Live Hunt: Shed Sweet Spot

My hunting buddy Justin Davis and I had plans to go turkey hunting in Kansas this weekend with the owner of Heads Up Decoy's. But a storm blew in Thursday, closing down I-70 and our turkey hunting plans along with it! Our cabin fever had been killing us and we needed to get out and do something, so shed hunting was our best option. Justin had been following a herd of bulls throughout the last few weeks and had a good idea where they may have dropped their antlers. As it turns out, he was right!
Some amazing scenery on the drive in.
The Kifaru Sawtooth was up in no time and we got to bed shortly after that.
We set up on a good vantage point and started glassing the area where Justin had last seen the bulls. He picked up a set within minutes and I dialed in the spotter to confirm.
Yep, Justin found a matching set!
The man with the master plan … and a hell of a set of sheds.
I was on one shortly after that, but I had a feeling that I was about to get my butt kicked in shed hunting today.
Doing my best impression of Bo Jackson.
We were bird-dogging sheds like champs and it seamed like we couldn't make a wrong turn in the woods that day.
"Big Daddy" Justin Davis rocking the Kifaru Longhunter … He's got enough antlers to make several hat racks.
Justin is only 25 years old, but has already taken taken 4 Pope and Young bulls. He took one scoring 335 when he was at the ripe old age of 19. He has also taken many other big game animals and when I walked into his house for the first time, it looked like a dead animal zoo.
I put up a decent fight, but he kicked my butt in the end.
So as irritating as it was to miss the Kansas hunt, it worked out for the best. What an amazing weekend, a pile of sheds, a great friend and some of the best gear in the world at out fingers.

Sometimes everything just goes your way in the backcountry. So went my last shed hunting excursion.