s 15 years old and this was her first deer. -mocarpenter
Check out my 16-pound channel cat from the Snake River near Clarkston, Washington. Everyone told us it was to early for cats. -land_cruiser_73
Just another big fish. -grant killoy
These are all of the animals taken during our annual hunting extravaganza at camp. I only had one grouse and one goose but it was a weekend to remember. -upfisherman96
My boys split up for an Easter Sunday youth weekend turkey hunt. I took my youngest son Cooper and he was able to take a 24-pound tom at 6:30 in the morning. My oldest son Noah wasn’t far behind! Hunting with his uncle, he was able to take a 21.5-pound tom at 7:05. The boys have the bragging rights for now, but opening week of the New York regular season is only a week away! -Hambone
I took this great buck on November 24, 2010 at 7:45am on a private woodlot in Washington County, Rhode Island. I was still hunting on a nice damp morning. He scored 162 2/8″ typical and had 10 points. Great deer for Little Rhody. -safari1
Bigger isn’t always better! I had seen a much bigger buck the morning I saw this deer, but I was glad I held out. It isn’t everyday that something like this walks out in front of you. -buckhunter1
Meet my new fall turkey hunting partner Vic who is 8 weeks old in this picture. He’s already making himself at home. Those are the fans of a Rio, Eastern and Merriam turkeys. -Charlie Elk
Sitting high upon a rock bluff over looking a dry wash, this dog stood at 210 yards long enough to settle my crosshairs. WHAT A RUSH! -Tonyb
Remington and 7-month-old Gauge, a father/son duck retrieving team after a cold and muddy January hunt. -dixie8387
Early Success
Finally bought a coyote rifle after couple years of thinking about it. Picked up the gun on a Wednesday morning and went hunting that first night. 6 minutes of cottontail distress on the $40 caller and this 39-pound female came in trotting at 110 yards. One shot, a bark and she was down. I have been Addicted ever since! -ezduzitmn
Tennessee Whitetail
11-Point from Big South Fork Recreation Area in Tennessee -bearhunter
Fishing Fort Lauderdale
November charter trip -bearhunter
Took this boar hunting in the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area in November 2010. -Bearhunter
Texas Trophy
2010 was a great year for me! This is the biggest whitetail I’ve taken and it has an estimated green score of 160. -aussiejohn
I shot this coyote while on my deer stand. -rickbernier
50-1/4 inches and 43 pounds of musky. I started a figure 8 with 6 feet of line. Three times around the bow of the boat and back, flared her gills she ate the entire bait at my feet. I set the hook and opened the bail and the fish came completely out of the water. As the fish came down, I cocked the reel and fought the fish to the net. -pelagicbldr
Flying Fish
This photo was taken ice fishing in Idaho 2/6/11. -grant killoy
I have been following this deer all year on my trail camera. I Finally drew the bow on him nn Feb. 3. I made a perfect shot at 30 yards and watched him go down. It was a long season but well worth it! -kline4303
I shot this 5×5 buck on Nov. 25. I drove 13 hours to Saksatchewan from British Colombia to hunt these deer and I got this guy within the first 10 minutes of the hunt. He scored 156 4/8 gross 150 0/8 net. -taylor1
I harvested this 11-pointer on Saturday of the first firearm season with my Thompson Center Pro Hunter Muzzleloader.
While fishing one of the back Bays of Marco Island I landed this giant redfish. I was drifting a live shrimp on a number 6 circle hook under a popper. It grabbed the shrimp and ran about 50 yards. It took me 20 minutes to get it back to the boat where we photographed it and let it go! -frankt
15-year-old Brandon Dylewski shot this 140-inch deer on opening day of the Pennsylvania deer season. It took 1 shot from his .308 to take this monster down. -Michael dylewski
I got on a day-old bear track, found a bed with fresh tracks coming out of it. I followed them for about 100 yards and caught up to him put a good shot on him with a Remington 700 .308.
I killed the deer of a lifetime, this beautiful 10-point on the 29th of January in Mississippi. -dbarton Submit your hunting and fishing photos here for the chance to win a new pair of gloves from Mechanix Wear. We’re giving away five pairs of gloves for the best shots of March and April.

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