The Only Complete Swiss Army Knife
Price: $2,795 The sellers claim that this is the largest Swiss Army knife in the world and is the Guinness World Record holder for the the most multifunctional penknife. It has 87 different tools that can preform up to 112 functions. Some of it’s more unique tools are: cigar cutter, fish disgorger, laser pointer, nail cleaner and magnifying glass.
Surefire HellFighter
Price: $2,750 This light shines a 3,000-lumen beam that can reach out hundreds of yards. For comparison, your standard MagLite packs between 50 and 100 lumens. The light can be powered by two military BA-5590 batteries or a 12-volt car battery. It has a water resistant body and is constructed from high-strength aerospace aluminum. The seller says the light is perfect for “patrol or search-and-rescue operations.”
Theodore Roosevelt African Game Trails Signed 1st Edition
Price: $9,500
African Game Trails: An Account of the African Wanderings_ is a memoir of Roosevelt’s 10-month hunting expedition through Africa. He took the trip with his son after he left the White House in March 1909. Throughout the expedition the Roosevelts took more than 50 different species of game animals and collected specimens for the Smithsonian and the American Museum of Natural History.
Tannerite Exploding Binary Rifle Targets
Price: $89 These tannerite targets explode when you shoot them. Tannerite is an ammonium nitrate/aluminum based powder that explodes when it’s shot with a high-powered rifle. It’s not flammable and does not detonate under low impact. The sale is for a 20 pack of 1/2 pound targets. Warning: experts only. See the video of how this stuff works.
Easy Doe Inflatable Deer Decoy With Remote Control
Price: $97 There’s a lot of deer decoys out there, but this one has a remote control tail that flicks with the press of a button. The tail is made from synthetic hair and can be controlled from up to 100 yards away. It’s inflatable body definitely leaves some room for improvement, but the concept is interesting. Check you state regulations before you bid on this and don’t even think about bringing it out during the gun season.
Ernest Hemingway Signed Photo
Price: $18,500 Here’s Papa Hemingway with a lion he killed on one of his African hunting safaris. Hemingway was an avid big-game hunter and famously wrote about African hunting in the Green Hills of Africa and True at First Light. Hemingway’s tales inspired generations of aspiring African hunters. The photo is 12″ X 9″
Luxury Dog Kennel with Water Misting Canopy 10’x10′
Price: $1,386 The sellers call this fortress “The Original Canine Castle.” It has 100 feet of “play space” and comes with a water misting system to keep your dog cool during the summer. It has 2 sliding doors that can connect to other kennels and is made with lightweight aluminum.
Forestry Fire Tower Deer Stand
Price: $9,500 This is the perfect deer stand for those guys who like to hunt high … really high. The sellers are pitching this old forestry look out tower as a new deer stand. It’s 50 feet tall from base to floor and about 60 feet overall. But buyer beware, apparently “some disassembly is necessary for road transport.”
Jim Hansel Original Print – Misty Morning
Price: $14,500 Why exactly is this painting selling for $14,500? Well it’s because it was done by Jim Hansel, on of the premier wildlife, nature and landscape artists in the world. Jim was diagnosed with a degenerative eye condition at age 12 and is now legally blind. He uses a low vision device to help him paint. This painting is of a buck that one of Jim’s friends shot while bowhunting in Minnesota.
John Wayne’s Riding Gloves
Price: $30,000 These gloves were worn by the Duke in his 1959 The Horse Soldiers. Set during the Civil War, Wayne and his men are sent behind enemy lines to destroy an enemy supply line. The gloves are slightly worn and have a label on the inside with Wayne’s name typed on it. The sellers don’t guarantee that wearing these gloves will make you tougher, but it’s implied.
60 Gram Deer Musk Secretion
Price: $3,900 Want to smell like the musk from a rutting buck? All you need is $3,900. Apparently this substance has been used as perfume since ancient times. Besides making you smell musky, it can also elevate blood pressure, stimulate cardiac function and increase heart rate. It is uncertain what the benefits of these changes are.
Alien Hunting, Trap, Fishing License Button
Price: $2,738.88 The seller claims that this pin was issued in 1937 by the New York Department of Conservation. Apparently it gave the wearer the authority to hunt, fish and trap aliens. It is unclear what the season dates or bag limits were for aliens back in those days.
Technohunt Archery Simulator, TH300
Price: $18,000 used Straight from the bow shop, this target simulator gives you the closest thing to real world shooting scenarios. Target simulators have become all the rage in the archery world combining video games and shooting. It’s like WII for hunters. The simulator is 10.5-feet wide and runs 63 feet (21 yards) deep.
Kevin VanDam Autographed Bassmaster Magazine
Price: $125 Kevin VanDam is arguably the best bass angler on the planet. He’s won the classic four times and has been angler of the year 7 times. As a testament to the popularity of VanDam and professional bass fishing, his autograph is going for $125. Is VanDam the Michael Jordan of bass fishing? Maybe. You can get a Jordan autograph on eBay for about the same price.
A&K Full Metal M60 Airsoft Gun
Price: $499.95 Meet the King Kong of airsoft guns. This Vietnam era M60 has a shot velocity of 380 fps. It has an adjustable rate of fire and an ambidextrous fire selector. It runs off of a 9.6-volt battery and is designed for a realistic look and feel. In the last few years airsoft has carved out it’s own little niche in the shooting world wedging itself between air rifles and paintball guns.
Michael Waddel Action Figure
Price: $20 Michael Waddel’s Bone Collector series has adopted everything from guns to clothes. But now the line is moving into the toy market. Who needs Batman or Superman when you’ve got the Bone Collector? The package includes a toy wild turkey and a shotgun. OK Mike, I think we might have gone a little too far on this one.
Davy Crockett Walt Disney Official Frontier Rifle
Price: $999.99 This just might be one of the most expensive rifles that doesn’t shoot. The 34-inch toy gun is a collector’s item and includes images of Fess Parker as Davy Crockett. Unfortunately nobody ever told the folks at Disney that lever action rifles were a little bit after Davy’s time, but the case is still pretty cool.
Code Blue Temptation Electronic Deer Scent Warmer
Price: $12.95 used This device heats up your deer scent to the actual body temperature of a deer for a “hot, fresh, realistic” scent trail. It’s battery powered and can run for 8 hours on 4 AAs. According to the seller “These units will have some deer scent odor and may have signs of previous use.” You’ve been warned.
Megabass Asylum Tacklebox
Price: $350 This tackle box stores every hook and lure individually to eliminate bait-balls at the bottom of you box. It’s designed by Megabass, which is a Japanese tackle company that was founded in the 80s. The bass fishing scene in Japan has been hot from years, and their gear is steadily creeping over to the U.S. While Megabass equipment is high-quality, it certainly isn’t cheap.
Live Bait Vending Machine
Price: $4,995 Does your wife constantly yell at you for leaving nightcrawlers in the refrigerator? Well for for a cool $4,995 you can totally avoid that problem. This brand new vending machine stores and cools live bait and comes with a 24/7 tech support program.

We rounded up the coolest, strangest and funniest items for hunters and anglers on eBay. This gallery has everything from an Ernest Hemingway autograph to a 50-foot tall deer stand.