Miraglia Buck 2011 B&C 195″
(BOW Kill)10-24-11 Canton,Ohio 18pt non-typ B&C 195″ after (6 3/8″ deduct) -Miraglia
Women do it best
I fish with the boys all the time & always seems to catch bigger and better! -Cassidy Raye
Idaho Cougar
Still hunting on the ground for mule deer when I was lucky enough to harvest this mature mountain lion here in Idaho on opening day of archery season. -HuntinFool111
Nice Lure
I found this lure online and you can leave a comment to say if it would work or not. -Salladthewhite
Handgrabbing 2012
May 2012, I handgrabbed this 52lb flathead catfish in the swamps of La -Jandrews
Steph’s 2012 Ontario bear
Steph’s first bear, taken on opening day 2012. One shot from her Beretta 12 gauge firing Remington slugs brought all 450+ lbs of bear to the ground instantly. -sullrotc
2011 public land bull. solo and diy 2nd bull
finally got this bull after a hard season of chasin elk, heard him screaming about chasin cows and did a quick sprint to catch up to him and then took the shot at 250 yards, bull down heart shot. -Taylor Pommier
Oh Reds.
Nice Red. -dfield
3.5 lb Walleye
My Daughter Caught this Walleye off the dock on Moose Lake Manitoba. -alundbohm
Another Big Striper
Another 40lb Block Island Striper -Western MA Hunter
1st Striper
Becky Raifstanger of MA 1st Striper ever. -Western MA Hunter
Huge Hog Taken with Bow
Shot this hog at 28 Yards with my bow while filming for Reaper Archery. you can see it all unfold on video here. -kopf12
Teak is owned and handled by Blake Douglas and he is a 15 week old male vizsla. This picture was taken in Milner, Ga while working the dogs. This is Teaks first day introduced to live quail and he is holding point on a planted bird. The proper introduction of dogs to birds is essential in training a good gun dog. Teak is well on his way to national field trial and hunt test championships! -blakedough44
6lb test 6 foot light action
walleye fishing in west central wisconsin, hooked up on 2 1/2 paddletail, luckily there was a young kid fishing downriver that snapped a couple pics before i put her back, no tape but bigger than the 47 3/4 i got walleye fishing a couple springs ago -Mike Englert
Big Catch
Corbin Lego, 9 years old, caught this large carp, only a little smaller than he. It was caught at the Tyrone Sportsman in Tyrone, PA. He fought with the fish for an hour and 10 minutes to get it to shore. The fish was released unharmed! -leg01013
Big Old carp
My grandson with his first carp caught in Holley NY at the falls -Elaine Ryan
North Dakota Monster
My sister-in-law caught this on her husbands rod and reel while he untangled HER line! He was not pleased. 41 inches, 17 lb 9 oz, 17 inch girth. -MNAB
me and my nephews
was a great day on the water 4channel cats and 30 crappies every one caught fish -bobkumm
Manitowoc, WI CNOOK!
One of six Chinooks [hens&bucks] taken w/in a 90min. flurry of hypersonic adrenaline surges from Manitowoc’s N.Pier-end. ALL casting Mr.Champs[3/4oz., Marthastewartized]. -sto8
Two Very Nice Keeper Bass
I was fishing with friends and the 10 pounder, on the right, hit on a Heddon Crazy Crawler. The 9.5 pounder hit on a buzz bait shortly thereafter. Both of these exceptional Tiger Bass were taken on topwater baits from Hampton Lake in South Carolina on a cloudy, overcast day in March, 2012 during the spawning period. Both of these beautiful fish were released unharmed. -guideman77
Oklahoma Dove Season 2012
Dad and Joe next to our pile of birds. -Alexi
Big Walnut Creek Muskie
I was wade fishing for Smallmouth Bass with my brother and nephew over the 2012 Memorial Day weekend in Big Walnut Creek near Greencastle, IN when I hooked into this 44 inch toothy monster. My family has fished this small central Indiana river for decades and we’ve never heard of anyone catching a muskie. Caught the fish on spinning tackle with a Rebel crawdad crankbait. -Tlancaster1
Hayden’s First Bass
We met our friend Roy for some evening fishing. I cast out and handed the pole to Hayden telling him to real it in and that he might catch a fish while I set up another pole. The little stud hooked this lunker all by himself, setting the hook and fighting it all the way to the bank! -fisherman25
Best Fight of my Life
I took my best friend on a salt water charter for his Birthday and cought the biggest fish of my life! It was 40 Inches and about 30 pounds. I have been fishing since I was 4 years old and it’s my favorite thing to do in life. I am now 23- and can say that this mission has been accomplished- Catching a bass that I could barely hold up in a picture. I hope you enjoy it (: -clkbmx
Pending Wisconsin State Bowfishing Record Common Carp
Team Schwack ‘N Stack took this beast while bowfishing at night. It Weighed 59 pounds on a certified scale and measures 46 inches long. -zschwacks

Fall officially starts next week, making it the perfect time to look back at the best photos sent in by OL readers during the summer of 2012.