Here’s a ranking of the 25 coyote photos that got the most votes from our Great Coyote Photo Contest. See who won the contest and a new scope from Nikon at number 25. Game camera shot -snaselsky
End of the call -Duane Fronek
Brother and sister first coyote
Family fun -huntingditchdogs
Po’d big boss dog -chasey375hh
Predator II -solidlock43
A great day of hunting with the FoxPro -cjyoung28
Harrisville Alpha male -Rich Shaffer
No Dak dawg -hiwayman
Looking for a fight -PhilBilly
Smirk -Khgateley
A good day on the line -christopher alcorn
Mousing coyote -hjholmen
Not stealthy enough -Jallemang
Coyote -ANDYH
Coyote hunting -prairieghost
Coyote and deer
What the coyotes think of my trail camera -dallemang
Dog vs Coyote -bjreed
Coyote and a doe
River Bottom Yote -BShunter
This is the second coyote I called in that had a bobbed tail…both were females.
Trail Camera Model
Mexican coyote Photo: tcaraveo And the winner is …
Coyote Charge Photo: Sniper John Congratulations Sniper John, we’ll be contacting you about your new scope.

See the best photos from our coyote hunting photo contest. Make sure to see which reader took the top spot at number 25.