Curious Bucks
While I was sitting in my vehicle waiting on my son to get out of school, 2 bucks walked by. My golden retriever started barking at them and I was sure he was going to scare them away, but they were more curious than scared. They both walked right up to me and one stuck his head in my vehicle. After 10 minutes of having his head in my vehicle, I finally sent him on his way. -Brad Rohrich
Bear: Home Wrecker
Adopted by a wonderful family at the age of 15, my father and I bonded and truly got to know each other through hunting. My favorite type of hunting is bow. I’m pictured with is my Bear Ultra-light, Home Wrecker. I feel that it combines both my feminine side and my adventurous side. I also believe that it illustrates the true beauty of female archers. -Tiffanie Elizabeth
Buffalo and Elk
An Elk Keeping a Buffalo away from his girls..a standoff in Yellowstone
What a beauty!
My 12 yr old Step son shot this at about 75 yds today. We seen this guy last year, but no one had seen it since. He went out after lunch today going on and on about this guy. Well Lo and behold he bagged him & is completely and totally proud…well ok so are we 🙂 -Dottie Dillen
Black Bear on Deer
During a recent ride through the countryside of Susquehanna County, PA… my buddy and I came across a bear feeding on a deer carcass. The black bear was fully aware we there, but just continued feasting while we tried to get an angle on it. This is one of several unique “shots” I managed to capture, with the eye of deer and the bear’s eyes looking at me. Wish I could show you the whole series! -Bill Maile
The Hooker Deer Drag
The Hooker Deer Drag Co., LLC had a photo shoot to help announce their new product… The Hooker Deer Drag. Check out this product (and more photos from the photo shoot) at -hookerdeerdrag
Whitetail doe with 6-inch toes on all 4 hoofs
A wife of my club member shot this doe with 5-6 inches of toes on all four hoofs, I was thinking how unusual this is and has anyone seen something like this before, also what would cause, if you have answers I would like to hear from you -schneider15205
First Bow Kill
This is the first deer I have had the opportunity to harvest with a bow. He has a 22-inch spread and an extra main beam. -jessgoodman
There’s an old shed by one of our favorite hunting spots that sits about 50 yards off the road. While driving by the other day, my son Kurt and I did a double take, then turned around and snapped this shot of a dandy 4×4 whitetail bedded down and peeking out the window. He soon got nervous and bolted out the back door. It certainly makes me rethink my plans for a hunting blind this fall! -Wade
Crazy Rack
I saw this buck and slowly approached it to take some pictures of his unusual antlers. To my surprise the deer didn’t run and was able to get a nice close-up.
Wood Duck Nesting Box and Surprise Visitor
My kids and I put up a Wood Duck box as a conservation project. Everyone was excited, as the hen found the box right away and laid a clutch of eggs. Things went downhill from there.
My dad snapped this pic just off of his front deck. He said these two wrestled and tore around the yard for better part of 15 minutes to the complete disinterest of their mother. He got some great picks, but this one was easily the best. -jesserdumas
Like Father, Like Son
Remington and 7-month-old Gauge, a Father/Son duck retrieving team after a cold and muddy January hunt. -DiXiE8387
Curious Button Buck
Flying Fish
This photo was taken ice fishing in Idaho 2/6/11 -Grant Killoy
Coyote and his Prize
A coyote and his meal to go…
Love of Hunting
I got this tattoo to represent my love for hunting. i have been hunting since i could walk and i felt i shouldnt get a tattoo without it having some sort of meaning in my life and this tattoo describes my life -trailmaster125
Coyote Taking Fawn
This was taken on my cousins farm in Halifax, VA. Danny Yates set up some deer cameras but caught this instead. -mgp926
Whitetail doe droptine
I harvested this whitetail doe with a velvet drop tine the end of October 2010 in Central Montana. No junk between her legs. Old dry doe. -cschwartz
Up Close & Personal
This deer wanted a good look at my trail cam. -chasew37
What the heck is that splashing sound?!
2011 pre-season Colorado Elk scouting trip. Sit long enough on a pond in the heat of the day, and you never know what you might catch on film!! -oodalink
A Woman’s Idea Of A Treestand
For 50 years i’ve set up in trees shivering and uncomfortable. Finally my wife showed me the ideal treestand. It is heated, insulated, sheetrocked, and has a 5 foot deck my wife calls a tanning bed. It is in the heart of the best Whitetail deer hunting ever in Eastern, Oklahoma. -Laverne Guinn
Hungry Snake
This fall, we took our youngest son out to fish a local oxbow. As I was reeling in a small bullhead, a large Northern Water Snake came screaming across the water and latched on. We netted them both, unhooked the fish and the snake took off with its prize. The snake spent the next 45 minutes swallowing the fish with me snapping pictures all the way. This was definitely a first for me. -4everAutumn Read the full story and see more photos here.
Unwelcome Dinner Guest
From a trail cam in the back yard. This deer obviously didn’t like the raccoon’s company. -4everAutumn
33 Point Buck
I first saw this deer on December 8th with trail camera. This deer was killed December the 18th at 8:50 am with black powder. At the end of the January I will have the score on this deer. -michael rothman Read the full story of Rothman’s and see more photos of his deer.
9 Pointer Checking on the Time
I purchased an inexpensive trail camera to help me scout for last seasons whitetail season.Saw lots of deer, but couldn’t tell what time they come through. I bought an battery operated wall clock and presto 8:21 PM.I have photos of 7 different bucks and many does and they all seemed to be interested in the time! -dstrenke
Leave my buck alone! Sister!
Leave my buck alone! Sister! Caught on cudde back just to the right of my deer stand. -tcalhoun
Training for Racoons
This is my dogs first night running a live coon. we were just sent trail training trigger. Like most times he is an overachiever, and just wants to make me happy. -CDN420
Boresight Mishap
This is what happens when you forget to remove your boresight! Think this Shooter do it again? I hope everyone learns from this, barrel obstruction is hazardous to your health!!! -Old Salts
Lamar County Piebald Eastern
My first turkey hunt took place on April 3, 2010 in Lamar Co. Texas. I didn’t realize until after the fact the bird I was bringing home was a trophy. -rlweddle69 More Funny Photo Galleries
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