Best New Deer Hunting Gear for 2011

We're in the heart of deer season, but it's never to late to grab that last-minute gear item. Gear Editor John Taranto rounds up the the newest deer hunting equipmet. APPAREL
Irish Setter Wool Loft
The wind- and water-resistant Springfield parka and Starbuck pant have 100 percent wool insulation. Perfect for all-day sits in cold weather. (parka, $209; pant, $200)
Browning HydroFleece
First introduced in 1993, HydroFleece fabric has been improved to stand up to Ma Nature's worst. The material is softer, quieter and more breathable, waterproof and scent-suppressing than before.
(jacket, $198; pant, $232;
RedRam Merino
This low-bulk merino wool base layer is soft, warm, itch-free and affordable.
(top, $58; bottom, $58;
Glacier Glove Aleutian
These form-fitting, 2mm neoprene gloves are felt-lined and feature a super-tacky grip.
RedHead Ultra Hunter 10-Inch
Keep your toes dry and toasty with these waterproof boots, which feature 800 grams of Thinsulate. A side-zip allows for easy on-off. ($130;
Under Armour The H.A.W.
If your deer hunting takes you through a lot of slop, look to the neoprene rubber H.A.W. boots to get you there and back in comfort. ($130;
Buck Commander Pack Systems
This extensive new line of 19 rugged, well-built packs and pouches includes the 1,256-cubic-inch BlackCliff pack, ammo holders and optics pouches.
Scent Shield Compression Bags
Keep your camo scent-free between hunts with these ingenious storage bags. Stuff your hunting clothes in the bag, zip it closed and roll it up. The air is forced out through one-way vents at the top of the bag. (box of 3, $20;
L.L. Bean Technical Big-Game Vest
An array of pockets, pouches and compartments carries all the gear you need for a day in the field. An adjustable suspension system ensures everything rides comfortably. ($129;
Bushnell Trophy XLT DOA 200
Eliminate slug-gun holdover guesswork with these new scopes in 2-7x36 and 3-9x40 configurations. Butler Creek lens covers are included. ($228-$244;
Nikon Archer's Choice MAX
This new rangefinder displays readings in .1 yard/meter increments out to 200 yards/meters. Brightness-detection technology adjusts the reticle from gray LCD to orange LED for maximum visibility. ($350;
Truglo Tru-Brite Open-Bridge Bino
These ergonomic field glasses nestle nicely in hand and are available in 8x42 and 10x42
configurations. ($271-$283;

This walnut barrel grunt tube can produce incredible volume in high-wind situations, and be toned down for finishing work. ($25;
MAD Hyper Growl
The top vent is designed to replicate a buck's nasal passage, for added realism with grunts. Cover the main tube to perform a snort wheeze. ($29;
Flextone Magnum Bone Box
The thing that separates this bleat can from others is its shape--it's not going to roll away. ($10;
Flextone Buck Crusher
This hard-rubber 3-in-1 call (grunt, bleat, wheeze) straps neatly to your wrist. ($18;
H.S. PrimeTime

Pure Mister Condition bucks to visit your stand with this estrus-scent atomizer. ($24;
Tink's Magnetics
This synthetic attractant is designed to appeal to a buck's sense of dominance, reproductive desires and curiosity. ($15;
Code Blue Laundry Ball
No detergent is needed. Just toss the ball in with your dirty laundry for a season's worth of scent-free washes. ($20;
Wildlife Research Mash Sprays
Bring bucks close with a variety of curiosity scents and food aromas. (24 oz., $10;

We round up the best new calls, packs, optics, apparel and scent attractants to help you score on a big buck this fall.