Becky Raifstanger of MA 1st Striper ever. -Western MA Hunter
3.5 lb Walleye
My Daughter Caught this Walleye off the dock on Moose Lake Manitoba. -alundbohm
Block Island, RI Striper
Big fish from last year. 39lb -Western MA Hunter
6 Pound Bass
I caught this on lake nokamixon. about 6 pounds it was pulling te kayak all around -Tomgerrity
Barbens A Dollop of Daisy “Teak “
Teak is owned and handled by Blake Douglas and he is a 15 week old male vizsla. This picture was taken in Milner, Ga while working the dogs. This is Teaks first day introduced to live quail and he is holding point on a planted bird. The proper introduction of dogs to birds is essential in training a good gun dog. Teak is well on his way to national field trial and hunt test championships! -blakedoug44
Mississippi Specks
Blake Douglas caught these specks on June of 2012 on a small lake named Kemper county lake outside Meridian, Mississippi. They were caught with small jigs bouncing of the bottom and we caught many in this 2lb range. A wonderful cool and overcast day with chartreuse jigs on light tackle. -blakedoug44
Mom on Guard Duty
This doe is watching over her two little fawns, while they eat. Looking out for danger, is more important to her then eating. -LovesOutdoors
6lb test 6 foot light action
Walleye fishing in west central wisconsin, hooked up on 2 1/2 paddletail, luckily there was a young kid fishing downriver that snapped a couple pics before i put her back, no tape but bigger than the 47 3/4 i got walleye fishing a couple springs ago -Mike Englert
Miraglia Buck 2011 B&C 195″
(BOW Kill)10-24-11 Canton,Ohio 18pt non-typ B&C 195″ after (6 3/8″ deduct) -miraglia
Mason’s first fish
Mason is one and a half and went on his first fishing trip in halifax, pa with his pap! He’s so proud of his first catch -alycia Kerstett
Snapping Turtle on ultraligh
This is my youngest son with the catch of the day. He caught it on his ultra light rod and reel spooled with 4 pound test line and a 64th oz jig. As we picked it up, the hook fell out of its mouth. -4everautumn
Largemouth Bass
At fist light, on the first cast, on a Rapala pop topwater, I caught this 8 pound largemouth in our pond at one of our farms. -Minges39
One Eyed Deer
This doe is missing an eye. You can still see blood marks on her face. Her fawn is in the background. Could she of been kicked in the face by another doe, did a tree branch take out the eye or could it be a disease or a infection? I now see things in the forest that I never seen before. I love trail cameras and they work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. -LovesOutdoors
46 inch Striper
Caught trolling in Chesapeake Bay -Brian Anders
Big old carp
My grandson with his first carp caught in Holley NY at the falls -Elaine Ryan
40LB FLATHEAD ON $8.00 fishing reel!
My aunt Phyllis caught this 40 lb catfish in our fish pond on 7/16/12. She was using an $8.00 fishing reel with 10 line. -otiswildman
North Dakota Monster
My sister-in-law caught this on her husbands rod and reel while he untangled HER line! He was not pleased. 41 inches, 17 lb 9 oz, 17 inch girth. -MNAB
A beautiful Catfish to put out the night!
Went out fishing with my two buddies Jared and Cody, and we caught 4 catfish, 2 eels, and 2 striped bass, but my catfish came last at 2 am. A little more than 2 foot long, yet we didn’t weigh it. Can’t wait to get it mounted! -Shadowsnake
Two Very Nice Keeper Bass
I was fishing with friends and the 10 pounder, on the right, hit on a Heddon Crazy Crawler. The 9.5 pounder hit on a buzz bait shortly thereafter. Both of these exceptional Tiger Bass were taken on topwater baits from Hampton Lake in South Carolina on a cloudy, overcast day in March, 2012 during the spawning period. Both of these beautiful fish were released unharmed. -guideman77
Awesome ten point
This velvet ten point was caught on our trail camera -Deerhunter25

Trail camera photos, monster stripers, and trophy muskies, our readers did it all last month. Check out the best photos submitted to our Bragging Board in July.