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Holiday shopping doesn’t have to be a 4-hour death slog through a crowded mall. To make it easier on you, we’ve put together 30 great gift ideas for hunters and anglers. You might even find something for yourself in here (Pictured: Helios 2 from Orvis). We’ve broken up our gift guide into three categories based on price:
Stocking Stuffers: $10 – $50
Under the Tree: $60 – $200
Big Ticket: $300 – $1,000


Lorpen Tri Layer Hiking Socks
Socks! Give the gift of irony by stuffing your loved one’s stocking with Lorpen Tri Layer Hiking Socks. As the name implies, Lorpen Tri Layer is an incredible blend of three different natural and synthetic yarns (Coolmax, Tencel, and Nylon) that offer a unique “multi-density” knit that’s perfect for active feet. This technology is designed to keep feet dry and comfortable and reduce foot fatigue. MSRP: $17.00

Speyburn Single Malt

Don’t let Speyburn’s claim as an “Everyman Malt” fool you. This is prime drink. Distilled in Scotland, Speyburn has a delicate, fruity character with a dry, warm, spicy finish that’s perfect for celebrating a great catch or toasting all the hunts to come. Retails for around $30

SnowPeak Hot Lips Titanium 600 Mug

Take your coffee from the fire to your lips … actually that’d be pretty dangerous. You could get seriously burned doing that. The SnowPeak Hot Lips Titanium 600 Mug is so durable that it can be used to cook liquids directly over the fire or portable stove yet slim enough to use as an all-purpose go-to mug. Single wall construction ensures durability and strength. Retails for $36.95

Alite Cloverware Lite

These incredibly durable but inexpensive reusable nesting utensils are perfect for home, the office, on the road, or in the field. They’re dishwasher and boil-safe, heat resistant up to 400 degrees, and 100% BPA-free (Why do the BPA’s always get things for free?). And, at less than $10 they’re affordable enough to buy multiple sets. Retails for $6.00

The Sol Cool Neck Gaiter

Not all holiday gifts have to be tied to the winter season. Look ahead to the warm days and fishing ahead with a Sol Cool Neck Gaiter. It’s rated UPF Sun Guard 50+ while Icefil® fabric construction uses Xylitol that lowers the body temperature by as much as five degrees when wet. Wear it while boating, camping, fishing, hiking, and hunting. Retails for $20

Rescue Bands Rescue Pet Collars

Why should you have to carry all the survival equipment? Have your dog bear some of the load with Rescue Bands Rescue Pet Collars.
Constructed of heavy, durable parachute chord capable of supporting up to 550 pounds and available in more than 30 colors and designs, Rescue Pet Collars are as rugged as they are dog fashionable (I know, “dog fashionable,” but work with me here). Unraveled, the rope could save your life. Use it as a make-shift tourniquet, a leash for your dog, a tow rope, a jump rope for Double Dutch, or anything else you can think of. Retails for $29.99

BugLit from Nite Ize

Don’t Raid this bug or give him the boot because he’s actually the latest micro flashlight technology. The BugLit is a four function (high power, low power, strobe, and signal) miniature flashlight encased in a durable polycarbonate plastic housing complete with two flexible, fully moldable 6-inch Nite Ize Gear Ties that can bend, wrap, or twist into just about any configuration. Stand it on your chest while you read in bed, tie it to a branch, or wrap it around your finger and pretend you’re E.T. – the possibilities are endless. Found online from $10 to $20

Zippo Hand Warmers

It is no secret that I loathe being cold. I can’t stand it. So much in fact that I’m convinced that if there’s a hell, it’s frozen over. Avoid the cold of winter and possible eternal damnation with Zippo Hand Warmers. Available in chrome, matte black, Realtree AP™ camouflage, and NFL, each Hand Warmer provides 12 hours of gentle, consistent, odorless heat in a solidly constructed compact metal unit. And they run on easy to find Zippo Premium Lighter Fluid. Prices range from $19.95 to $39.95

ABT “Next Generation” Banshee Swimbait

How much would you pay for a new completely lifelike 4 ½-inch four-jointed forage fish swimbait with realistic swimming motion from ABT? Really?! That much? I don’t have that kind of money, which is good for me since the ABT “Next Generation” Banshee Swimbait retails for only $11. This hardbait comes in a variety of “Natural Image Transfer” finishes that replicate the colors and patterns of forage fish. Its steel-hinged durable construction insures it delivers incredible “undulating” action at any speed. The bait sinks, runs .5 ounces, and comes with #4 hooks.

Gerber Myth Compact Fixed Blade

The Gerber Myth line offers more knife bang for the buck than any other compact fixed blade knife out there. The Myth is compact, features a soft rubberized grip, and comes with a hard plastic sheath outfitted with a built-in carbide sharpener for quick in-the-field sharpening – all from the best name in knives, Gerber. Baby food? No. That’s a different Gerber. Retail price $27


XIKAR Cigars and Cigar Accessories
Toast the New Year, hunts past and future, and anything else worthy of a great smoke with XIKAR HC cigars. The XIKAR Xi1 Titanium Cutter will cut up to a 58 ring gauge cigar while a Double Flame Tech Lighter will season the end with one click. Take them all on the road with an XIKAR Travel Humidor to keep cigars fresh to and fro wherever you go. XIKAR 18-24ct Travel Humidor $64.99, Clear Tech Double Lighter $47.99, Titanium Xi1 Cigar Cutter $59.99, HC Connecticut Robustos $122.99
Holiday Gift Guide: 30 Gift Ideas for Hunters and Anglers

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Holiday Gift Guide: 30 Gift Ideas for Hunters and Anglers


Texas Hunt Co. L.P.V. Low Profile Vest -All Day

Bird hunt all day in complete comfort while still carrying all your essentials with a Texas Hunt Co. Low Profile Vest. Made with pride in the USA from military-tough materials (THC's parent company is military supplier Spec-Ops), the LPV offers a rear 250 cubic inch pocket, side large-capacity "Speed-pockets" and two mesh pockets. A removable and washable game bag keeps the vest looking fresh and clean…not that you really care. Right? Price: $140
Holiday Gift Guide: 30 Gift Ideas for Hunters and Anglers

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Limited time offer. Outdoor Life for iPad included. Gift subscriptions available.

Holiday Gift Guide: 30 Gift Ideas for Hunters and Anglers


Strong Case Strong Deluxe Two Pistol Case

So how strong is a Strong Case? Strong enough to sustain a drop of 500 feet from a bush plane in Africa and keep the contents inside intact and dead on. Pretty strong huh? Utilize that strength and protection to safeguard two pistols to and from camp, on an airline, or in your vehicle with an all 12-gauge aluminum sturdy one-piece constructed Strong Case. Interior foam keeps pistols secure, cam locks and military spec twist latches keep them protected. But don't throw it out of a plane…that's already been done. MSRP: $89.95

Duluth Men's Fire Hose Work Pant

How can you go wrong with a pair of pants of which the manufacture offers a "We Dare You to Wear 'Em Out" guarantee? I don't think you can. These pre-washed, soft, 11.5-oz. fire hose cotton canvas pants with a "Comfortable Crouch Gusset" are perfect to wear afield, in the shop, or just hanging around dreaming about being in the field or at the shop. And again, if you wear them out the company will replace them no questions asked. That sounds like a dare to me. Retail for $64.50

Costa RealTree AP Camo Sunglasses

Just in time for the holidays, Costa's popular Fantail, Blackfin, Double Haul, and Zane are now available in RealTree® AP Camo. All offer superior wrap shape to protect against glare, anti-fog vents in the frame front, sturdy integral hinges and tough co-injected nylon construction. Polarized lenses create razor sharp color enhancement and superior visual acuity - perfect for hunting or fishing in any conditions. And they'll match all your camo outfits! Retail prices start at $169.

Orvis Bison Leather Football

Forget pigskin. Honor the American West by hurling a portion of its most prevalent icon around in the backyard. The Orvis Bison Leather Football is a regulation-sized football constructed of genuine bison leather. And what's more American than football and bison? Deer hunting and bass fishing? Well, you got me there. Retail $98

KEEN Harker Bag

KEEN brought the same talent and design that's created some of the toughest footwear on the planet to the bag market with its new Harker bag. This compact cotton construction bag weighs less than a pound, measures 9x4.25 inches, and provides 549 cubic inches of storage. The water-resistant polyester shell keeps valuables safe from liquids, dust, and dirt, making it the perfect bag for carrying essentials to the blind or truck. MSRP $50

Light & Motion 250

The Light & Motion 250 is billed as an all-in-one headlight, flashlight, helmet light, and bike light. It might be, but all I know is that it's one of the best flashlights out there. The lightweight 250 can be utilized in numerous configurations, kills the dark with 250 lumens, and runs on a rechargeable iPhone-type battery that can be charged with any micro-USB charging system. MSRP $149

BioLite CampStove

The old phrase "big things come in small packages" has never been truer. Cook, boil water, be prepared, and charge most USB-chargeable devices such as a GPS, small speakers, or a headlamp with the compact BioLite CampStove. Just two pounds, this 8.25x5 inch compact stove/charger unit lights super quickly and burns sticks, pine cones, pellets, and other biomass. Did I mention it can charge most of your electronics by burning a handful of sticks! MSRP $129

Motorola Walkabout MS350R

In a world dominated by Smartphones it's hard to imagine there is still a need for two-way radios. But there is and it's found in the remote areas that we hunt, fish, and trek. Thankfully Motorola puts the power of staying connected, safe and informed in the palm of your hand with the new weatherproof MT350R. They offer reliable two-way communication for up to a 35-mile range, a flashlight, hands-free capability, and seven NOAA weather channels - which is probably six more than you need. Take them with you everywhere you go and keep them handy in your survival kit. MSRP: $69.99


Beretta Men's Dynamic Pro Jacket
Be cold and wet no more with a Beretta Men's Dynamic Pro Jacket. Gore-Tex®, B-Tex, Coolmax®, Kevlar, Cordura, and Teflon combine to create a jacket that allows hunters to move freely through even the thickest brush without a snag while looking pretty darn nice. Completely waterproof, stain proof, and most nasty conditions proof, the Beretta Men's Dynamic Pro Jacket is the coat I want to find under my tree. Price $479

Glock 30SF

Glock's legendary performance and handling are so highly regarded and renowned even those PETA bunny huggers recognize the name. "Stop hunting now!" said the PETA protestor. "You know what a Glock is?" I asked. "Yes it's a handgun that offers excellent out-of-the-box precision in a smooth, compact design. The .45 caliber is the first choice of plainclothes officers and security personnel in the U.S. It features a standard 10 magazine capacity….What am I saying?! Stop hunting now!" MRSP around $560 Specs
Barrel Length: 3.78 inches
Weight (unloaded): 23.81 ounces
Trigger Pull: 5.5 pounds
Caliber: .45
Capacity: 9

Orvis Helios 2 Fly Rods

Say hello to the best fly fishing rod Orvis has ever created. The Helios 2 series runs from the 5-weight 8'6" to the 9-weight 9'. All are proudly made in Manchester, Vt., are 20 percent stronger and 20 percent lighter than the original Helios, and offer fine-tuned tapers for unrivaled tracking, accuracy, and lifting power. In short, the Helios 2 is the gift fly fishermen dream about. Prices starting at $795

Black Rain Ordnance 16" NorGuard AR15 223/5.56

Head afield or to the range or protect your home with confidence with a Black Rain Ordnance 16" NorGuard AR15 223/5.56. This awesome tack driver of a utilitarian rifle features a Black Rain 16" Stainless Steel "Skulls" barrel, a Salt bath Nitride black finish, 1:8 rate of twist, Magpul CTR stock, Magpul MOE grip, and Geissele SSA Trigger. When put together it's about the most fun you can have with a rifle. And believe me, I'm an outdoor writer. I know fun with a rifle. MSRP: $1,779

Trijicon AccuPoint

The Trijicon AccuPoint is the final name in riflescopes. Seriously. Go look at the list. The Trijicon AccuPoint is the last one on the list. All four models in the AccuPoint line, ranging from the 1-4X24 to the 5-20X50, feature a Tritium-Phosphor Lamp that glows in even the lowest light conditions, hard-anodized aluminum construction for durability and protection from the elements, and Trijicon's world-renowned glass and performance. Trust me. If you haven't looked through a Trijicon, you've yet to see what a scope can do. Prices start at around $600

The Tsavo From Black Sheep Hat Works

Ditch that gimme cap. Hark back to the Golden Age of Safari, a time when hunters actually looked the part with a Tsavo from Black Sheep Hat Works. Each hat is a one-of-a-kind creation that features a 4.25" swept brim, 4.5" crown, and hand-wrapped raw pugaree wrap. Choose color and style and fur type (beaver, rabbit, or a 50/50 blend). Me, I'm going with beaver. Only because they don't offer marmoset. Prices start at $325

Bali Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard

With the Bali Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard, you can reach the fishing spots you've always thought you never could, or you could exercise. Wait, scratch that. Only do the first one. Inflatable? Yes. Tough as steel…buoyant steel? Yes. A folded size of 33" x 12" x 10" and folded weight of only 25 pounds makes it easy to transport. A load capacity of 250 pounds and a length of 10'8" makes it sturdy. A price of $600 makes it a great bargain for anglers entry SUP or second SUP.

Mission Riot

Give the entire family the gift of archery with a fully adjustable Mission Riot bow. The Mission's unique design allows the draw weight to be set from 15 to 70 pounds and the draw length from 19 to 30 inches. This makes it the perfect for the whole brood or the young hunter who's still growing. If those specs don't convince you, consider that the Mission Riot is an Outdoor Life Great Buy in the 2012 Bow Test. MSRP: $399

Franchi Affinity

"Feel Right" with the sleek, perfectly balanced, lightweight inertia-driven performance of Franchi Affinity 12-Gauge 2-3/4" and 3" shotgun. Great Italian design (Franchi is a sister company of Benelli), function, and form and almost 150 years of tradition makes the Affinity a natural extension of the shooter. It's available in a variety of finishes including black synthetic, Realtree Max-4 and Realtree APG. Franchi also makes a 20-gauge version of the gun. Actually, I'm giving this one to myself. MSRP $849

Ruger American Rifle

What's more American than a rifle made in America by Americans named The American Rifle? Nothing. Give the legendary performance of Ruger in .243 Win, .270 Win, .30-06 Win, or .308 Win. All calibers feature a lightweight stock, an adjustable trigger, power bedding, and come complete with drilled and tapped receivers for mounting included scope bases. This is a bargain rifle built right. And at around $500 you should probably get one for yourself as well. Specs
Barrel Length: 22 inches
Weight: 6.25 pounds
Capacity: 4
Calibers: .243, .270, .30-06, .308