Best OL Reader Photos June 2012

Muskies, catfish, bass and stripers, Outdoor Life readers caught’em up in June. Check out the best photos uploaded to our … Continued

Handgrabbing 2012 May 2012, I handgrabbed this 52lb flathead catfish in the swamps of La -Jandrews
North Dakota Monster
My sister-in-law caught this on her husbands rod and reel while he untangled HER line! He was not pleased. 41 inches, 17 lb 9 oz, 17 inch girth. -MNAB
Women do it best I fish with the boys all the time & always seems to catch bigger and better! -Cassidy Raye
Me and my nephews was a great day on the water 4channel cats and 30 crappies every one caught fish -bobkumm
Two Very Nice Keeper Bass
I was fishing with friends and the 10 pounder, on the right, hit on a Heddon Crazy Crawler. The 9.5 pounder hit on a buzz bait shortly thereafter. Both of these exceptional Tiger Bass were taken on topwater baits from Hampton Lake in South Carolina on a cloudy, overcast day in March, 2012 during the spawning period. Both of these beautiful fish were released unharmed. -guideman77
Got Milk? This little fawn is getting some milk from mom. My first fawn milking photo. I am starting to get many fawn photos with my trail cameras. -LovesOutdoors
Aiden’s First Fish My son Aiden, caught his first fish on 6/10/12. He’s 2 1/2 years old and was very thrilled to be fishing with his brand new Zebco fishing pole with his ‘Pa-Pa’. -ratm182
Over Father’s Day weekend we went to 5 Mile Pond located near Elk City, Idaho. While my mom, dad, husband, and our two daughters were fishing, this Osprey decided he needed to show us how it is done. I was so thrilled that I was able to catch this on camera! -Ashley Robinson
Best Fight of my Life I took my best friend on a salt water charter for his Birthday and cought the biggest fish of my life! It was 40 Inches and about 30 pounds. I have been fishing since I was 4 years old and it’s my favorite thing to do in life. I am now 23- and can say that this mission has been accomplished- Catching a bass that I could barely hold up in a picture. I hope you enjoy it (: -clkbmx
4th of July Pike Caught and released this 37 in, 14.5 lb Pike near Jamestown, ND. It was one of four 13-pound plus caught this weekend! -MNAB
Twin Tower Toms
These two Tom turkeys are just standing in front of my trail camera. Maybe, they know the New Jersey hunting season for turkeys is over. -LovesOutdoors
A Proud Papa After his first casting lesson with an ultralight rod and reel i tied a little 1/8 ounce spoon on and turned him loose. On his third cast he yelled that he had a bite and i looked up expecting to find him tangled in the weeds. When i saw this on the line and heard it taking line i was shocked to say the least. Thats a mighty big fish for a 6 year old to handle on a 4-foot rod! -Sarah Hartley
Big Walnut Creek Muskie I was wade fishing for Smallmouth Bass with my brother and nephew over the 2012 Memorial Day weekend in Big Walnut Creek near Greencastle, IN when I hooked into this 44 inch toothy monster. My family has fished this small central Indiana river for decades and we’ve never heard of anyone catching a muskie. Caught the fish on spinning tackle with a Rebel crawdad crankbait. -Tlancaster1
Hayden’s First Bass
My four year old son Hayden hooked this lunker on the first cast of the day. The little stud hooked it, fought it and landed it all by himself! This is his first bass ever. Not a bad start if you ask me! By the way the smile never left his face the rest of the evening. -fisherman25
kobes crappie taking my nephew fishing -bobkumm
40-Inch Musky I was Bass fishing and threw a green 1/4 oz. jig head with a chartreuse Gulp Minnow body. One cast and this gorgeous Musky came from behing and ate it next to the boat. I was using Ultra Light spinning equipment and 6 pound test line not expecting to fight a Musky. The fish fought well and was released unharmed. -guideman77
While on a cruise in Alaska my daughters and I went on a fishing trip in Ketchikan, Alaska. As you can see my youngest(11 year old Courtni) caught a nice 32 inch King Salmon in 300 feet of water. We were using herring. She also caught an 8 lb. Halibut. -bhamm4693
Awesome ten point This velvet ten point was caught on our trail camera -Deerhunter25
Rat and Cat 13 pound 14 oz. Channel Cat taken on the Musselshell River near Winnett Montana on April 19 with light tackle on a nightcrawler. My first big cat. She is still swimming that muddy river. Thanks to my buddy Bryon that took me to the spot Way to start the year!! -Muskrat
Avery’s 1st Steelhead
Ever since my son won a tackle box years ago, he is now one with the fish. My dad and I took him steelhead fishing this spring.When he hooked into it it nearly jerked the rod out of his hands. 15 minutes later he reeled it in. I think he was as excited as I was! Avery Engweiler 10 years old. I’m proud of you! love, dad -gavinaveryian

Muskies, catfish, bass and stripers, Outdoor Life readers caught’em up in June. Check out the best photos uploaded to our bragging board last month.