Chasing Spring: Swamp Gobblers

We battled four days of downpours during our Chasing Spring Florida expedition, but we still managed to have a great … Continued

After my Kids Hunting for a Cure trip in Tennessee, I headed straight for Florida. The Sunshine State was without rain for months, until Chasing Spring arrived. It even rained all day on us at Disney World.
We had rain, then more rain, then more rain for 4 straight days. The turkey hunting was tough, but we didn’t get totally skunked. Here’s Bobby Whitehead and I with a nice pig Bob took on camera during the hunt. Two of the hunters took great toms and you can see the footage from their hunts on the next slide …
When it finally cleared up a little we set up in our video blind. Here’s my new “Gator” Thermos bottle, a gift from Jerry and gator Girl (we’ll get to her later).
Bob Whitehead warning the gator to stay away. Bobby has a fear of gators and always hears the tic, toc, tic, toc, tic, toc, from Peter Pan.
Our Florida guide, airboat captain and swamp turkey ninja in deep thought … “is it ever going to stop raining?”
My good friend and airboat captain, Jerry Henson knows turkeys, pigs, gators and swamps.
There’s more to do in Florida than just hunt turkeys. Here’s Bobby’s 70-pound tarpon he caught in the Keys.
Early morning in the swamp with Bob Whitehead and Jerry Henson on one of the few mornings without rain.
Mr Knight and Mr. Doyle set up in the video blind.
Gator Girl with another one of her victims.
Here’s the view from the “Gator Cam.” Jerry gave me an air boat gator tour to shoot footage of alligators and the swamps.
I worked as the Gate Boy during our Florida hunt.
It was time to regroup, and there is no better place to plan for the next day’s hunt than around a campfire with great food and good friends.
Lunch at the Lone Cabbage is a tradition of our hunt.
The Lone Cabbage on the St. John River.
Bobby being eaten by a tourist gator.
We didn’t see any feral clowns in the swamp this time, however the clown did show up on our fishing boat.

We battled four days of downpours during our Chasing Spring Florida expedition, but we still managed to have a great hunt.