On October 5th, Jeff Weber shot a buck outside of Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin that could threaten the archery state record. Weber took his deer to be registered at an outdoors store called Dutch’s Trading Post and Wes Munson, an archery technician there, snapped a few photos. The region is a hotbed for trophy bucks and as an experienced hunter, Munson knew he was looking at a special animal. He got the inside-scoop from Weber and was kind enough to relay it on to OL. Here’s what we know so far about Weber’s incredible deer …
Weber killed the buck near an area known as “The Ledge” which is a high wooded ridge that runs north and south through the area for miles. The landform was left behind by receding glaciers. The Ledge and its surrounding farm fields are notorious for producing world-class bucks. The state record nontypical archery buck – which scored 243 inches and was killed by Wayne Schumacher – was shot in the area two years ago. More and more big bucks are coming from the region because hunters are being more selective, says Munson who has held that state record nontypical rack in his hands.
“You don’t see a whole lot of guys shooting the first buck to walk by them anymore,” Munson says. The don’t-shoot-small-bucks policy along with the incredible deer habitat makes for a perfect trophy buck growing ground. The region is covered with small woodlots scattered between rolling corn and soybean fields.
This is the current state record typical archery buck from last year taken by Brian Inda. It was shot about an hour away from where Weber’s buck was shot. The Inda Buck scored 187 5/8 inches. Read the full story of Inda’s state record buck here.
No one knows exactly what Weber’s buck will score, but Munson says the rough gross score topped 200 inches. However the Weber Buck will be hit with some critical deductions. Munson guesses that it will probably net score somewhere in the high 170s, but no one knows for sure. What is certain about the Weber Buck is that it sports an incredibly thick, wide rack.
The inside spread is reportedly 22 3/8 inches, two inches wider than the state record nontypical Schumacher Buck. “I don’t mean to knock the Schumacher Buck, because I actually held that buck in my hands,” Munson says. “But the [Weber Buck] is actually more impressive to me … just the mass is amazing. I’ve never seen anything like it.”
What’s even more amazing is that Jeff Weber shot this deer during his first year as a bowhunter. Jeff captured a few photos of the buck on trail cameras and he knew it’d be hard to pattern the deer by the time gun season rolled around. So he bought some archery gear and took to the woods.
Stay tuned for updates on as we continue to follow the story.
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There are still many details left to uncover about the Weber Buck, but one thing is for sure: it’s huge. The deer has the potential to beat the Wisconsin state record with an estimated gross score topping 200 inches.