Editor’s Note: Jon Sabati is filling in on Chasing Spring to give us an idea of what it’s like to turkey hunt in Hawaii. Here’s a first-hand look at what it’s like turkey hunting in paradise. I was able to pull these two gobblers away from a hen. My hunting partner Steve was using my 12-gauge and was able to close the deal and fill his two tags. Mauna Kea is my favorite spot to hunt turkeys in Hawaii. See my video on the next slide …
To stand on the ridge with the cool breeze blowing in my face as the morning sun glows through the clouds that lay below me is truly a gift from God.
This gobbler could not resist the clucks, yelps and purrs of the Quaker Boy Waterproof Easy Yelper. It didn’t take long for me to fire him up pull him into range. It’s great not having to worry about a friction call going flat due to moisture or if you forgot to maintain it with chalk. These new waterproof friction calls are maintenance free!
I took my hunting buddy Steve Karcz from Alaska on a Hawaii spring turkey hunt on public land. We hunted in Unit A on the Volcano “Mauna Kea.” We were hunting at approximately 9,000 feet of elevation, which got us above the clouds.
The hens were feeding on the Pu’u Keawe berries prepping themselves for the nesting period. Where the hens hang out is where you can find the gobblers.
I was out scouting and I spotted a HUGE Gobbler in his strut zone! He left his business card. I placed a 3-inch 12-gauge magnum shell next to it for comparison. This Rio is in the 20-pound plus class!
Our hunt started off cold, foggy, rainy, with wind gusts up to 30 mph. My hunting buddy Ryan Gomes was using my 20-gauge. I turned loose the Quaker Boy Hurricane Supreme waterproof box call! Oh yeah! This Rio cut me off!
These two gobblers got dumped at 35 yards! I have a Indian Creek Shooting Systems Black Diamond Strike on my Remington 870 20-gauge. Shooting Winchester ammo with #5 shot. Great high percentage pattern from this turkey choke tube!
I took this Gobbler on the second to the last day of the season in Hawaii. The rains came early and kicked off the breeding cycle in February. The gobblers are bred out since mid March and are in the “Fall” mode. Worked a bunch of toms using fall calling tactics. He had awesome spurs for a Hawaii bird! The beard laid out at 9 3/4 inches. This fat boy pulled the scale at 24 pounds! I got done early and even had time to head to the beach.
The new Mossberg 500 Tactical Turkey Shotgun dropped this 24-pound Hawaiian Rio at 40 yards! The 3-position tactical stock with pistol grip makes for a very steady aim. Glow sights make aiming easy in low light conditions. Top tang safety is a favorite for it leaves no doubt if the safety is on or off. Factory Accu xx full turkey choke tube patterns awesome with Winchester 2 3/4 or 3-inch ammo with #6 or #5 copper plated shot.
The perfect end to a perfect day! I harvested a 24 pound Rio with a set of the largest sharpest spurs I had ever seen on a Hawaiian Rio. Got home before lunch spent the rest of the day relaxing in the sun. Wish you were here!
Lilinoi Grace (Miss Kona Coffee Queen) of Kamalani Productions sends you a “Kiss of Aloha” from Kona, Hawaii! Just another day in paradise!
Jon Trolling for Gobblers with his Quaker Boy Box call
After turkey hunting on the mountain (and a nap) you can always go fishing.
With the fog rolling in, you have to be careful on the mountain.
The hunting area on the big Island is much bigger that what most people envision.