My old bull
I drew a bull elk tag for Nebraska an once and a life time chance to get a bull and this is my guy. We watched him for awhile then once we got a close look at him and saw how wide he was I made the decision to shoot. He is a 5×5 with a 52 inch spread and 42 inches long on his right beam and 41 1/2 on his left. His live weight was 1032 pounds. -husker9213
Piebald Buck in July
My trail camera has photos of this eight point piebald buck the last two years. I let him walk by my treestand, the last two hunting seasons because his antlers were small. First year he was a four point and last year he was a small eight point. This year his antlers are bigger and I’m still not sure. I know if I let him walk, another hunter, a vehicle or a disease, could kill him. -LovesOutdoors
Coyote posing for the camera
This is from a trail cam I put out on a skid trail in the big north woods of Maine. Something got this coyote’s attention. -jkirby
8-Point Whitetail
While hunting with my Dad in Chester, South Carolina I shot this nice buck at 150 yards with a .243 rifle
My 1st Bear
After a quiet morning my Dad and I decided it was time to pack up and call it a day. We spotted him off and on for the next hour. There he was, on a rocky knoll. I took a shot, dropped him at 100 yards with my Tikka T3 30-06. This boar is over 6 feet and roughly 250 pounds. I will always remember my first bear! -Hunter Girl 1
Two Nine-Point Bucks
I moved the mineral block and the bait pile in a little closer to my trail camera. I lower my camera on the tree, so I could get ground level photos, of the long beard Tom turkeys. These two feeding nine point bucks didn’t mind at all. -LovesOutdoors
1st time hunt
This is my nephew on his very first hunt -E Z Jim Riter
The Big 8
An awesome buck! -Deerhunter25
Redtail and Squirrel
This fox squirrel would often visit an area where I would leave corn for my small deer herd. I didn’t see him again on my camera after this day. -fox2usp
From Saudi to Otti
This a photo of me and best freinds after a successful duck hunt at Ottsen Pot holes (otti potty) in Iowa This was a very special hunt, it was my friend Essa’s first hunt of any kind. He was a exchange student from Saudi Arabia. It was a day neither of us will ever forget. -olie7002
Big Catch
Corbin Lego, 9 years old, caught this large carp, only a little smaller than he. It was caught at the Tyrone Sportsman in Tyrone, PA. He fought with the fish for an hour and 10 minutes to get it to shore. The fish was released unharmed! -lego1013
Oklahoma Dove Season 2012
Dad and Joe next to our pile of birds. -Alexi
Bear of a Lifetime
I was black bear hunting in Pennsylvania, Nov. 30 2008. First day at 9:45 AM I took down a 650lb. male . I was in heavy Mountain Laurel on my hands and knees when I came face to face with him at 10 yards. He was taken down with one shot from my Smith & Wesson 44 Mag. Model 29 hand gun. The Boone & Crockett score was 22 7/16. I am in 10th place in Pa. and 35 in North America. -rupnik
Idaho Cougar
Still hunting on the ground for mule deer when I was lucky enough to harvest this mature mountain lion here in Idaho on opening day of archery season. -Huntinfool11
Watching the Trail Cam
This whitetail doe and her fawn are both staring at the trail camera. The little fawn is so cute and it could be his first trail camera, ever seen in the woods. -LovesOutdoors
1st Archery Buck
1st year archery hunter and it turns out third time in the stand, this buck shows up, walks directly to me, offering no shot. Finally at 12yrds he quartered away giving me the opportunity to seal the deal. I let the release go, saw the impact and new it was a clean shot. Recovery was 60 yards from point of impact. -corykajawa

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