Gun Dogs: Best Reader Dog Photos

Vic checking for turkeys after being told there are no turkeys in hollow logs. Ah these kids are so much fun, even the 4-legged ones. -charlie elk
Meet my new fall turkey hunting partner - Vic who is 8 weeks old in this picture. Those are the fans of a Rio, Eastern and Merriam turkey. -charlie elk
Remington and 7-month-old Gauge, a father/son duck retrieving team after a cold and muddy January hunt. -dixie8387
I was unpacking after a day of coyote hunting when I noticed that my seven month old yellow lab pup had made a bed out of my rifle case. Hopefully her adoration of firearm storage is a sign of good things to come this duck season!! -gbourgeoisiii
Sadie, my 5-year-old Chesapeake Bay Retriever spending the day out on the pond training for the upcoming season. -chop1036
We're getting ready to go practice some drills. -jamesti
My Lab Timber bringing back a grouse. -idahooutdoors
My son's William and Quentin and our grouse dog Timber with their prize... -idahooutdoors
My Lab Timber bringing me a whitetail shed. -idahooutdoors
Suki on watch goose hunting. -kody
Old Kody had a few lessons to pass onto young Suki -Kody
Suki likes to get some air on every retrieve -Kody
I snapped this photo of my dog Remington when we were on a camping trip in West Virginia. it just proves that even the most dedicated pheasant dogs need a little vacation. -deerslayer34
This is my dog's first night running a live coon. We were just scent trail training Trigger. Like most times he is an overachiever, and just wants to make me happy. -CDN420
Even a future hunting pup know to take time to smell the flowers. -Kody
That's me and Pokey discussing on where the largemouths were hiding that day. -fasted
This lion put on a heck of a chase through some steep, brushy, rocky country. When it was all said and done we had some bloody, tired, but proud hounds. What a chase! Brennan on the left and Jim on the right. Jim harvested the lion. -ironjoe
This is Merl the dog with an elk antler I found last season while shed hunting. I set the antler on my bed while cleaning and Merl jumped up like he wanted to pose for a photo. He was with me when I found another shed in the same area. -coelk
This is our versatile hunting dog retrieving a pheasant Pam shot in Lincoln, Nebraska. He is a NAVHDA Prize 1 Utility Dog, a UKC/HRC Started Retriever, and a certified school therapy dog. He is owned and trained by Pam and Mario Robinson of Lincoln, Nebraska. -P. Robinson
scamp, my beagle, hunting in 16 inches of snow. -SakuraJedi
Here is a picture of my first Lab-he was a natural in the field with some God given talent---sadly he is gone now; but I've still got a lot of great memories. -the decoy hunter
This was my son's first pheasant hunting trip. He loved it so much all he wants to know is when we are going again. We hunted in Osborne County, Kansas. -RWilliams
My two male labs, RB (3) & Jager (1), did wonderful again! Even Jager, who has a broken back left leg, made some great flushes and retrieves. His cast didn't slow him down a bit. Our group opened up with 27 roosters and 13 quail. It was a great morning. -Kelli Shearer
Taking a photo break after the big morning hunt. Mo, Buddy and Mick. -Lloyd Lawless
This is Moby or "Mo". He is an 18-month-old Labrador that was rescued from the southwestern coast of Oregon. He spent his days in the Humane Society. I adopted Mo just five weeks ago with ribs showing and looking pretty sad. I gave him a good home and lots of love and now he is my hunting partner. -Lloyd Lawless
Here's my dog on a south Georgia squirrel hunt. Our group took 26 that day. -Ga squirrel dogs
I got this duck while we were walking back from our blind during the 2008 youth waterfowl hunt. -upfisherman96
Sue and I had one of those days when we actually limited out on these evil little critters. -Brett Richardson
Our hounds on a coon hunt. -jlipe
My uncle's dogs were trailing a wounded deer that had been shot on a nearby property. My uncle and another hunter both waded into a beaver dam to get the dogs and the bayed deer. The hunter shot the deer and most of the dogs scattered. After retrieving the deer, my uncle tracked his dog and found her tired after a long days hunt, and being a loving dog handler, he helped out by giving her lift! -outdoorchic
Oscar is a GSP and is 4.5-months-old in this picture. This is his first quail hunt. Oscar showed us he had a great nose and could find the birds. His retrieving needs a little work, but so do my shooting skills! -revsr
While working with Nana, our 6-month-old yellow labrador, in the Shenandoah Mountains this spring, she allowed me to take a break from throwing the bumpers to snap this photo. It is a photo my wife and I will treasure forever. Not only has she learned to retrieve, she can even pose for photos. -alovorn
My 14-year-old son Ethan shot his first buck and we had to track the wounded deer with our lab Ramsey. The deer crossed a quarry lake but our lab cut him off and forced him back into the water. He managed to drowned the deer. He then pulled the deer while swimming back to us on the bank about 75 yards. -ToddBible
This pic is of my stepson's first duck a young drake woody. He bagged it with his single-shot 12-gauge and the family dog brought it back to him. He was so excited about his duck he didn't see the next two ducks come in. I think he is hooked! -piker
Hunting Dog Butch Photo By abfreddie64
First Limit Photo By dirtman
The Mark Photo By
Gunner's first goose Photo By nujjm12
First retrieve Photo By uplandhunter
Striker Photo By uplandhunter
Stud Photo By HuntinFool111
Pinpoint Photo By Joe King
Ella Breeze Photo By mgoodwin
Youngsters Photo By HuntinFool111
In My Element Photo By Jason K
Duke in the field Photo By mconway
Myah's First Woodduck Photo By Gadwig
I Found Him Photo By Jason K
Myah's First Season Photo By Gadwig
My first hunting trip with Chet! Photo By kellitolocka
Paige Retrieves Another Photo By Gadwig
Ready For Ducks Photo By gretchensteele
"Hunting Buddes" Photo By jenetta
Bring That Bird Home! Photo By gretchensteele
I pointed out 8. So where are the rest? Photo By prkr642
Hunting Dog Duece Photo By abfreddie64
Bolo is proud of this one! Photo By rwalleen
Mikey's and Brownie get his first sharptail Photo By dabeehler
Molly and her first pheasant Photo By dcernick
Smoke in Illinois! Photo By mrjbigfoot
JOJO Photo By tootie
Boone on a Retrieve Photo By boonedoc
Setters are the best (or at least the best looking) Photo By Steve Gerber
Practice makes perfect! Photo By Kody
Posers Photo By Greybeard
Opie Photo By BrianGudas
Good Girl Photo By rodger parkhurst
Chet and his rooster! Photo By kellitolocka
Let's Do It Again Photo By Joe King
Dad and Smoke in Michigan Photo By mrjbigfoot
My favorite Photo By stumpshooter
12/11/2009 Photo By crosbychief
I wanna go get some more!!! Photo By rdesmond
Jack gone a hunting! Photo By paGust

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