23 Point Buck
My husband has been hunting most of his life. He has a love of the outdoors like I have never seen!This season has been quite exciting.He shot this 23 point buck, unofficially scoring 209 3/8(waiting for the drying period to get official score) and our 6 year old shot his first buck, coming in with 9 points. It has been quite a year!They won’t brag, so I will. Congrats to my boys! Love,Mom -bpulse
BC Moose
My first bull moose. 40 yard double lung shot, Muzzy Phantom broadhead. What an experience!
First Bow Kill
This is the first deer I have had the opportunity to harvest with a bow. He has a 22 inch spread and an extra main beam. -Jessgoodman
Donna’s first trophy fish!
30″ channel catfish I caught in Western Branch Reservoir in Suffolk, Va. -dweezie22
High Flying Deer
I was driving through Cades Cove In the Smokeys when I got this picture of buck jumping the fence. I got three pictures of the deer but this one was the best by far!! -cajundude
32lb. Mackinaw
My son RK (12 years old) caught this fish at Fishlake Utah. It weighed in at 32 lbs. He caught this on 8 lb. line. He was lucky to not break the line lol. Caught it right before dark 🙂 -kristenheath
2011 5×6 Muley 29.5″ wide
A surprise buck that showed himself on the last day of the season. We hadn’t seen any wall hangers the entire season. My dad spotted this guy from about a mile or more away so we decided to get a better look. It’s a good thing. We ended up getting him the “Wall Draw”. No doubt this one is a wall hanger!
Bobcat on trail camera
Bobcat coming in on the trail camera.
Papa with his Red Drum
Papa caught this Red Drum with a spinning rod and a jig at Cape Lookout, NC. He was a very tired camper after landing 4 of these giant fish which were all released. -travis299
BC mountain goat
My first mountain goat. Definitely worth the killer climb!
Second Buck
This is my first big buck! twelve pointer with a four inch kicker off his G2! twenty yards with my bow. I love Iowa!
2011 Colorado Archery Bull
After stalking to within 20 yards, I was able to connect with this nice bull. Me and my buddy have been hunting DIY for eight years and I finally got my bull. Proof that going the extra mile(literally) can and does pay off!
Double drop tine
-Shawn Konzal
Double Antler
Here is my best deer ever! I shot this deer 10-26-2011 I seen him standing in a draw and didn’t see the double antler but he looked like a shooter so I took my chance with ground shrink and came out on good terms, He measured out at 30″ -jakep
Girlfriend’s First Deer
I took my girlfriend hunting for the first time on the first weekend of November. She took her new bow that she had just gotten and we picked a nice easy to shoot out of stand. On a very windy, chilly day in north Missouri after seeing nothing else all evening this behemoth 10 point trotted by at 20 yards and she smoked him. -twaddzilla
My daughter and my buck
I shot this buck the 2nd weekend of the Minnesota firearms season. When we got back to the house we snapped this photo of my 8 month old daughter looking very pleased that dad got his buck.
– tpbesone
14 point brutus
I was on the ground hunting the edge of a small secluded field, and it was just before dusk when Brutus busted out into the field. He had his face to the ground in-search of a doe. I ranged him at 35 yards, and waited for him to come into my shooting lane. The rest is in the picture. To think I almost didn’t go out for the evening hunt.
Suzanne with her Red Drum
Suzanne caught this Red Drum with a spinning rod and a jig at Cape Lookout, NC. She was very proud of this fish. -travis299
Say cheeeesssseeeeee!
This deer was captured by one of our trail cams. I thought deer were made of venison…this one is clearly a ham. -mikebodette
Southern Michigan Swamp Buck
It was my 3rd time out this year. I had a good feeling with the moon phase, temperature, and calm wind. I saw a doe about 50 yards out and right behind her this buck was coming. I hit my call and he came right to me. I was shaking but pulled the shot off. -Brandon Maher
Albino Bow
My buddy and i leased some land in Caswell County, North Carolina. We have cameras out for the better part of season and we haven’t gotten a single pic of this little doe. I have seen a few albinos in my life but always from the road. I was fortunate enough to get a clean shot at this little albino doe. Its the most excited iv been in years of deer hunting.
– Hunt0183
Tucker’s First Hunt
My son, Tucker’s first hunt with his Uncle Jake. Was able to get a 5X5 Whitetail near Ennis, MT
-Jill Holthues Grim
First Deer Taken
This was my son, Austin’s, first year out for rifle season. At about 9am after some rattling and grunting this 8 pointer came sneaking in to our right. Austin made a fantastic 100 yd shot and dropped him in his tracks. Ironically this was a deer I had been after for 5 years! What a day, 30 minutes earlier I had dropped a 7 pointer from the same stand! Not bad for a first deer! -rszrejna
My First 2 Deer
First two deer I have ever killed on the same drive with my hunt club! Sitting in the tree stand had 3 come up from behind me and 2 was all I could get! Never felt an adrenaline rush like that in my life… Absolutely loved that feeling!! Got a lesson on gutting and skinning the deer that day also! What an adventure. -ksully10
17pt Deer Shot By 9-Year-Old
My son, Cage, went hunting with his grandpa and uncle and shot this awesome 17 point non-typical deer on Saturday Morning, November 19th. This is his first buck he has ever shot at and dropped him with one shot!
– lbridges
Salmon River Steelhead
Caught and released this male steelhead in the Salmon River NY on 10-31-11. Weighed approx. 20lbs. Caught in on a trout bead under a float. Took about 15 mins to land. My biggest steelhead to date.
Camera Shy
A friends on a recent hunt. Dog wants no part of pics.
Nice 1st buck!
My 12 yr. old son got his 1st buck by doing a great job being patient and keeping his nerves calm to put a perfect shot on this one. I’m very proud of you pal!
First deer with grandpa
It was a day of firsts…my first whitetail, my first out-of-state hunt (Idaho), my brother’s first real hunting trip, my first time hunting from a treestand, and my first hunt with my grandpa. It all came down to a perfect 45 yard broadside shot from my Remington 788 .308 on this 4×4 with 5 minutes of shooting light left on our second-to-last day of the hunt.
First Deer
First deer for my brother and I.Western NE November 2004 -newtc89
PA 11 pointer
I hunted this deer for two seasons. When he walked up behind me while I was in a climbing stand on the edge of a hay field. I made a great shot. I called my wife who brought my 3 yr old son, Hunter to help track the deer. We were thrilled when he spotted the 11 pt buck piled up 100 yards from the stand. He weighed 187 lbs dressed. -ned4974
Wyoming Hunt
Tom Metzinger from Suhuylkill Co, PA. Was Mule Deer hunting in the state of Wyoming, Along with his Hunting Buddy Roger Settlemoyer. On a Non guided public ground hunt, when they came across this buck and another 4X4. They stalked in from 1500 yards to 415 yards using his Browning 7mm WSM
-Tom Metzinger
Christa’s 1st deer
What a way to start out! I shot this 113 inch 8 point buck at 22 yards. It was a great experience and can’t wait to get out in the woods again soon. Special thanks to my husband who taught me everything about archery hunting…I couldn’t have done it without you.
818-pound Vermont Moose with a 43 inch spread taken during 2011 bow season
My husband and his best friend got this 818 lb moose with a 43 inch spread during the first VT bow season for moose 2011.
First Hunt
Tommy Smith, age 10 (center),shot his 8 pointer with a crossbow in the first hour of his first hunt ever. The buck came in before 8 am during the Michigan Youth Hunt. Neither youth hunt or cross bow controversies can take away his fist-pumping excitement or the chance for his older brother, friends and family to be a part of this incredible experience. This opener belonged to Tommy! – tedsmith
Alaska Moose
First Moose. Shot at 240 yards with a 338.
-David Shires
Nice 8 Point
Got this Photo on Trail Cam somewhere in Missouri September 2011. What an 8 pointer. I would just like to see him during the Bow season.
B&C Antelope
I took this monster on my first ever antelope hunt. Hunting New Mexico, on the first afternoon, I shot this buck at 317 yards after making my stalk. His horns grew as we approached the downed buck. He grossed 88 inches with mass measurements over 8 inches,7″ cutters, and ivory tipped horns 15″+ in length.
Kassidy’s First Buck
Kassidy shot this 8 point buck on October 8th at 7:22 in the morning at Eagle Lakes Outfitters in Pike County, IL. She used her Thompson Center Impact inline rifle at about 39 yards, “dead” perfect shot through the heart. It ran about 40 yards and dropped. She is 10 years old and attends 5th grade. She is one proud little girl! -beccau
First Bow Deer
Took this buck October 1st, in Ohio. It was my first deer with a bow, and I got to share the experience with my whole family. What an experience and how thankful we should all be for what has been provided for us.

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