10-year-old Casey Schlatter made a great shot on her first deer in Iowa during the youth season. Casey has been hunting with her dad since she was three. She was able to connect using a Remington 870 youth model 20 gauge topped with a Bushnell red dot scope and a Hornady SST slug. -schlathawk
Out for a stroll -pafanasiw
First buck with a bow. A 42.6 yard shot with a diamond outlaw bow made by bow-tech, and an Archers Choice rangefinder. -hawkinsmi
My 8-year-old son, Andrew Kreighbaum, shot this rare piebald buck on Indiana’s youth firearms weekend. It’s his first buck and the smile says it all. I couldn’t be more proud of him. He made a great shot at 90 yards with his 50 cal TC. We got the whole thing on video and we’re very excited! – Brad Kreighbaum
This picture of a coyote taking a fawn was captured on my cousins farm in Halifax, VA. Danny Yates set up some deer cameras but caught this instead. -mgp926
54 inches, 45 pounds. This fish was a beast! She had 25 feet of an unlucky angler in her gills!
Drew a trophy Mule deer tag this year, but had just lost my brother in a car accident. He was my hunting buddy so I put on his camo coat and told him to come with me and help me get my buck, I just couldn’t get into it so I shot the first horns I saw to call it a day. I drew that tag again this year (I’m in the middle of my hunt now.) and I’m going for the monster. -lplatts
This bear was dubbed snaggletooth nine years ago because of his broken jaw and his two canines sticking straight out. I was able to harvest it, with the help of my hounds and others in our crew, on September 12 after cutting his track not far from our cabins. Many have been after him for the last nine years and were unable to take him. He was a legend in the area and is figured to be somewhere around 20 years old. – shortstop130
I was surprised with a full day fishing charter on my first trip to Alaska. We left out of Seward, and went to our first fishing grounds off of Montague Island. My first salt water fish in my life was this 133 lb. Halibut. It took me 40 minutes to real him in, fighting a 15-20 knot current. The whole trip was an experience of a lifetime! I definitely got spoiled! -danmor2202
This is my Dad with the antelope that I shot. -Alexi
Kassidy shot this 8-point buck on October 8th at 7:22 in the morning at Eagle Lakes Outfitters in Pike County, IL. She used her Thompson Center Impact inline rifle at about 39 yards, “dead” perfect shot through the heart. It ran about 40 yards and dropped. She is 10-years-old and is one proud little girl! -beccau
Here is a Pennsylvania elk. -nikkibum31
Sometimes the fight continues even after you get the fish into the boat. -wiscatcher
After catching this barracuda off Green Turtle Cay in the Abacos, Bahamas, Jack proudly wears his angler “game face.” -reelmom99
This is my first deer with a bow. It was taken on my family farm in Oklahoma. A nice 8-pointer. -Alexi
Great day of fishing on Lake Superior. -unkunk
Trail cam photo. -25-06 guy
This is my son Austin’s first deer. He killed it during the 2010 Wisconsin youth hunt. -unkunk
This is my daughter and my lab pup Maverick. They both got their first dove hunt today. We had a great couple of hours sitting on the edge of the field. Quality time with family is what this is all about. -grmustangs
Finnie Green 55.5# Wahoo caught on the “Fishing Partner” out of Atlantic Beach. -cheftrey
Ross’s first buck ever. He shot it during the youth hunt on October 9th in southern Wisconsin. -ryanmatthewsmith
Not to be outdone by his big sister, Jacob Schlatter was able to harvest his first Iowa deer less than a week after Casey. Jake did a great job lining up the shot and the doe dropped where she stood. Hopefully, both are hooked on hunting for life! -schlathawk
Caught this walleye on a fly-in trip in Canada. -wiscatcher
I had already hiked 2/3 of the way up the steep mountain after a buck I was stalking and looked down over 600 yards below me and saw this gem. It was a hard call whether or not to go down after him. I didn’t want to lose all my elevation gain since I was actually “deer hunting.” I didn’t need another bear, but bought a tag just because we were seeing so many and am told this guy was probably 350-400 lb. Huge regret. -lplatts
New born fawn. -25-06 guy
Just another good dove hunt with Dad. -Alexi

Hunting season is finally here and great field and trail camera photos are starting to roll in. See the most recent shots from the bragging board.