For my second Chasing Spring hunt of the season I headed to South Carolina to hunt the Deux Cheneaux Plantation with some old friends. See the full video of the hunt here.
This low country hunt was set up by old friend Steve Cobb and also covered by National Wild Turkey Federation television show cameraman Brian Combs. Here’s our crew with Tony Chachere of Creole seasoning. Tony’s posing with his gobbler in the middle of the gang.
Legendary turkey hunter and champion caller Tom Stuckey gives the right message to the kids and turkey hunters.
Allen Bell admires one of his low country trophy gobblers. Mr. Bell is the owner and manager of Deux Cheneaux Plantation in Walterboro S.C.
A thermal cell is an important part of your hunting gear during spring turkey season. Like the last Chasing Spring hunt in South Florida, low country is home to some Boone and Crockett mosquitos.
Here’s my hunter, Lori Smith Bell Johnson, the first morning of our hunt as we prepare to do battle with the low country swamp gobbler.
Every camp has a unique person and our camp had little Jimmy Andrews. Here he is holding court with yet another story. Jimmy is the funniest guy I have ever met at a hunting camp, and that’s saying a lot.
Professional NWTF cameraman, Brian Combs, aka “wolf,” shot interviews with Allen Bell and Tony Chacherer. Brian also laid down some beautiful hunt footage.
Tony took this bird with one thing in mind: food. He cooked the bird in camp for everyone and shot a cooking segment on the NWTF TV show.
Tony’s “turkey nuggets” were unbelievable. They were wrapped in bacon and had a cream cheese center.
Time to make the donuts!
A late after noon set up as Lori waits and watches for turkeys. Lori sat better than some 20-year turkey hunting veterans that I’ve hunted with.
Mark McBride (left) with “little Jimmy.” To protect the innocent, guilty, or those who might be looking for Jimmy, I decided not to list his last name.
Mark, my hunting buddy and assistant guide, is trimming up a shooting lane for Lori during an evening set up.
Lori and I took this gobbler on the last day and last hour of our hunt. Lori was a trooper and a true pleasure to hunt with. She never gave up and hunted as hard as any man I ever hunted with.
NWTF Cameraman Brian catching a short nap. In camp he is better known as Wolverine, or Caveman. Later during our hunt everyone just called him Wolf.
Steve Cobb and Tom Stuckey pose with Tom’s movie star gobbler that now has a starring role on the National Wild Turkey Federation’s television show.
Mark McBride trying to enjoy his coffee as Steve Cobb tells a funny story. There’s never a quiet or dull moment in this turkey camp, even at 5 in the morning.
Tom Stuckey and I were the very first Hunters Specialties Pro staff when HS Strut was formed back in 1985.
There were plenty of youngsters attending the annual Tom Stuckey turkey seminar.
North Carolina professional turkey hunter and champion turkey caller, Steve Cobb speaks during the annual low country seminar.
Success! Here’s Lori with her first low country gobbler taken while I ran the camera. Lori finally got her gobbler during the last hour of the last day of the hunt.
After waking from a short nap during and early afternoon hunt, I thought the view was pretty cool, so I wanted to share it with you.
Tony Chachere and Steve Cobb did a cooking segment for NWTF TV during our hunt.
You can see the full video of this hunt here.

Chasing Spring host, Ray Eye, heads to South Carolina to help Lori Johnson take her first tom.