Best OL Reader Photos of Summer 2011
This gator was killed saturday August 20, 2011 by Clint Norris, tag holder, from Sardis Ala., Blake Jones from Selma, Ala., Wesley Smith from Valley Grande, Ala., Crawford Henry from Pleasant Hill, Ala. and Wesley Siddens from Selma Ala. He weighed 720lbs. and was 12.8 ft. long. Killed 2 miles south of 6 mile creek on the Alabama River, Selma. -dorinorris
80-year-old Sam Sarlick landed this 46-pound lake trout after a 40-minute battle at Peterson’s Point Lake Lodge on August 4th 2011. -Point Lake N.W.T.
We came across this magnificent kudu bull one evening and his 6-inch ivory tips were shining in the sun. We watched him for 15 minutes before I could take the shot. I used my new Sako A-7 rifle with Barnes 140gr TSX bullets. I also was field testing Vortex optics (scope & binoculars) and I loved them! -wheelz99
This is a nice high silver medal Stag.
-gordy watson
Annual spring break fishing trip with his Grandpa. Aiden, 6 years old, helped his Grandpa, Paul Denney, reel in this 24.5-inch Largemouth Bass in an Arizona Lake. -RREngin952
Not much of a story, I got a break between jobs and decided to go hunting for the afternoon. After chasing around a small two-point for awhile I got a call for an emergency call and decided to try the next day as there was lots of sign. On my way out I ran into this 7 x 6 at 50 yards, took the shot and was only an hour late for my job. – fireguy
44-pound striper I caught while fishing of the Atlantic Highlands in NJ
Took this buck on last day of PA firearm season. The deer officially scored 184-7 gross and 175-3 net as a typical. The score was recently accepted by Boone and Crockett and ranks 11th in the Pennsylvania typical firearm category.
I saw this buck and slowly approached it to take some pictures of his unusual antlers. To my surprise the deer didn’t run and was able to get a nice close-up. -jhocco
On a crisp September morning I was mere feet away from his cows for 2 hours as I called and frantically kept spraying my elk scent. The herd kept moving, but I kept moving with them. Finally, after many cow calls mixed with real small bull sounds, he had enough and came in to tune me up. He doesn’t have huge antlers, but his body was large and the memory is unforgettable. -Sask.Elk.Hunter
Kicked my fishing partners butt that day! He’s kicked mine every time since then but I still rub this one in every chance I get! -kittydawn
This guy gave a pretty good fight. He sure tasted good for a steelhead. -Justin D
This is my lunker bass i caught recently. I caught it off a night crawler.The bass is 22 inches and 9 1/2 pounds.Its the biggest largemouth bass i ever caught.Im very proud of my catch.I hope you put it on your website.It would make me happy and proud. Ive been waiting to catch a bass like this. -brandonbbgun
I was watching City Limits Fishing with Mike Iaconelli one Saturday afternoon. He was fishing in St. Louis with local cat fishing guide Ryan Casey. They were catching blue cats in the 40-pound range right down by the arch. I was so impressed that I called Ryan that evening to book a trip. Wow, what a trip. 25 fish in 4 hours. -mac6260
41-inch pike caught on a black Buchertail -MRwisc
Dad’s 7×6 Bull -Justin D
Four people fishing a charter in Erie. out with Loco-Loco charters -danielc1050@hot
Dawson Sweat from Walterboro, SC gained all bragging rights after catching a 8.5 pound bass. At only 9 years old the fish put up a hard fight but Dawson won the battle. Once the fish was finally reeled in we realized how lucky of a catch this was. The hook was caught on the gill not even in the fishes mouth. Hope to have many more photos to share. -wendy frank
My sister and I pheasant hunting together for the first time! -Raiderwordgirl
Using Fish Stalker Tackle’s shad spin (american shad color), I landed this nice Red in SC. 5 total spots (2 on one side, 3 on the visible side).
My friend showed me a Sturgeon hole where we catch 6 or 8 like this a day! -land_cruiser_73
I’m 12 years old and have been fishing for my whole life. My goal this summer was to catch a legal Musky. We loaded the boat at the mouth. We fished for a whole day and towards dusk I cast a chartreuse daredevil by a log on the side of the river. I caught this 42.5″ Clear Musky! What excitement in the boat! We participated in CPR and hope the fish grows even bigger. -Joe
While on the dock at my grandma’s, I was fishing with a homemade hand jig and a bit of clam i found snorkeling. We were having a great day catching tons of fish when all of a sudden this giant 13 pound Northern pikeminnow grabbed ahold of my bait.. I was sure the line was going to snap but I managed to get it up on the dock. -buster11
There’s an old shed by one of our favorite hunting spots that sits about 50 yards off the road. While driving by the other day, my son Kurt and I did a double take, then turned around and snapped this shot of a dandy 4×4 whitetail bedded down and peeking out the window. He soon got nervous and bolted out the back door. It certainly makes me rethink my plans for a hunting blind this fall! -Wade
It had rained all morning, and with not much action finesse fishing, I decided to throw a Rapala Rattlin Rap. Second cast I hooked into this 3.25 pound smallmouth! -noahlaxer
Just returned from a great hunt in New Brunswick, Canada with MacFarlane Sporting Camps. -RNewland
“Keeper” Kate caught this 4-pound flounder near Avalon, NJ. -Wattsup
After sitting over our bait station in Interior Alaska my wife Tonya arrowed this 6’6″ black bear. She made a perfect shot and the bear expired after 20 yards. It is her first big game animal taken with her bow. -helmuth
Fishing with my son and his friend, Jake Frysinger- this big walleye came out of the depths just before dawn on opening day. For perspective, Jake is a former U-M defensive end and stands 6′ 5″) -crosbychief
The first of what will hopefully be many father/son trips to beautiful Lake Okeechobee Florida. Trevor & Doug caught over 120 bass in 2 days of fishing the Lake using shiners and senko artificials. Most of the fish were over 2 pounds. Many were well over 3. This one was well over 8 pounds. As if catching this many big bass was enough fun, Trevor also hooked a 12 foot gator! – dtopken More Great Photos
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Judging by the photos uploaded to our Braggin Board, OL readers had a pretty good summer in the woods and on the water.