Lightning Strikes a Herd of Deer

A herd of seven does was struck by lightning while they were grazing in a field. See the amazing photos … Continued

On March 22 DNR Conservation Officer Juan Gomez responded to a unique call: seven deer had been killed by lightning.
The scene was a hay field in Kenosha County, Wisconsin. On the morning of March 21 thunderstorms rolled through the area and a lightning bolt hit a field that a small herd of does was grazing in.
When Gomez arrived the next day he found that all of the deer’s eyeballs had popped out. It’s possible that birds could have plucked out the eyes, but Gomez’s theory is that they were popped out by the lightning strike.
This is the spot where Gomez thinks the bolt hit.
He found one deer about 100 yards away from the others. He thinks that this deer was grazing away from the other six when the bolt hit. Because the field was wet, the electricity traveled across it easily and zapped this deer too.
While it was the first time Gomez had seen anything like this in his career, it is not exactly an unprecedented incident. After Gomez filed his report, his team did some research and they found similar cases of deer being struck by lightning in Iowa and Texas.
By the time Gomez got to the scene, coyotes had already torn into some of the carcasses. The DNR and the farmer decided to leave the deer in the field to let the scavengers finish them off.
Check out some of the other strange predicaments that deer have gotten themselves into. Most of the time bucks get credit for being bruisers and duking it out with other deer, but does often go head to head as well. Like these two deer for example. Photo: Outdoors Weekly
Yes, that’s a bucket stuck on that deer’s head. Photo: Outdoors Weekly
No, we don’t know how he got it stuck on there or how he got it off. Photo: Outdoors Weekly
Having a strong maternal instinct, this doe decided to raise a flock of turkeys as her own. The turkeys, which are not the brightest creatures in the animal kingdom, decided to go along for the ride. Photo: Outdoors Weekly
This young buck has clearly never seen a cat before.
A doe showing her dominance.
Deer are good swimmers, but this buck looks really cold. I wonder if he fell in or jumped in on purpose. Photo: Outdoors Weekly
Luckily the big droptine buck made it out. Photo: Outdoors Weekly
This buck is in the process of rubbing off his velvet.
When he’s done rubbing, he licks the blood from his antlers off of the branches.
This big buck takes a stand against a raccoon. Photo: Outdoors Weekly
This poor old boy is going to be pretty disappointed when he finds out she isn’t real. Photo: Wood Family Hunting
This deer broke into a restaurant in Wisconsin. Oddly enough, patrons of the restaurant were watching a Milwaukee Bucks game at the time of the break in.
I would hate to be the deer on the receiving end of this kick.
This photo comes from Maine, where the deer use snowmobile trails for easy walking in the winter. Photo: Wood Family Hunting
At one moment the deer are ready to brawl …
… and the next moment everything is fine.
This young buck is about to be very startled by a flying squirrel. Photo: Outdoors Weekly
This photo was taken on Rabbit Creek in northwest South Dakota. The deer are floating across the river on a mini iceberg.
Apparently, those deer weren’t the only ones who thought riding and iceberg was a good way to cross a stream.
It’s unknown whether this buck actually wanted to cross the river or if he just got stuck out on the ice.

A herd of seven does was struck by lightning while they were grazing in a field. See the amazing photos here.