First Deer
Been hunting since I was 8 and this was my first time killing a deer. My dad, sister and I were hunting for several hours until I spotted a nice looking buck about 175 yards from were i was standing, threw up my dads BAR 7 mag and shot off hand. I shot him right in the heart! Little did I know iIhad to hall him all the way back to the truck, but very well worth it! He was a 4×2 Black Tail. -Allcamogirl08
15 Years Old’s Buck
My son Lucas shot his first buck November 13th 2010. A 190-pound 20 pointer. Rough green score 194. -kcmaine
Sky’s First Deer
This is my 11-year-old daughter’s very first deer. My husband took her on a mentored youth hunt this morning. She was so excited about getting this 8 point! I see many more years of hunting with dad! I think she is hooked! -MamaKel
Cameron’s First Mule Deer
My Hunting partner Dustin’s nephew and his first muley buck. -idahooutdoors
This is a photo of twelve year old Brayden Craig’s first deer. It is an Oklahoma fourteen point buck that weighed 150 pounds. He took it during the 2010 youth rifle season with a single shot from a Winchester .270 -ccraig
My First Deer
We just made it to the top of the hill to our spot on Oct. 18, 2009. It has started to rain when we spotted this buck. It was foggy and hard to see, he stood still for about 15 minutes, still as a rock and then finally he heard something and he turned his head and my dad and I said “its a buck” at the same time. I closed the deal, 167 yards with my 6.8 Remington Contender carbine. -Hunter Girl 1
My First Deer
We Pulled up on My Uncles Stubble field in Eastern Montana where there were two Whitetail does eating there. We got out of the pick-up and walked over there to scout out the surroundings, where my Uncle Spotted the Buck. We went around a hill to get closer to the buck. once it got to about 225 yards, I shot it and got him right in the lungs. -Sean Williams
First Deer
Casey Schlatter made a great shot on her first deer in Iowa during the youth season. At 10 years old, Casey has been hunting with her dad since she was three. She was able to connect using a Remington 870 youth model 20 guage topped with a Bushnell red dot scope and a Hornady SST slug. -schlathawk
My Son’s Very First Deer With Bow
My oldest son, Bryan 20 years old, took my youngest son, Jordan 12 years old, out for an evening hunt. I hadn’t heard from them and it was getting dark. I finally got a hold of Bryan who said they got lost in the woods, which wasn’t true. They surprised me with this beautiful 150#, 10 pointer that Jordan had shot. Jordan told me that he just believed in himself and knew he could do it! -Sar4boy
First Hunt
Tommy Smith, age 10 (center),shot his 8 pointer with a crossbow in the first hour of his first hunt ever. The buck came in before 8 am during the Michigan Youth Hunt. Neither youth hunt or cross bow controversies can take away his fist-pumping excitement or the chance for his older brother, friends and family to be a part of this incredible experience. This opener belonged to Tommy! -tedsmith
Christa’s 1st deer
What a way to start out! I shot this 113-inch 8-point buck at 22 yards. It was a great experience and can’t wait to get out in the woods again soon. Special thanks to my husband who taught me everything about archery hunting…I couldn’t have done it without you. -cjkeefer
My First deer, a Unicorn buck
this was my first deer ever and it was shot on 10-10-10 at 10:00 am -hah081771
My daughter, Haeleigh with her first deer
My father took my daughter hunting for her first time. (youth hunt) SHe got this 12 point buck! SHe is 12 years old! -mandt4ever
Austin’s first deer
My son, Austin, first deer. Killed during the 2010 Wisconsin youth hunt. -unkunk
10-Point Trophy Buck
This was only my second time hunting! I was sitting in a tree stand on my dad’s lease in SC when 9 bucks walked into the field in front of me. We tracked the deer I had shot and found him laying about 200 yards. deep into the woods. -pauline 4
Kassidy’s First Buck
Kassidy shot this 8 point buck on October 8th at 7:22 in the morning at Eagle Lakes Outfitters in Pike County, IL. She used her Thompson Center Impact inline rifle at about 39 yards, “dead” perfect shot through the heart. It ran about 40 yards and dropped. She is 10 years old and attends 5th grade. She is one proud little girl! -beccau
Ross’s First Buck
Ross’s first buck ever. Shot during the youth hunt on October 9th in southern Wisconsin. -ryanmatthewsmith
Not to be outdone by his big sister, Jacob Schlatter was able to harvest his first Iowa deer less than a week after Casey. Jake did a great job lining up the shot and the doe dropped where she stood. Hopefully, both are hooked on hunting for life! -schlathawk
Andrew’s First Buck
Just turned 8 this month and already harvested a once in a lifetime buck! My son Andrew Kreighbaum shot this rare piebald buck on Indiana’s youth firearms weekend. His first buck and the smile says it all. I couldn’t be more proud of him. He made a great shot at 90 yards with his 50cal TC. We got the whole thing on video and were very excited! – Brad Kreighbaum
First Deer
This is the first deer i have ever killed. -Ohiohunting5
I was out hunting on a small farm with my little brother and my stepdad. I was hunting alone in a treestand. At about 4:30 I arrowed this eight point which was my first deer let alone buck. -Deerhunter25
My First Buck
This is my first buck.He’s a 6×5(including eye guards) and was about 210 lbs. I became the town celebrity.I got a European skull mount.Best tasting deer I ever ate. I used a 30-06.One shot to the head at about 65 yds. -The Great Onalaskan
My First Deer Kill
I am from Michigan, where I grew up with parents that hunted. I got many opportunities to hunt but was never able to shoot a deer. I moved to Colorado 3 years ago. I have hunted for 2 years and finally got my first deer. He was a 5×5 muley with a 28 inch outside spread. It was very exciting and I can’t wait for the next hunt. -debandscott
Monica and her dad was hunting a double ladder stand in Waterloo,Al on a green field when 4 does walked out.After about 20 min Monica chose the largest deer and took it in one shot. She shot the deer at 50 yds. and it ran about 40 yds into a thicket before falling. Monica and her dad waited about 30 min before hunting for the deer. Monica is 15 yrs old and this was her 1st deer. -mocarpenter
First Buck
Shot this four pointer In Potter County PA -Austin Harding
1st Buck an 8 Pointer
This is my first buck that i shot on the day after thanksgiving in the U.P. of michigan. I dropped him at 50 yards with a shot to the shoulder with my 7mm Rem. Mag. He weighed 160 pounds live weight (130 pounds dressed) And he scored 90 points even. Thanks Uncle Pete for setting me up on a great piece of property to hunt! -bigbuck96
Jessica’s No. 1
Jessica Cramer is all smiles–as she should be–after taking her first Mississippi buck! Nothing like taking down the big boy as the clock winds down on deer season. -Visitor
First Buck With a Bow
This is my first buck shot with a bow. Just picked up bow hunting this summer and have enjoyed since firing my first arrow. Got this good ks buck early sun morn 11/28/21 010 -dukboy
First Bow Kill
This was my first deer with a bow. Double lung shot at 15 yards on a windy day in a pine tree. -pjsabella
My First Deer
My Dad and I were only out for about a half hour when this bruiser came in and walked broadside at 10 yds. He came in so quick that I didn’t even hear him, luckily I saw him at 30 yds and was ready for him!!! -Sporto12
First Bow Buck
My first bow buck. Weight- 285 lbs. Tip to tip spread 25 in, 10 pts. -ajenks57
Andrew Godwin – First deer
Andrew Godwin,of Bellevue,Nebraska, shot his first deer with a 30/30 Winchester Model 94 at 20 yards. Andrew put a clean shot through the six point’s neck and dropped it on the spot. -bagodwin
Nick’s First Buck
Nick Stuart proudly shows off his first-ever whitetail. He took on Opening Day of Maine deer season while hunting with his dad, Ralph. -GerryBethge
Melissa’s First Mule Deer
Melissa is 12 years old and was hunting on Copper Mountain near Thermopolis, Wy. Her first mule hunt was successful, she used her Grandpa’s Ithaca, 243 Win -kuduhunter
My First Archery Kill
shot this deer on october 25th at 7:51 am with my PSE compound bow. This is the first deer i ever took with a bow and hopefully not the last -erict8
Maddison Roberts turned 13 in September. This was her first buck. Her nick name is “BUG” and on the bolt of the rifle it reads “BUG 2010”. Maddison took this Buck with a Model 14 savage chambered in 257 Roberts from the Savage custom shop. Maddison spotted this buck, snuck up to 150 yards and made a 1 shot kill. She was using Federal premium ammo with the 120 grain Nosler partition. -jakec20
Kassidy’s First Deer
This is my husband Gary and our daughter Kassidy. Kassidy is 9 years old and shot this doe on October 10, 2010 in Pike County, Illinois. She used her .50 cal Thompson Center muzzleloader at about 65 yards. This is her very first deer, and she dedicated it to her Grandpa Jim Cobb who passed away on September 29, 2010. Way to go Baby, and Grandpa would be so proud!! -beccau
Joey Gallman’s First Buck
After 2 hours of hunting with his dad, and an agonizing pass of a smaller buck, Joey decided to try rattling. This 9 pointer came to within 125 yds. Joey shot him with his 270 loaded with reduced recoil ammo. The buck was an exceptionally big deer weighing over 200 lbs. Though the day started with cold and frustration, Joey later exclaimed ” this was the best day of my life”.
My First Buck Ever
I am 14 years old. I went out with my dad. After what seemed like forever, this nice buck popped out into a clearing. I had just a blink of the eye to draw and shoot. My arrow hit the deer in the back of the spine and out the side. Dropped it 5 feet from the shot. My fist deer with a bow and my first buck ever.
First Time Bowhunting
This was my first deer. And my first time in the woods bow hunting. He’s a 7pt with a long body. I had a huge grin all day.

First buck, first deer with a bow, first muley. Is there anything better than a hunter’s first deer? See our 40 best first deer shots.