Best OL Reader Photos April 2012

Outdoor Life readers are the best hunters and anglers on the planet, and we’ve got the photos to prove it. … Continued

Hangin’ Out
This guy had a field day hanging out in front of my trail camera for several hours. This was the best shot. -chasew37
Old Time Hunting Camp
Many of the Old Howell ancestors from Susquehanna County Pa. always gathered at the Hunting camp. Proud of there take for the day a group photo was taken,then on to cooking the fresh kill. -Sherry Sparks
Halibut in Homer, AK
I caught this 100 pounder while fishing in my Avon inflatable boat. My buddy shot it with his pistol when I brought it to the surface and we towed it to shore. – John A Pierog
Jane’s first canoe trip
Bear with Prize
Another photo of this PA Black Bear standing over its prize, while staring right toward me. Maybe I am naive, or the closeness of the truck, or just had dumb luck, but I don’t remember feeling threatened. And it didn’t make any such moves. Thankfully. -Bill Maile
My first Buck a Double Dropper
This is my first buck harvested in Oregon October 2011. I never expected to get a buck of this size especially my first time. He scored 200 6/8th. Not quite enough for the books, but still an amazing buck. -achunt34
Male Brown Trout
38 1/2″ 37lbs Caught on ultra-light and 8lb test Should have gotten this one certified but i had know idea it would of broke the 8lb line class record. -jpmoney
Albino Whitetail
I harvested this albino 9 point whitetail with a 16.75 inside and 18.5 outside spread in Pendleton co Kentucky 11/20/11. -DonGoodrich
2011 kentucky Muzzleloader
I killed my biggest buck ever on October 15th 2011 ! 166 3/8 gross and 163 5/8 net 11 point -hornhunter31
38 inch wisconsin pike
Last few days of ice fishing and warm weather had me anxious to go out. Flag went off and i went sprinting to it. I jumped off the dock, and as soon as my feet hit the ice, i fell through. (It was only 2 feet of water.) Shocked,cold, and still anxious i got out, went to the flag, caught this fish and turned the heater on in the truck! -Codyyy56
Abbeville, GA Wild Boar Hunt 3.9.2012
Shot this 260 pound boar with a Thomson Center Encore, 6.5 X .284 Barnes 130 grain triple shock round Big boy came out at around dusk and the TC reach out 85yards and the celebrating began! -Chris Athanitis
41″ Northern
41″ Northern caught on a #10 treble hook on 8# line -Scott Bagley
Curious Bucks
While I was sitting in my vehicle waiting on my son to get out of school, 2 bucks walked by. My golden retriever started barking at them and I was sure he was going to scare them away, but they were more curious than scared. They both walked right up to me and one stuck his head in my vehicle. After 10 minutes of having his head in my vehicle, I finally sent him on his way. -Brad Rohrich
What the heck is that splashing sound?
2011 pre-season Colorado Elk scouting trip. Sit long enough on a pond in the heat of the day, and you never know what you might catch on film!! -oodalink
2009 Monster Velvet Muley
First archery Mule Deer hunt. Stalked this buck for hours before creeping over a small ridge and catching him at 51 yards slightly quarter and away. I knew my Matthews Drenalin, Rage 2 Broadheads, and Easton ST Epic arrows were perfected, the only variable was me. The photo tells the rest of the story! Pope and Young score 202 5/8 raw, 6.5 inch circumference at the base of the horns! -oodalink
Bull Down
We got a call from a buddy “bull down” so we took the ATV up to give him a hand. Great day in Colorado. -mattson_b
A Woman’s Idea of a Treestand
For 50 years i’ve set up in trees shivering and uncomfortable. Finally my wife showed me the ideal treestand. It is heated, insulated, sheetrocked, and has a 5 foot deck my wife calls a tanning bed. It is in the heart of the best Whitetail deer hunting ever in Eastern, Oklahoma. -Laverne Guinn
Deer caught on trail camera
this is a deer caught on the trail camera. -Deerhunter25
Mule Deer 1
One of the mule deer bucks taken off our ranch in 2010. -Montana Man
A tale of two quail
Long gone are the days where there was a big enough quail population to take as many birds as you like in a given year. Although we prefer the real deal, I snapped this picture of my husband gearing up for Western Kansas pheasant season with two flushing Bob Whites on Flying Feathers hunting resort in Lockwood, MO. Look closely, there are two birds and our squirley GSP below. -Chasity McCoy Jensen
88-Inch Sailfish
Fishing 12 miles East of Cancun using 6 inch live sardines on the top slow trolling. Hooked 8 Sailfish, 3 got away, brought 5 to the boat, kept this one for the wall. -tonysteadham
First Texas Hog
Shot down on the Graff Ranch. This beauty showed up right at dusk. My Ruger 7mm Mag knocked it 150 degrees, but this tough hog turned around and headed into the woods. Found it the next day 200 yds away! Video taped the shot. Fun hunt!! Rifle in picture not the one used, obviously. -atkpilot117
Buck Called Legendary
This buck was taken off of my farm the first day of rifle season by one of my freinds it is a masive 17pt “not on deer farm” -alaska
3 years running
This is the 3rd year in a row that my wife/fishing partner has managed to find a steelhead over 31 inches. This one is a buck, 32 inches 14 pounds. It nailed a small orange yarn fluffball w/shrimp scent. We were fishing a Central Oregon Coast river whose name seems to have escaped me at the moment. -oregoncurly

Outdoor Life readers are the best hunters and anglers on the planet, and we’ve got the photos to prove it. Check out the best shots uploaded to the bragging board by readers last month.