Here at OL we don’t consider “redneck” a deragatory term. But there are some outdoor activities that cater to a specific crowd. If you’ve ever participated in any of the following pursuits, you just might be a redneck. Gator hunting
The American Alligator has been making a comeback in southern states for years to the delight of rednecks everywhere. There’s a variety of ways to hunt gators but the perhaps the most popular is to stick them with a harpoon or bow and then haul them into the boat. Are you interested in tying yourself to a 10-foot lizard while sitting in a small John boat? You might be a redneck.
The idea behind noodling is to find holes that catfish are hiding in and then stick your hand in them. If things go well the catfish chomps down on your hand and then you wrestle it into submission. It’s easier said than done … some of these fish weigh up to 60 pounds.
Hog hunting
There are plenty of ways to hunt hogs like waiting over bait or spotting and stalking. But the most redneck version is to hunt them with dogs and a knife. A close second is with a giant spear.
Asian carp swatting
The original redneck fishing tournament is held in the Illinois River outside of Bath, Illinois. The idea behind the tournament is to drive around the river and swat invasive Asian carp as they jump out of the water.
Ice fishing
Being a redneck isn’t for southerners only. The north country rednecks spend their winters standing on the ice looking into a hole waiting … and waiting … and … waiting.
Raccoon hunting
Most coon hunting is done with hounds at night. This kind of hunting is done all over the country, but it’s ecspecially popular in Kentucky, Virginia and Tennessee. Photo:
Run a trotline
If you know what a snood is, there’s a good chance you’re a redneck. This method of fishing is really more like trapping and is mostly used for catching catfish. Hank Williams Jr. said it best: “We can skin a buck, we can run a trotline and a country boy can survive.” Photo:
Coyote running
Some coyote hunters choose to chase their quarry with hounds. This is especially popular in the Northeast. To effectively do this it typically takes a team of 10 to 20 guys to circle they coyote and anytime you get that many hunters together you’re bound to get at least one redneck in the group.
Frog gigging
A gig is simply a three pronged spear and frog gigging is simply taking this spear and jabbing it into a bullfrog. Most of the time this is done at night with the aid of a flashlight and sometimes Budweiser. Photo:
Snapping turtle catching
Sure you could use a net to catch snapping turtles, or you could do it like a real redneck and just use your hands.
Carp shooting
In most of Europe carp are held with the same amount of reverence as fly fishermen reserve for a wild rainbow trout here in the U.S. In most redneck regions carp are shot with bows.
Rattle Snake Wrangling
In an unapologetic display of redneck culture there is a huge rattlesnake roundup every year in Sweetwater, Texas. The craziest part about the snake hunt? No firearms allowed.
Sturgeon Spearing
Does waiting for hours on a frozen lake just to spear a giant semi-prehistoric fish sound like fun to you? Well then you might be a redneck.
Cane pole fishing
Before the first reel was ever designed, people were using long rods of cane to catch fish. If it ain’t broke, why fix it?
Crow hunting
If it’s legal, rednecks will hunt it. This includes crows. The best part is that rednecks from the East Coast to the South can hunt crows. There’s even a crow season in California. Photo: crow busters
Skunk Hunting
I’m not sure what you do with a skunk after you shoot it, but several states have a skunk season. This includes Michigan, Virginia and Arizona to name a few.
Full-Auto Shooting Festival
Have you ever wanted to unload hundreds of rounds in mere seconds? Try going to a full-auto shooting festival (oh yeah, and you might be a redneck). They host them in Oklahoma and Las Vegas.
Porcupine hunting
Porcupines are protected in a handful of states, but in the ones that don’t have porcupine restrictions you’ll find rednecks hunting them. The outfitter listed below offers an African porcupine hunt in Texas. Yeehaw.
Punkin Chunkin
For years rednecks have have used pumpkins as target practice, but now they’ve evolved into chunkin them. Chunkin is a scientific word for shooting or catapulting a pumpkin out of a device as far as possible. The world championships are held in Delaware each year.
City folks drive around mud when possible. Rednecks look for mud to drive through on purpose. Mudding consists of setting up a long mud wallow and then seeing who can drive through it the farthest and the fastest. Honda Civic drivers need not apply. Photo:

There’s nothing wrong with having a little red around the collar. If you participate in any of these outdoor pursuits, you might be a redneck.