This is my girlfriend and I on Halloween. I was dressed as the bulls-eyed buck and she was the successful hunter! -CamoCatcher8 (WINNER of Photo Contest).
A Successful Day!
I was out eating acorns and I caught this one climbing up a tree. Crazy thing, that is for squirrels! -browninghunter
“Booner Buck Dad”
I am pictured here in the buck costume with my sons, JD who is 7 and Carson, who is 5. Hunting is a very big part of our lives and I wanted to take this opportunity to have a little fun with my boys. They tag along on almost all of my hunting trips and JD harvested 3 deer last year, an 8 point, a 3 point, and a doe…..but I think he has taken a “booner” in this pic!! -calynokeboy
My wife made this costume for our son 8 years ago. My middle daughter wore it and now our youngest daughter wanted to wear it. The funny thing is that she had a batgirl costume all picked out and as soon as she saw the buck costume she had nothing to do with batgirl any more. Its a traditional costume that will be passed on. Everyone gets a kick out of the saying on the back…. -Trudie2
I made this costume for my great nephew Nolan. Of all the patterns in the books, his mom chose the lion. Hoping one day I can share my love of the outdoors and the sport of hunting with Nolan. For now he is our little Lion King. -judy black
You can’t run and you can’t hide. Whether you’re in a tree or on the ground, my guns are ready and I will track you down. -paoutdoorsman2010
Deerman Antlers
Deerman comes around every Halloween to bring good luck to the hunt! -douge
New sheriff in town
Living the American dream, enjoy hunting, fishing, camping, all outdoor activities. – gone hunting
Hunter During Global Warming
If only I didn’t live in a city, I would be outdoors all the time! In the meantime here’s my city hunting attire. -S.A.M.
Predator: True Hunter
One of the best hunters, and have the best camouflage in the world. -Shooter86

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