Sometimes you can travel great distances and tirelessly search for something that is actually right under your nose. This was definitely the case for a whitetail fanatic named Wade Ward from Oklahoma. Each and every fall Ward would hit the road to chase top-heavy monsters within the borders of legendary big buck states like Illinois and Kansas. But last year Ward took the biggest deer of his life in his home state of Oklahoma. He recently scored the buck and it netted and incredible 188 4/8 inches, making it the largest buck typical OK buck to be taken by a bowhunter on record. Here’s the story behind the hunt.
The buck Ward had been relentlessly combing the country for ended up being right in his backyard. Ward was on the road when his son called and told him about an amazing world-class buck that had apparently moved-in directly behind his home. Without hesitation, Ward and his family placed the massive bruiser on the top of their hit list.
The only problem was that the old deer was not willing to play fair. Like most mature bucks, he liked to hang out inside of thick sanctuaries during the daylight hours and move primarily after dark.
As you can imagine, this buck was a nocturnal nightmare that didn’t make too many careless mistakes. He basically moved through the woods like a ghost and Ward never got a crack at him. However he did get hundreds of trail camera photos … almost all of them were at night.
Finally, Ward got the break he had been waiting for all season long when a cold front suddenly moved into the area. He strategically placed a ground blind along the outer edge of some thick cover that overlooked an area Ward knew the buck frequented. With this particular setup, Ward knew it would be extremely easy for the buck to sneak out of the bedding area and feed right at nightfall.
Consequently, the thick cover created a false sense of security. Wade hoped the nocturnal buck let down his guard just a little. On January 11, Ward had the perfect wind direction and weather conditions to hunt the blind. All of the pieces to the puzzle came together when the huge deer suddenly appeared at the corner of the thicket. The buck cautiously scanned the entire area before finally moving toward the blind. Quickly, Ward rested his sights on the 14-point bruiser and gently squeezed his crossbow trigger.
Upon impact, the buck immediately kicked-up its hind legs and violently ran toward the dense cover. Ward was relieved when he heard the buck pile up in the brush about 60 yards from his setup. This phenomenal buck gross scored 196 6/8. It’s net score is 188 4/8 making it the biggest typical buck to be taken in the state with a bow (however, the state doesn’t officially separate archery kills from rifle kills). It’s the third largest typical buck to be taken in the state all-time.
Ward and his wife are hunting the same area and hopefully one or both of them will score big again this fall. Congratulations Wade on an amazing homegrown trophy!

Wade Ward just got his January buck scored and found out it netted 188 4/8, making it the largest buck typical Oklahoma buck to be taken by a bowhunter on record.