11 point Buck by Tyler Atkins -Boyd Atkins
Steve Roush of Milton, PA recently shot this huge elk in Wyoming while hunting in the Shoshone National Forest. It is expected to score between 370-380 Boone/Crocket. -trophyhunters2
Wide Willy
Just before legal closing I saw him working his way up the valley towards me, then he cut across the side of the valley and came out into an open field about 35 yds away, I couldn’t shoot when I wanted because of a tree limb, so as soon as I had a clear shot I stopped him with a mrrrr. Then he looked at me broadside, and I let the arrow go and he ran about 70 yds and went down -Ekxjar
390 Class Elk on Public Land
I managed to harvest this record book elk in the Helena National Forest of Montana with the help of outfitter/guide Audie Anderson of Ramshorn Outfitting. He was taken on Tuesday, October 23, 2012 with a Browning 300 Win Mag. The hunt of a lifetime for sure! -RNewland
Bryson Fowler aka Big “B” bags a 11 point buck scoring 136 in Putnam county. -bryfowler
First Bear
There’s nothing better than sitting in the tree stand on a beautiful morning, turning your head and seeing a bear coming through the woods. Hoping that he would walk into the perfect spot to shoot, he did. In that quick second that I had to draw back the bow, I did. Next second I shot. Perfect, 18 yards. All I could remember was calling my dad and saying, “bear down, bear down!” I finally did it. -Kmr1520
My son with my first Mule Deer
For our first out-of-state big game hunt, I decided to try Mule Deer in Montana with Owen. I couldn’t believe our luck when, on the afternoon of opening day of rifle season, this 151″ appeared 40 yards away. Great trip! -MITCHW
I call this guy little moose this buck came in on oct 22 2012 at 1:20am -johnfmantia37
Kentucky Youth Hunt Turns to Predator Hunt! Great day in the woods with my 12 year old daughter for the 2012 youth Kentucky whitetail season. Not very many deer but these yotes passed by the blind less than 50yds and she dropped them all with in 15min with her Savage 270. This is not her first hunt but her first predator hunt.
First Mule Deer!
My 8 year old son (Owen) and I got our first mule deer during Montana’s rifle opener on Block Management land. We taped him at about 151″, and we will be back next year! -MITCHW
Dall sheep in the Wrangell Mountains of Alaska
My first sheep hunt with two experienced sheep hunters was the hardest hunt I had ever been on. But we were all successful and after the experience, sheep hunting became an obsession with me. I fell in love with the high places, the majestic animals and the satisfaction of putting forth my best physical effort in challenging and sometimes very dangerous environments and situations.
Ohio Boar Hunt
I always thought that the hunting preserve hunts would be easy. However this was no easy hunt. I trekked over 150 acres of thick cover to finally get within range of this nice Pure Russian Boar. One shot with 7mm and she was down and then on the plate.
2012 Idaho Moose -Jakec20
Katie’s Muley
My daughter Katie spotted this buck with 2 others while hunting Antelope in Montana. On opening day of the Youth Hunt, we spotted him with a herd of does about 1/2 mile away. We ran to get into position for a shot and she crawled up to the edge of the coulee and dropped him with 1 shot from her .243 at 200 yards, as soon as he stepped out into the clear. The sun wasn’t even all the way up yet! -AlKostelnik
2012 Nevada duck season opener
While southern Nevada isn’t exactly the first place you think of when it comes to duck hunting, the 2012 southern region opener was outstanding. Me (closest to the truck on the right side of the pic) and my buddies shot individual limits and came home with heavy stringers. What a great day for waterfowlers in this area! -Six-Gun
I got over 400 photos of this bear this year over 3 weeks of having my trail cam on the bait site. But not one photo of him in the day time. What am I doing wrong??? -Carl Pils
First Antelope
Near Sundance, WY -dfield
First week of bow season i took a small buck with my Matthews – double lung shot. was very happy -Klittle09
Cassidy, a first year college student and graduate SCTP shotgun champ, she gets her first bull elk in Idaho this week. She was the only kid in the family ( 5 kids )to draw a tag for an elk this year and wow did she draw .. a great line of sight to this big ol bull. Girls with guns, rock! -Wooleacre
Monster Buck
A 9-pointer and weighed in at 217 3/4 lbs dressed out. He was following a doe and came into sight at about 60 yards. He proceeded to follow the doe through and stopped directly over my 20 yard marker and left droppings. I went to full draw, waited a moment, he walked 10 yards to my left and stopped, giving me a perfect 20 yard broadside shot. He is by far the heaviest buck I ever harvested. -Joe Mulqueen

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