We need your 2011 deer photos for Deer of the Year. Enter a photo of your deer (or one of your hunting buddies’ deer) for the chance to win a Yamaha generator, Primos Trail Camera or $200 gift card for Cabela’s. Also we’ll be featuring select photos in the magazine. You don’t need a record buck to enter, every deer is a trophy, so send us your photos here! And take a sneak peek at the entries we have so far. Photo by: Allycat7604
Greg Bauer
Record Book Muley
My dad shot this big Mule Deer in South Dakota on 9/30/11. After an unsuccessful first stalk, my dad circled ahead of this buck and got a second chance. He made a good shot on the buck at 55 yards in 20+ mph winds! The Muley officially scores 183 5/8″ Net P&Y, making it the #2 Archery Mule Deer in the South Dakota record books! -Mitchell Patterson
Buck of a Lifetime
8 a.m. opening day 2011 Missouri youth season. Two does came out early. I hear leaves rustling behind me and turn to see a huge 18 point, 265 lb, buck at 80 yards in the brush. He finally clears the brush at 40 yards and i squeeze off a shot with 12 gauge slug. He bolts to the left and i lose sight, turns out he is around the bend 80 yards away on the edge of the field. Gross green scored 201. -irsq_u
Jeff Buck
Jim Swearngin
First Buck, Forever Memory
“I must of gave him 10 high fives. He saw it first as it walked by. I told him to wait until it cleared the tree and before it turned its head, Gabe put the bullet right through its neck and he dropped.He already had the gun across his knee and ready with the safety off and in the cross-hairs,it only took a couple of seconds from me hearing Gabe whisper Buck and it going down”. -Dana6
Halloween Buck
Deer of the year? I call him my “buck of a lifetime”. I shot this 14 pointer with my bow when he stepped in at 22 yards from my stand. I was ready and confident and the shot was well placed. I knew he was nice but had no idea he was that big – he scored 165 gross. Fantastic buck, fantastic chocolate rack, fantastic memories! -Carolyn Burtch
Taha Ismail Suleiman
First Buck With A Bow
Killed this monster 19 point that unofficially scores 201 6/8″. Came in to 12 yards where I put a good hit on him. Not only is it my largest buck with a bow but its also my FIRST buck with a bow. November 7 2011 was a great day in the hunting woods for me. Best thing about this big buck kill was that my dad and brother were there to share all the memories with me. -timlurk25
Buck of a lifetime!
well wrote a long story and no where on here does it say it can only be 400 characters so heres my pic….. 177 3/8 in. green score -Whitetail Dirt Naps
Opening Day Delight
Took this 125 inch ten pointer on opening day of the WI Gun season. It was the fist deer I saw that day and only had seconds to shoot as it crossed a trail 125 yards away. I dragged him back to my stand and with Dad’s help got him hung and went back to hunting. Later does came right up to the buck, I guess they liked my decoy. -bobcat66
Grant Martin
Missouri Deer Hunting
On November 16, 2011, I was hunting during the Missouri Rifle Season. At 11:00 am I climbed into my deer stand. Thirty seconds later, this Missouri Bruiser walked out from the timber edge at 83 yards. As excitement filled by body, I successfully squeezed off a shot from my 7mm Remington Magnum and successfully harvested this 18 point buck. The unofficial score was 190 5/8. – heath_4503
Andy Stephenson
Wyoming 2011
Hunter shot this buck at about 250 yards with his 270 WSM. He was with my friend’s dad at the mouth of a canyon waiting for me and my friends to come off the mountain. He spotted the buck running with some does and put a good shot on it. -Claude Gubler
Split G2 Buck
My uncle had told me about a big split g2 buck in the area. I set up my climbing treestand overlooking a big scrape surrounded by some rubs. At about 5:30 on October 28, 2011 this big split g2 buck came walking straight in to the scrape I was set up over. He scores 158″ gross and is my biggest buck to date! I couldn’t be happier! -Mitchell Patterson
2011 Timber Buck
I bought my first trail camera last year and hung it in the timber hoping to catch some elk and bears. Over the summer I got several pictures of this buck. The very first day I went out 2 coyotes pushed hin out of the timber into the bottom that I was glassing. After a 320 yard shot he was mine. He is my biggest whitetail buck yet. bparisi11
9 Pointer OH Yeah! -dhoward
Same Day Second Chance Buck
In the AM I missed an 11 pt I had photos of. That afternoon I went to a stand in the direction the 11 pt was last headed. At prime time a small buck came in and the big 11 was next. He came “head on” to my ladder stand and at 10 yds, I drew, he looked up and whirled running to 20 yards and stopped facing away! He turned and I shot. 11 pt, 18 ¼” spread, 160″ Gross.
WI Bow Monster
Wisconsin buck taken in Grant County that has huge main beams that almost touch and a lot of hight -JakeT_little.Racks
Kansas 2011
I was hunting on a friend’s farm in Kansas when I shot this 8 pt. It came out right before dark too far away, I made the decision to abandon my stand to try and get closer, 5 minutes and 200 yards later I was able to make a clean shot on this tall brow tined 8 pt. -Lallen
West Virginia Buck -jmiller59
Public Land Giant – First Iowa Buck
I moved to Iowa in 2009 and after 2 seasons of passing some very nice bucks I was finally able to connect with one of the giants Iowa is known for. I took this 11 point on 11/6/11 on public land with my bow. He grossed 173 and 3/4 inches and dressed out at 190 pounds. All of the hard work finally paid off with my first Iowa buck and best buck ever….a true giant from public land! -big ben
Best Friends
These 2 guys have been best friends since the first grade. Now juniors in high school they went hunting together for the first time. A memorable hunt as they both shot these really nice Muleys. -heller

We need your 2011 deer photos for Deer of the Year. Enter a photo of your deer (or one of your hunting buddies’ deer) for the chance to win a Yamaha generator, Primos Trail Camera or $200 gift card for Cabela’s. Also we’ll be featuring select photos in the magazine.