Hevi-Shot Shotgun Shells
I became a big fan of Hevi-Shot when I hunted pheasant in South Dakota this fall. Hevi-Metal Pheasant loads gave me the 10 extra yards I needed to connect on rooster after rooster. Other specialty loads include Waterfowl, Dead Coyote, Magnum Blend, and Subgauge. Prices range from around $14 to $32 per box.
Berkley NanoFil Fishing Line
NanoFil is a monofilament/braid hybrid designed specifically for light and medium spinning tackle. It’s made of Dyneema (a gel-spun polyethylene) which gives it super strength – Dyneema is also utilized in bullet proof vests and windsails. The material also prevents the line from stretching and allows for super sensitivity. Read more about Berkley NanoFil here. Prices start around $18
Cabela’s MTP Base Layers
Think of them as long johns on steroids.
Cabela’s Maximum Thermal Protection base layers are made of 100 percent polyester that wicks moisture away from the body so that you stay warm and dry in even the sweatiest of situations. Four different weights (Polar Weight, Heavyweight, Medium-Weight, Tech-Silk Weight.) insure that there’s a pair for every hunt. Prices start around $29.
Death at Stone Mountain DVD
Big Bore Production’s latest DVD follows host Mark Buchanan and friends as they hunt the wilds of British Columbia with Stone Mountain Safaris for stone sheep, Rocky Mountain elk, grizzly bear, black bear, wolf and moose. It’s a new take on the old school big-game hunting movies we grew up watching. Suggested retail price is $30.
Troy & Sons Moonshine
Forget about the one-ounce-above ethanol gasoline the shiners of long ago used to run through the backwoods. Troy & Sons Moonshine is to those batches as Troy & Sons is to McDonald’s. It’s created using Crooked Creek Corn, a sweet breed believed to be extinct everywhere except on a small local farm that has been growing it since 1840. The result is smooth, silky corn liquor with undertones of vanilla and melon. Sip it straight or mix it to enhance drinks such as margaritas. $30 a bottle.
Gerber BearGrylls Survival Series Parang Machete
Designed by host of the Discovery Channel’s Man vs. Wild, Gerber’s Bear Grylls Survival Series Parang combines Gerber’s 70 plus years of knife making mastery and Gryll’s survival expertise to create the ultimate in machetes. The Parange features an ergonomic, textured rubber grip, 13.5-inch corrosion resistant carbon steelblade, lanyard cord and nylon sheath. It also comes with a foldout survival guide authored by Gryll’s himself. Price: $30
Pfluger Supreme
Manufactured of high grade anodized machined aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium, the Pfluger Supreme is as durable as it is effective. It features a sealed drag system, one-way clutch with instant anti-reverse bearing, and an audible signal when the bail is fully opened and ready to cast. Price: $100.
Bog Pod Shooting Sticks
Never shoot over your friend’s shoulder again. The RLD series of shooting sticks are constructed of high-strength, lightweight aluminum and feature a padded, 360-degree rifle rest for steady shots on animals that are on the move. Removable rubber feet unscrew to reveal an ice and rock holding carbide tip. The RLD is fully adjustable to accommodate almost any hunting situation. Includes carry bag and allen wrench.
Price Range: $89.99 – $109.99
Texas Hunt Company Low Profile Hunting Vest
Texas Hunt Co.’s L.P.H. Vest is designed to keep you in the field and free from the soreness associated traditional heavy, bulky bird vests. The vest is military tough (Texas Hunt Co.’s sister company Spec Ops is a military contractor), features a non-restrictive design and “speed pockets” that allow for uninterrupted shooting. Best of all, the L.P.H. Vest was designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.
Price: $160
Parker Buckshot (Youth)
Give the young in your life the gift of hunting with the Parker Buckshot bow. The Buckshot is specifically designed for youth and small-framed archers, weighs only 2.75 pounds, has a superb grip, and features a 17- to 26-inches of draw length adjustment in ½-inch increments. Draw weight ranges from 15- to 45-pounds and has an 80 pound let-off. Best of all, the Buckshot is a member of the “Grow Up With Parker” program, which allows shooters to adjust the bow as they grow. Available in RealTree MAX-4 in right or left handed models Retail price $249.95 Website:
London Cut Bourbon-Aged Cigars Hand-Rolled and Infused with Bourbon by Cigar Row
Cigar Row’s London Cut cigars are hand-rolled from their famous aged house blend tobacco then infused with premium bourbon. These master smokes were originally created for the Gin Joint restaurant in Charleston but are now available to the public. Enjoy them after the hunt with a stout glass of, what else, your best bourbon.
$240 for a box of twenty
Surefire Saint
This is not your grandfather’s coon hunter’s headlamp. The Surefire Saint offers a wide, variable-output beam that adjusts from 0 to 100 lumens and is as lightweight as it is durable. The Saint utilizes a dual-capable battery system that accepts one, two, or three 123A lithium batteries or two AA alkaline batteries and can withstand being in three feet of water for up to 30 minutes. The adjustable headband allows for use on head, hat, or helmet. Retail price $200. Website:
Trijicon RMR
The Trijicon Ruggedized Miniature Reflex is an extremely durable and lightweight sighting system that offers incredibly fast target acquisition even with both eyes open. The RMR can be mounted on almost any weapon and with a special mount can even be mounted on top of an existing scope for close-quarter shooting. Weight is a mere 1.2 ounces and the CR2032 lithium battery is good for two years.
Find online for about $350.
Le Chameau Rubber Boots
The original and still the best. Le Chameau Rubber Boots are rubber boots like a Maserati is just a car. Italian leather lining and insole, shank reinforcement, multidirectional traction outsole, and a waterproof zipper combine to offer comfort, strength, durability, and incredible fit. A 26-piece construction insures that they form to the wearer after time.
Find online for around $430.
Gayne Young Jungle Hunter Boot from Russell Moccasin
How could we not mention a custom-made boot designed by and named for our own Gayne C. Young? (That’s me, I’m a writer for What? You’ve never heard of me before?!) The Jungle Hunter PH is designed to handle the worst the world’s wettest, nastiest, dankest places have to offer. The 7-inch high boot’s triple vamp construction is complimented with soft waterproof American Bison leather, Poron technical foam to soften up the walking and a Silvato sole that carries a modest tread.
Check back in January for your chance to win a pair of Jungle Hunter PH boots.
Custom made to order for $440.00
Garmin Montana
Garmin’s Montana series of GPS units feature a four-inch color sunlight-readable touchscreen, 3-axis tilt-compensated compass and barometric altimeter, is almost impermeable to dust, dirt, humidity and water, and supports BirdsEye Satellite Imagery, BlueChart® g2 and TOPO U.S. 24K. The Montana also allows sharing information with other Garmin devices users wirelessly and operates on either rechargeable lithium-ion pack or traditional AA batteries for long times in the field. HotFix® satellite prediction means that your location is available in even the deepest of canyons or under the thickest of cover. Prices start at $529. Website:
Walden & Bork Doc Bag made with your own game hides
Turn your game skins into a classic Doctor’s bag purse for the lady in your life. Bag is custom-made from your skins (or theirs if you prefer) and measures 12″ long x 7″ high x 5″ wide. Has a removable shoulder strap, two inside zippered compartments and features the finest quality Italian brass hardware. Price is $742.00 with your skins (compare to the almost same sized Crocodile Ricky Bag from Ralph Lauren that retails for $16,995.)
Benjamin Rogue .357 Big Bore ePCP Air Rifle
Forget the Red Ryder from A Christmas Story and other low-powered pop guns, the Rogue is a .357 chambered air rifle capable of taking down a 200-pound hog. The Rogue utilizes electro pre-charged pneumatic (ePCP) technology that allows hunters to adjust the power and desired velocity for different hunting situations. A 3000psi capacity insures multiple shots in the field Find online for around $1,200.
Hobie Revolution 11
Weighing only 47 pounds and measuring 11′ 6″ the Hobie Revolution 11 is as easy to load onto a car or truck, as it is to maneuver in the shallowest of bays. Seamless roto-molding construction gives it incredible strength and durability while amenities such as big storage compartments, molded rod-holders, optional livewell and exterior mounted rod holders make it a joy to fish with.
Retail price $1,749


Just in time for the holidays, XS Games is unleashing the latest versions of the popular video games: The Hunt and The Strike for the Nintendo Wii. The Hunt: Trophy Showdown! features First-Class Trophies as each level of the game takes you on a unique hunt featuring 24 different species, including massive Whitetail, Elk, Moose, Caribou and wild Turkey. The Strike: Tournament Edition features Tournament Style Gameplay with a new style of Career Mode that mimics real life fishing tournaments as well as 12 amazing, real life North American lakes – including two exotic hidden locations. In addition to all of the realistic hunting and fishing action, both games are offering players a chance to compete in the First Ever Virtual Fishing & Hunting Tournament! This $100,000 Tournament will be a country wide competition between game competitors for a chance to win great prizes including a 2012 Toyota Tundra, a Tracker Boat, an Arctic Cat ATV and Bass Pro Shops Gift Certificates! View game trailers and more information about the $100,000 tournament at Game prices: The Strike: Tournament Edition: $49.99 (bundled with fishing controller), $29.99 (game only); The Hunt: Trophy Showdown! $49.99 (bundled with Bullseye Pro Rifle controller), $29.99 (game only) Editor’s Note: Don’t miss out on a chance to win yourself a copy of these games for your family in time for the Holidays! We’ve got our hands on a few copies of the games (available in Wii only) to hand out to some lucky readers. Weekly winners will be selected at random among all entries. Click here for entry form and rules.

Ready or not, the holidays are here. These are our best hunting and fishing gift suggestions for friends, family or yourself.