Another Awesome Shot by Michelle
Three light bands work great for Michelle -Dixmo
33 Point Buck
I first saw this deer on December 8th with trail camera. This deer was killed December the 18th at 8:50 am with black powder. At the end of the January I will have the score on this deer. -michael rothman
2011 East Fork Farms Bow Buck
This buck was taken right behind me and my cousin/guide (Wyatt Anderson) on East Fork Farms close to Gilmanton, Wisconsin. The deer ended up green scoring 170 1/4” making it the biggest whitetail deer I have taken with a bow. Thank you Uncle Jeremy for letting me hunt on your land and thank you Aunt Candy for taking such beautiful pictures! -Garrett Lindstrom
Bobcat vs. Coyote
Picked up my cameras a week after the season ended to get this early Christmas Present. No deer, but a once in a life time picture. -oldsalt
Unwelcome Dinner Guest
From a trail cam in the back yard. This deer obviously didn’t like the raccoon’s company. -4everAutumn
Bear: Home Wrecker
Adopted by a wonderful family at the age of 15, my father and I bonded and truly got to know each other through hunting. My favorite type of hunting is bow. I’m pictured with is my Bear Ultra-light, Home Wrecker. I feel that it combines both my feminine side and my adventurous side. I also believe that it illustrates the true beauty of female archers. -Tiffanie Elizabeth
Logan’s salmon
My son Logan caught this 12 pounds 4 ounce salmon, while fishing in the Missouri River near Ft.Pierre SD. It was big enough to earn a proud angler award from the state GFP. -tksd
Muzzleloader Buck ’11
On the last Sunday of the late muzzleloader season, I was fortunate enough to harvest the biggest buck of my life. He grosses 180 1/8″ non-typical, and 170 6/8″ typical. Later, I realized he was actually a 6.5 year old buck we’d been after for a couple of years, although we didn’t know just how big he was! -huntfishtrap
9.5lb Fall Bass
I caught this largemouth the sunday after thanksgiving at 4:30 in the after noon in georgia. It was on the first cast of the day, on a brown & purple yum worm. -fishingtech
Tracey and Buck 2011
It was the second week of a hard hunt in Ladysmith Quebec when this nice lil fellow came into my sights. He has been exceptional eating and we butchered him ourselves. We had a wonderful 10 days in the bush and swamps and finally, success. Can’t wait for this fall, Happy Hunting. -Tracey Wilson
First Hunt!
This 200 lb. wild boar was killed by six year old Judd Roth in Bloomington, Texas during the 2011 hunting season. Judd was with his dad and this was his first time to be the shooter! He harvested the hog with a .223 and made a great heart shot! He was thrilled as was daddy! -juddsmom
Love of Hunting
i got this tattoo to represent my love for hunting. i have been hunting since i could walk and i felt i shouldnt get a tattoo without it having some sort of meaning in my life and this tattoo describes my life -trailmaster125
Trophy bull Moose 59 1/2″
Trophy hugh bull moose at Lake Wapikaimaski Ontario Canada. I thought it was a big black rock on the edge of the willows. It moved,I shot. He jumped and fell like a sonic boom. The work began!
Kansas 14 Pointer
This big guy stepped into the corn field 30 minutes into Kansas’s gun season and I couldn’t pass him up. -Doug Alagna
Split G2 Buck
Another view of my 2011 WI buck! -Mitchell Patterson
2011 Oregon Rocky Mountain Goat
Allison Catena 14, from Warrenton, Oregon drew a once in a lifetime Rocky Mountain Goat tag. She shot this goat with a Marlin XS7 .308. It green scored 45 7/8 and it is a Nannie. Aron Snyder thinks this goat is top three by a woman. Definitely the biggest in Oregon by a woman. -muss1980
This buck has nine lives
I had this guy infront of three different times and could not get a shot off. -pafanasiw
Pheasant Hunt
Went on a Pheasant hunt up in North Jersey. Got 9 total!! Great day!!! -pjsabella
Annual Rabbit Hunt
Great day of kicking briars and popping buggsy! -pjsabella
Damons Ultimate Hunt on Public Land
my stepson killed a 14pt that scored 158 7/8 and a 8pt that scored 149. in 2 hunts on pubic land. -neil68
BC Moose

My first bull moose. 40 yard double lung shot, Muzzy Phantom broadhead. What an experience! -Jasper
27″ Waterbuck w bow @ Cheetah Safaris South Africa
Myself & PH, LG Trichardt spotted the Waterbuck to our left. There were 3 cows eating while the two males faced off several times ending with the eldest male on top. As I prayed, he came into the watering hole at 20 yards and with a confident, yet heart pounding draw back I released my heavy metal jacket arrow with 4″ hot pink feathers into the kill zone and BAM, he was down 70 yards later! -CammoBear
Cat Fight
My father has had 2 motion sensitive cameras set up for about a year. -kdt05b
23-Point Buck Shot With Bow in Parkville, MO
My husband has been hunting most of his life. He has a love of the outdoors like I have never seen!This season has been quite exciting.He shot this 23 point buck, unofficailly scoring 209 3/8(waiting for the drying period to get official score) and our 6 year old shot his first buck, coming in with 9 points. It has been quite a year!They won’t brag, so I will. Congrats to my boys! Love,Mom -bpulse
Michelle shoots another nice Bohala in Panama
Michelle Roper, current women’s world record holder for the biggest Bohala, recently shot another nice fish — but almost 20 lbs smaller than her record monster. Location is Panama, Central America -Dixmo
Selma Alabama Gator
This Gator was killed saturday August 20, 2011 by Clint Norris, Tag holder, from Sardis Ala., Blake Jones from Selma, Ala., Wesley Smith from Valley Grande, Ala., Crawford Henry from Pleasant Hill, Ala. and Wesley Siddens from Selma Ala. He weighed 720lbs. and was 12.8 ft. long. Killed 2 miles south of 6 mile creek on the Alabama River, Selma. -dorinorris
~Scored 162
Shot on opening day of rifle season in MN … biggest deer I have shot yet!
NH Moose
Out for a stroll -pafanasiw
We came across this magnificent kudu bull one evening and his 6″ ivory tips were shining in the sun. We watched him for 15 minutes before I could take the shot. I used my new Sako A-7 rifle with Barnes 140gr TSX bullets. I also was field testing Vortex optics (scope & binoculars) and I loved them! -Wheelsz99
43-Pound musky on multiple figure-8’s
50-1/4 and 43 I started a fig.-8 at with 6′ of line. Three times around the bow of the boat and back,flared her gills and ate the entire bait at my feet. I set the hook and opened the bail and the fish came completely out of the water. As the fish came down, I cocked the reel and fought the fish to the net. The next day, at 10:20am, the 48″/34# took the bait. St.Croix rod/International Reel. -pelagicbldr
Birthday Gator Hunt
With my .270, I crawled up a dike & in the prone position spotted the top of a gators head-a quarter size target thru my scope. With 1 shot from 85 yrds I shot my 1st 9ft bull gator-He dunked under water and then a stiff back leg came up and back down as if waving goodbye as he sunk. My bday present was the hunt. My Christmas present will be a gator skin purse! -CaraMantovani
Rumble in the Desert
On our way back to camp after a long day of hunting and seeing nothing , we rounded a corner and found out where the were hiding. -Andrew Maddox
Lucky Duck Buck
I had never seen this buck on the property until last night. He came out of the thicket doggin a doe. I was able to get him in the scope and get him stopped. After a while tracking him, we found him in the pines. I had no idea how big he really was until I lifted his head. 164 and 5/8 – egfrauenknecht
My First Sturgeon
My Dad took my step mom (right) and i (left) fishing for sturgeon for the first time. Within the first 45min her and i had already caught both of these fish. Mine is 59 in, 65 lbs and hers was 66 in, 85 lbs. These both were caught on the Young Gun 2. -Allcamogirl08
2011 Colorado Archery Bull
After stalking to within 20 yards, I was able to connect with this nice bull. Me and my buddy have been hunting DIY for eight years and I finally got my bull. Proof that going the extra mile(literally) can and does pay off! -retnuhkle
Buck of a Lifetime
8am opening day 2011 Missouri youth season. Two does came out early. I hear leaves rustling behind me and turn to see a huge 18 point, 265 lb, buck at 80 yards in the brush. He finally clears the brush at 40 yards and i squeeze off a shot with 12 gauge slug. He bolts to the left and i lose sight, turns out he is around the bend 80 yards away on the edge of the field. Gross green scored 201 -irsq_u
Wood Duck Nesting Box and Surprise Visitor
My kids and I put up a Wood Duck box as a conservation project. Everyone was excited, as the hen found the box right away and laid a clutch of eggs. Things went downhill from there.
2011 5×6 Muley 29.5 inches wide
A surprise buck that showed himself on the last day of the season. We hadn’t seen any wall hangers the entire season. My dad spotted this guy from about a mile or more away so we decided to get a better look. It’s a good thing. We ended up getting him the “Wall Draw”. No doubt this one is a wall hanger! -BromBucks
Fishing Fort Lauderdale 2009
November Charter Trip -bearhunter
First Deer
Casey Schlatter made a great shot on her first deer in Iowa during the youth season. At 10 years old, Casey has been hunting with her dad since she was three. She was able to connect using a Remington 870 youth model 20 guage topped with a Bushnell red dot scope and a Hornady SST slug. -schlathawk
Alaska Moose
First Moose. Shot at 240 yards with a 338. -David Shires
Elk of Pennsylvania -nikkibum31
Forever Spoiled
Guy in the T-shirts first ever mule deer hunt, and second ever deer. He will forever be spoiled. Gross 210 NM public land hunt -summersc
65 Ohio River Blue
caught on ohio river 11/05/2011, my biggest ever. it was released after photos. caught on a rod and reel. -gunrunner71
My daughter and my buck
I shot this buck the 2nd weekend of the Minnesota firearms season. When we got back to the house we snapped this photo of my 8 month old daughter looking very pleased that dad got his buck. -tpbesone
Say cheeeesssseeeeee!
This deer was captured by one of our trail cams. I thought deer were made of venison…this one is clearly a ham. 🙂 -mikebodette
Girlfriend’s First Deer
I took my girlfriend hunting for the first time on the first weekend of November. She took her new bow that she had just gotten and we picked a nice easy to shoot out of stand. On a very windy, chilly day in north Missouri after seeing nothing else all evening this behemoth 10 point trotted by at 20 yards and she smoked him. – twaddzilla
Trail cam pic
Hope to see him in rifle season – bmcgough3
Papa With His Red Drum
Papa caught this Red Drum with a spinning rod and a jig at Cape Lookout, NC. He was a very tired camper after landing 4 of these giant fish which were all released. -Travis299
Suzanne with her Red Drum
Suzanne caught this Red Drum with a spinning rod and a jig at Cape Lookout, NC. She was very proud of this fish. -Travis299
High Flying Deer
I was driving through Cades Cove In the Smokeys when I got this picture of buck jumping the fence. I got three pictures of the deer but this one was the best by far! -cajundude
8-Point Buck
I planted some oats in August. I have several bucks on my game camera eating out in this field. -horns1959
B&C Antelope
I took this monster on my first ever antelope hunt. Hunting New Mexico, on the first afternoon, I shot this buck at 317 yards after making my stalk. His horns grew as we approached the downed buck. He grossed 88 inches with mass measurements over 8 inches,7″ cutters, and ivory tipped horns 15″+ in length. -sbemke
54 in 45 pound
This fish was a beast! She had 25 feet of a unlucky angler in its gills! -Mike O’Fallon
Practicing for the 2011 archery season, my son Aaron wanted to ride the 3D deer target. -Chris Freyer
Coyote taking fawn
This was taken on my cousins farm in Halifax, VA. Danny Yates set up some deer cameras but caught this instead. -mgp926
Nice buck Steelie
This guy gave a pretty good fight. He sure tasted good for a steelhead. -Justin D
Deer with baler mesh caught on its antlers. -Eric McCorkle
Big Bass
Dawson Sweat from Walterboro, SC gained all bragging rights after catching a 8.5 pound bass. At only 9 years old the fish put up a hard fight but Dawson won the battle. Once the fish was finally reeled in we realized how lucky of a catch this was. The hook was caught on the gill not even in the fishes mouth. Hope to have many more photos to share. -wendy frank
Aiden with Grandpa’s 24.5″ Largemouth Bass
Annual Spring Break Fishing trip with his Grandpa, Aiden, 6 years old, helped his Grandpa, Paul Denney, reel in this 24.5 inch Largemouth Bass in an Arizona Lake. -RREngin952
“Keeper” Kate
“Keeper” Kate caught this 4 lb. flounder near Avalon, NJ. -Wattsup
Jake and friend, opening day, NW Michigan
Fishing with my son and his friend, Jake Frysinger- this big walleye came out of the depths just before dawn on opening day. For perspective, Jake is a former U-M defensive end and stands 6′ 5″) Great way to start -crosbychief
The Apple Buck
My 2nd buck with a bow. I was Lucky enough to have a buck of this caliber walk by me. Grossed 188 netted 180 6/8. Will go top 10 all time typical bowkills in WI I believe. -klint
Up Close & Personal
This deer wanted a good look at my trail cam.
Buckmasters perfect typical record
After a 3 days hunting during opening week he stepped out. After what seemed like forever (probably only 15 min) he turn and I let it fly and found him after 30 yards. By the time I got him out it was pouring and rained for 2 days and was unable to take any good kill pics. But a great trophy at 207 lbs. 12 pts. 20 ½ spread officially scored at 182 6/8 net b&c. Buckmasters btr score 168 3/8
First Boar
this is a beautiful 225 pound russian boar that I killed while me friend helped me film. I dropped him with a neck shot at 125 yards with my 7mm. This is my first boar and I killed him on a ranch in the U.P. of Michigan that the boars free range breed on. I thought the hunt would be easy but it turned out it was a 6 hour spot and stalk adventure. I now have a new found respect for pig hunters. -bigbuck96
Like Father, Like Son
Remington and 7 month old Gauge, a Father/Son duck retrieving team after a cold and muddy January hunt. -DiXiE8387
Flying fish
This photo was taken ice fishing in Idaho 2/6/11, -grant killoy
Late Season Ohio Buck
Been following this deer all year on my trail camera. Finally drew the bow on him On February 3rd. Made a perfect shot at 30 yards and watched him go down. Long season but well worth it! -kline4303
350-Pound Bear
I got on a day old bear track,found a bed with fresh tracks coming out of it. I followed them for about 100yds and caught up to him put a good shot on him with a Remington 700 .308. -josephc8

OL readers are the best hunters and anglers on the planet, and we’ve got the pictures to prove it. Here are the best photos from 2011, sent in by you, our faithful readers.