100 Best OL Reader Photos

The Apple Buck
My 2nd buck with a bow. I was lucky enough to have a buck of this caliber walk by me. Grossed 188 netted 180 6/8. I believe it will go on the top 10 all time typical bowkills in WI. - klint
My Big 52-inch Muskie
A big muskie I caught while fishing with my guide and teammate; also known as my husband! I caught this muskie on June 6, 2010. -jasondenise
27-inch Waterbuck with a Bow
Myself and PH, LG Trichardt spotted the waterbuck to our left. There were three cows eating while the two males faced off several times ending with the eldest male on top. As I prayed, he came into the watering hole at 20 yards and with a confident, yet heart pounding draw back, I released my heavy metal jacket arrow with 4 inch hot pink feathers into the kill zone and BAM, he was down 70 yards later! -CammoBear
Buckmasters Perfect Typical Record
He stepped out after three days of hunting during opening week. After what seemed like forever (probably only 15 minutes), he turned and I let it fly and found him after 30 yards. By the time I got him out it was pouring and rained for two days, so I was unable to take any good kill pics. But he's a great trophy at 207 pounds, 12 points and 20 ½ spread officially scored at 182 6/8 net b&c. Buckmasters btr score: 168 3/8 - mwoller
50-Pound Striper
Randy Cound caught this monster striper in Lake Martin in late August 2010. It weighed 50 pounds and measured 45 inches! What a great catch! - huntchic
Birthday Gator Hunt
With my .270, I crawled up a dike, in the prone position. I spotted the top of the gator's head, a quarter-sized target, through my scope. With one shot from 85 yrds, I shot my first 9-foot bull gator. He dunked under water and then a stiff back leg came up and back down as if waving goodbye as he sunk. My birthday present was the hunt. My Christmas present will be a gator skin purse! - CaraMantovani
Big Bull Elk
I finally decided to be patient and just wait to hear a bugle before I did any calling on the night I was able to get this gorgeous animal. I heard him from about 150 yards away so I softly cow called. I finally saw his huge rack over some trees so I positioned myself right where I thought he would come out; sure enough he did, and in mid bugle I poked him. I will never forget that hunt. - hookedonmt
Albino Roadkill Buck
I received this picture in an e-mail; killed in Wyoming. - abfreddie64
Alaska Moose Hunt
This is a picture of a moose my husband, Bill Simms, tagged in Kotzebue, Alaska in September. He booked this hunt with Alaska Wilderness and Charting, Inc. Going on moose hunt had always been a dream of his and he couldn't be more thrilled with the end result. This bull measured approximately 63 inches. - ajsimms75
Girls' Fishing Trip
This is a 165-pound bluefin tuna that Michelle Marshall caught while fishing on Blue Water Charters, out of Green Harbor in Massachusetts, with Captain Kevin Scola. It was an all girls fishing trip. It took about 45 mintues to reel in and was an unbelievable battle! By far the best! - Mikki1027
Tough Day at the Office
Uriah Wurst and Lance Benson had a productive day out on the eastern plains of Colorado. Lance took this photo of Uriah before dark; after this photo they knocked down two more! That made it a dozen in one day. That will be a tough record to break. For a hunter that already coyote hunts or a hunter that wants to learn coyote hunting, you should look at www.buckingtheodds.com - uwurst
New Mexico Muley
It was the guy's (in the t-shirt) first ever mule deer hunt, and second ever deer. He will forever be spoiled. Gross 210; New Mexico public land hunt. -summersc
Black Bear Ate My Deer
I was bow hunting in Pike County, PA and shot a Doe. I hung it on the meat pole and went inside for some dinner. I noticed the deer was swinging, so I ran outside to take a look. A 300-pound black bear was eating my deer. He ate the whole thing in about 15 minutes. I got about 25 great pictures from five feet away.
Michelle Shoots Another Nice Bohala in Panama
Michelle Roper, current women's world record holder for the biggest bohala, recently shot another nice fish -- but almost 20 pounds smaller than her record monster. Location is Panama, Central America. - Dixmo
My 275-Pound Maine Monster
I took this 275-pound Maine black bear in Portage Lake on August 30 with Eldon Jandreau of Hunter's Point Guide Service. http://www.hunterspointguideservice.com/ - erict8
South Dakota 15 Point Bruiser
I happened to be leaving my stand one morning and walked by this guy laying in the trees at 7 yards. Shot him through the neck and come to find out he's the buck I've been watching for three years. - mdpierce
2008 Alberta Mulie Our house burned down in December 2007; we lost everything we had. My good hunting buddies chipped in and made sure I was well equipped to hunt in '08. I had seen other bucks but decided to pass, waiting for the once-in-a-lifetime buck. Little did I know, I would actually get this chance! I had to wait for a clear shot but once I had it, I dropped my B&C 222 4/8 buck with my new Ruger 30-06. Thanks again guys! - Kevin Jackson
Cow Fight
Saw these two cow elk duking it out in at the Oak Creek Feeding Station. - hntrchik
Fishing in the King Salmon Capitol of the World
Just another day in SITKA, AK. - Beast
My First Sturgeon
My dad took my step mom (right) and me (left) fishing for sturgeon for the first time. Within the first 45 minutes, her and I had already caught both of these fishes. Mine was 59 inches, 65 pounds and her's was 66 inches, 85 pounds. Both were caught on the Young Gun 2. - Allcamogirl08
350-Pound Bear
I got on a day old bear track and found a bed with fresh tracks coming out of it. I followed them for about 100 yards and caught up to him. Put a good shot on him with a Remington 700 .308. - josephc8
First Buck
My son Lucas shot his first buck on Nov. 13, 2010. A 190-pound, 20 pointer. Rough green score: 194. -kcmaine
Like Father, Like Son
Remington and 7-month-old Gauge, a father/son duck retrieving team after a cold and muddy January hunt. - DiXiE8387
Big Horn Sheep
This was my first year to put in for my license and I got it. We were put under a good endurance test. We hunted for 21 days and put about 75 miles on foot. We had no horses and no guide. We hunted up until the second to last day. After all the miles we put on, we found him about 600 yards from the road at 4:00 in the afternoon! Isn't that the way it works? Our kids were glad to have us home again. - love2hunt
With My American Bison
This beautiful American Bison was shot last November with Marion Scott at the P Cross Bar in Gillette, WY. A traditional buffalo hunt, he was shot at about 40 yards with a Winchester 1886 in .45-90 with iron sights, following a great but quick stalk and a lot of waiting for some smaller bulls to get out of the way! - jdg8354
Quebec Labrador Caribou
My buddy and I glassed this bull from about a mile away and waited for him to get into range. He was getting past us and I had to scoot and get past some cows in order to make the shot....got a nice broadside and ranged him at 294 yards. One shot with a .270 WSM did the trick! - nickd56
Goose Hunting with the World Champion
Wade Walling (the 2008 World Goose Calling Champion) is my dedicated and talented other half; you can imagine how many great hunts we have been on...but this day takes the cake! This was the last day of our early season in Ontario and the hunt only lasted for 45 minutes! Two flocks, eight guns, 64 geese and my first band! The hunt of a lifetime! - MarcyLJackowiak
Kim's Catch
My wife Kim caught this off the coast of Paradise Island in the Bahamas. - preeg
Illinois 18 Pointer
My best friend's husband killed an 18 pointer in Fairview Heights, IL on Monday, Nov. 16,2009. His name is Chris Goodwin, 40, from Belleville, IL. It was field dressed at 210 pounds. - maggieruby2002
Big Bad Wolf
No I'm sorry to say this is not me. This is a wolf harvested in Idaho. This is not something anyone would want in their backyard. I live in Montana and these animals are a problem and will continue to get worse. What will they eat next when the elk and deer are gone? - qaud50
Alaska Brown Bear
This 8-foot coastal brown bear was taken in Southeast Alaska. One shot at 150 yards with a .375 HH mag 300 grade. Federal Premium Barnes triple shock. Shot him at dusk on the beach. The round went through both lungs. He still ran 200 yards into the brush. Tracked him the next morning after staying up all night next to a fire. This kind of hunt makes a man feel old, tracking a brown bear in a rainforest. - alaskadiver
40-Pound Musky on Multiple Figure-8s
A 50.25-inch and 43-pound musky. I started a figure eight with 6 feet of line. Three times around the bow of the boat and back, she flared her gills and ate the entire bait at my feet. I set the hook and opened the bail and the fish came completely out of the water. As the fish came down, I cocked the reel and fought the fish to the net. The next day at 10:20 a.m. a 48-inch, 34-pounder took the bait. St.Croix rod/International Reel. - pelagicbldr
Colorado Long Range Bull On opening morning, to our surprise, I was able to make two shots and take this bull down. We weren't able to range it at the time, but later discovered it to be 550 yards. We also discovered that we had this bull on video one month earlier at 100 yards during archery and again two years earlier one day before rifle season. This is what anyone would consider a chance of a lifetime. -jeepermike64
Kansas 2009 Opening Day Muzzleloader Mule Deer
I watched this buck for two weeks before the muzzleloader season. I set up a trail cam by the field. I emailed my friend the pictures and we made a plan. We found the deer at daylight headed to bed down. The wind was blowing hard that day and allowed us to spot and stalk the resting deer. We got within 60 yards, waited for him to stand up and the hunt was over. - davidmeile
Like Father, Like Son
My father and I have been after this buck in Kansas for the past few years. I have only seen him one other time. Everything finally fell into place on the opening day of the rifle season. This brute stepped out at 130 yards and a double lung shot put him down. He was aged at six and a half years and has not yet been scored. This truly is a buck of a lifetime, and I couldn't have done it without my dad. - jwildcats
Cape Buffalo
I shot this cape buffalo on June 16, 2009 in the Vredefort Dome area of South Africa with a .470 Nitro Express. The buffalo weighed over 2,000 pounds and the raw score puts it in the SCI record book. - drhank
6x6 Rocky Mountain Elk
This is my first elk ever harvested. What a great experience! Shot it with a 7mm Winchester Model 70 BOSS Super Grade at 150 yards in the Malheur National Forest, OR. - rharnack
River Buck Scores 176 1/8
With one day left in the archery season, I decided to hunt a small half acre wooded area on the Sandusky River. This monster appeared out of nowhere. - craig hilty
Coyote With a Bow
Shot this dog while on my deer stand. -rickbernier
My Big Buck
Hi, my name is Joshua Miller. I'm 16 and live in Wayne county, OH. While hunting at Johnson Woods, I harvested this buck of a life time. It gross scored 200, net scored 192 and has a third antler growing above its eye. It has a 28-inch spread and 18 points and it was scored non-typical. - joshmiller
Mike's 350+ Muzzleloader Bull
Shot this elk in Colorado during the 2009 muzzleloader season. It was a DIY public land hunt. My father-in-law Terry helped spot the bull and with the pack out. - Buffalomike
Luke Bunde, First Turkey, Age 5
May 10, Luke's first hunt. 20 yards with his 20-gauge youth. Bird weighed 25.5 pounds with a double 11 inch beards. Awesome Day!! - DJBunde
36.5-Inch Muley From the AZ strip
Was blessed to get drawn with only two bonus points. My wife and I! Do not know the exact score but it is over 36 inches wide. - mattmclearn
17-Point Buck
He has over 40 inches in mass. - MEANGENE1984
Personal Best Mule Deer, 2007 Nebraska, 7mm Rem Mag
I found this guy with a harem of about 8 does and 4 little bucks. The wind was blowing so hard that the tumble weeds weren't touching the ground as they blew by. He was so rutted up and into the does that I was able to creep up behind a soap weed to about 125 yards. The does tried to move out of the area but he herded them back into a group and then separated himself and stood still. - Remington Metric
Flying Fish
This photo was taken ice fishing in Idaho on Feb. 6, 2011. - grant killoy
Jake, 6, First Turkey
Two months of shooting practice and some new camo really paid off! - steg
Leach Muley
I was able to harvest this deer in west central Kansas last week. I have several beautiful deer in the 30-inch range, but this one is something special. He is 34 inches wide and has a lot of points and mass. It was a tough, exciting stalk and a thrill to be able to get him. I hunted him for two years. I am waiting to have him scored and mounted. - Dexter Leach
Huge 400-Pound Minnesota Black Bear!
This awesome bear was shot by Dick Krech in Finland, MN on Sunday, Sept. 6. It weighed in at 400 pounds! - tikk22
My First Buck
This is my first buck. He's 6x5 (including eye guards) and was about 210 pounds. I became the town celebrity. I got a European skull mount. Best tasting deer I ever ate. I used a 30-06. One shot to the head at about 65 yards. - The Great Onalaskan
Enjoying the Morning!
My wife and I have been working non-stop to get this kid to use the toilet rather than these diapers, but his attention span is so short..so the next time on the toilet, I handed him an Outdoor Life Magazine and see what happens ... He sat on that toilet for 5 minutes flipping through the pics of the big bucks with the look of amazement! I'm so proud of my little outdoorsman! - bpatters
John and his best friend "Hank" await the arrival of the ducks at his family farm near Independence, OR. - swaimjr
My First Deer Kill
I am from Michigan, where I grew up with parents who hunted. I had many opportunities to hunt but was never able to shoot a deer. I moved to Colorado three years ago. I have hunted for two years and finally got my first deer. He was a 5x5 Muley with a 28-inch outside spread. It was very exciting and I can't wait for the next hunt. - debandscott
The Mulie Moose
Took the whole family hunting, west of Quesnel, BC. Two days into the trip we got the mulie moose. He's my bull of a lifetime. I hope you like him. - muliemoose2010
Mark Seacat and Myself
This big boy grossed at 370 B&C. - Bowhunter27
Love is Patience
My husband and I took our 3-year-old on his first striper fishing trip last week. My husband held my son's hand and spoke to him about being patient and waiting for the big one. The scenery was so beautiful that I just had to freeze that moment in time. Happy Father's Day to all men - it's moments like this that turn little boys into men. - bjc1039
Best Bass Pointer
That's me and Pokey discussing on where the largemouths were hiding that day. - fasted
Team Stick'em and Stack'em
Team member Jake Jovanovich spent an hour and a half stalking within 60 yards of a huge herd of wapiti. After spending the whole afternoon in the "bedroom" with elk everywhere, Jake stuck'em at 45 yards and watched him tip over after running 50 yards. Nothing like being surrounded by hundreds of yodeling elk! - cstrachan
16-Year-Old's Record Book Black Bear
This was my first black bear hunt. I ended up shooting the bear at 8 yards with my Mathews Switchback XT, dropping the bear only 20 yrds from my stand. The bear weighed 400 pounds and will make the Pope and Young Record Book! Thanks to Turnpike Ridge Outfitters and Don Helstrom. - baechtle
Morning at the Marina
Mornings like this keep us all heading to the rivers and lakes before dawn. Taken on the Kaskaskia River in New Athens, IL at Smitty's Marina. - gretchensteele
Duck Shake
My brother's first duck. - briauna1
Albino Deer
Check out this picture of a rare albino deer. - bighunter
**2009 Colorado Bull **
Northern Colorado, third day of a 5 day hunt! The weather made hunting difficult. The third day early morning snow provided fresh elk sign and their direction of travel. A warming sun burnt off the mountainside fog, which allowed us to locate a small herd of elk. With luck on my side, a single 200 yard shot filled my tag with a BC 310 plus inch bull! - woodeye06
**Illinois Buck **
This buck was taken during the rut in Adams County, IL. He officially gross scored 165 5/8 and weighed 245 pounds. - jraywheat
Aiden with Grandpa's 24.5-Inch Largemouth Bass
Annual spring break fishing trip with his grandpa. Aiden, 6, helped his grandpa, Paul Denney, reel in this 24.5-inch largemouth bass in an Arizona Lake. - RREngin952
Timber on the Retrieve
My lab bringing back a grouse. - idahooutdoors
15-Point Whitetail (175 Inches)
This deer came in hard and fast, leading a group of smaller bachelor bucks. Conditions were overcast and drizzly. The fields were wet, but the interiors were dry. Perfect! Wind was out of the south and he came in from the southwest. About one minute after spotting him it was all over. A low spine shot sealed the deal. I never dreamed of a deer as fine as this one. I hope these pics spark interest. - jason blakley
16-Year-Old's Record Book Black Bear
This was my first black bear hunt. I ended up shooting the bear at 8 yards with my Mathews Switchback XT, dropping the bear only 20 yrds from my stand. The bear weighed 400 pounds and will make the Pope and Young Record Book! Thanks to Turnpike Ridge Outfitters and Don Helstrom. - baechtle
13-Year-Old Girl Shoots First Elk
Opening day of the first Colorado rifle season. Found this 13-year-old girl sitting in a meadow awaiting daylight. The temperature was only 9 degrees when the sun finally broke the horizon. After a short set, this beautiful 6X6 bull elk ran out into the meadow and stopped broadside at 140 yards. With a single well placed shot, this Colorado youth had herself a trophy of a lifetime. - cbuschy
Zach Collins' First Turkey
My friend Dave Collins and his son Zack let me call in a turkey at Zack's grandparents' place. This turkey would wake them up almost every morning on his way to their bird feeder. So on the first day of youth turkey, we snuck in the woods and shot this 29-pound bruiser. - barryd1100
Fishing with Little Brother
My pop took me and my brother trout fishing. It was my brother's first time fishing for trout. - hfedder40
2010 Grasslands Whitetail
My daughter with my public land whitetail. She and I commonly look through OL magazine to find the deer pics and check out their antlers. She has spent a lot of time in the backpack scouting hunting areas with me. Only 13 more years until she can apply for her own tag! - Remington Metric
Big Boar
Took this boar hunting in the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area in November 2010. -bearhunter
First Deer!
Been hunting since I was 8 and this was my first time killing a deer. My dad, sister and I were hunting for several hours until I spotted a nice looking buck about 175 yards from where I was standing. Threw up my dad's B.A.R. 7 mag and shot off hand. I shot him right in the heart! Little did I know I had to haul him all the way back to the truck, but very well worth it! He was a 4x2 black tail. -Allcamogirl08

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