390 Class Elk on Public Land
I managed to harvest this record book elk in the Helena National Forest of Montana with the help of outfitter/guide Audie Anderson of Ramshorn Outfitting. He was taken on Tuesday, October 23, 2012 with a Browning 300 Win Mag. The hunt of a lifetime for sure! -RNewland
First Turkey, Spring Youth Hunt 2012 WNY
My neighbors daughter bagged her first bird with her dad on Sunday April 22nd here in WNY. The bird weighed in at 23lbs with a 9 inch beard and 1 inch spurs and was taken using a 20 gauge youth shotgun at a range of 42 yards. -Sid_Meeder
Illinois Splits
Wind from superstorm Sandy kept us in 1 stand for 4 1/2 days. It finally shifted and I got to hunt a bedding area I had scored at before. This buck treed me at dark the 1st evening and showed back up the next morning with a 140in. 8pt and 3 does. He stayed tight in the brush while the 8 pushed the does. When they left he walked under my tree and I got him stopped at 21yds. -RDuane
Amber Price from VA
Coyote posing for the camera
This is from a trail cam I put out on a skid trail in the big north woods of Maine. Something got this coyote’s attention. -jkirby
2 For 2
12 year old Twin brothers Caleb & Colby Potts each shot opening day turkeys during the Iowa youth season while hunting with there Dad. -Michael Potts
Stalked by a Predator
This stray or house cat is caught in the act, of stalking two hen birds. The cat has surprise on its side but I bet on the hen bird in a confrontation. If the cat is a pet, then the pet owner is stupid, for allowing their cat to kill , be killed, or be bitten by a animal that is infected with Rabies disease. It is amazing what your trail camera can pick up when your not there. -lovesoutdoors
Women do it best
I fish with the boys all the time & always seems to catch bigger and better! -Cassidy Raye
Idaho Cougar
Still hunting on the ground for mule deer when I was lucky enough to harvest this mature mountain lion here in Idaho on opening day of archery season. -HuntinFool111
Kentucky Youth Hunt Turns to Predator Hunt!
Great day in the woods with my 12 year old daughter for the 2012 youth Kentucky whitetail season. Not very many deer but these yotes passed by the blind less than 50yds and she dropped them all with in 15min with her Savage 270. This is not her first hunt but her first predator hunt.
Hayden’s First Bass
My four year old son Hayden hooked this lunker on the first cast of the day. The little stud hooked it, fought it and landed it all by himself! This is his first bass ever. Not a bad start if you ask me! By the way the smile never left his face the rest of the evening. -fisherman25
11 Point Buck by Tyler Atkins
My son Tyler got a nice 11 point buck with his PSE Bow Madness and RAGE tips. -Boyd Atkins
Handgrabbing 2012
May 2012, I handgrabbed this 52lb flathead catfish in the swamps of La -jandrews
Elk Hunt 2012
Opening morning at 7:22 is when the work began. It’s funny how things work out, left camp late and that was a good thing. Thank God for my son couldn’t have done it with out him. Two miles from the truck, we began good friends with our backpacks. Carl Freeman
Crystal from FL
A huge King that I caught with extreme fishing adventures
46-inch striper
Caught trolling in Chesapeake Bay -Brian Anders
Miraglia Buck 2011 B&C 195″
(BOW Kill)10-24-11 Canton,Ohio 18pt non-typ B&C 195″ after (6 3/8″ deduct) -Miraglia
Big Walnut Creek Muskie
I was wade fishing for Smallmouth Bass with my brother and nephew over the 2012 Memorial Day weekend in Big Walnut Creek near Greencastle, IN when I hooked into this 44 inch toothy monster. My family has fished this small central Indiana river for decades and we’ve never heard of anyone catching a muskie. Caught the fish on spinning tackle with a Rebel crawdad crankbait. -tlancaster1
Huge Hog Taken with Bow
Shot this hog at 28 Yards with my bow while filming for Reaper Archery. you can see it all unfold on video here. -kopf12
Rick Johns Pennsylvania Buck
My brother-in-law, Rick Johns, arrowed this buck in October, it green scored 150+, weighed 200+ pounds live weight. -berrde47
3.5lb Walleye
My Daughter Caught this Walleye off the dock on Moose Lake Manitoba. -alundbohm
Steph’s 2012 Ontario bear
Steph’s first bear, taken on opening day 2012. One shot from her Beretta 12 gauge firing Remington slugs brought all 450+ lbs of bear to the ground instantly. -sullrotc
Oh Reds
Nice Red. -dfield
Autumn on Deer Watch
She can’t stand it when a squirrel or rabbit comes close to the house, but she seems to enjoy watching deer. -4everAutumn
1st Striper
Becky Raifstanger of MA 1st Striper ever. -Western MA Hunter
Bear of a Lifetime
I was black bear hunting in Pennsylvania, Nov. 30 2008. First day at 9:45 AM I took down a 650lb. male . I was in heavy Mountain Laurel on my hands and knees when I came face to face with him at 10 yards. He was taken down with one shot from my Smith & Wesson 44 Mag. Model 29 hand gun. The Boone & Crockett score was 22 7/16. I am in 10th place in Pa. and 35 in North America. -rupnik
Tim’s Latest Catch
Caught @ Fishpond Lake in Letcher Co. Ky. 12lb 6oz Bass…251/4 in.with a 22in. girth. -mamagen
Pile of Geese
My son Lou and 5 year old granddaughter CeCe showing off the gang’s success !! -rustyt
Only person in the family to draw an elk tag.. and she gets her bull!
Cassidy, a first year college student and graduate SCTP shotgun champ, she gets her first bull elk in Idaho this week. She was the only kid in the family ( 5 kids )to draw a tag for an elk this year and wow did she draw .. a great line of sight to this big ol bull. Girls with guns, rock! -wooleeacre
Wyoming Antelope
This Antelope was taken on a DIY hunt in central Wyoming. -boblenz
Theresa Cavalier from Rhode Island
Trail Cam -CMN N HOT
First Mule Deer
My 8 year old son (Owen) and I got our first mule deer during Montana’s rifle opener on Block Management land. We taped him at about 151″, and we will be back next year! -Mitchw
Best Fight of My Life
I took my best friend on a salt water charter for his Birthday and cought the biggest fish of my life! It was 40 Inches and about 30 pounds. I have been fishing since I was 4 years old and it’s my favorite thing to do in life. I am now 23- and can say that this mission has been accomplished- Catching a bass that I could barely hold up in a picture. I hope you enjoy it (: -clkbmx
Two Very Nice Keeper Bass
I was fishing with friends and the 10 pounder, on the right, hit on a Heddon Crazy Crawler. The 9.5 pounder hit on a buzz bait shortly thereafter. Both of these exceptional Tiger Bass were taken on topwater baits from Hampton Lake in South Carolina on a cloudy, overcast day in March, 2012 during the spawning period. Both of these beautiful fish were released unharmed. -guideman77
MY PB Carp
1st Striper
Paula Ungewitter 1st striper off of Block Island, RI -Western MA Hunter
North Dakota Monster
My sister-in-law caught this on her husbands rod and reel while he untangled HER line! He was not pleased. 41 inches, 17 lb 9 oz, 17 inch girth. -MNAB
Lindsay Groom buck
Lindsay killed this buck out of a ground blind in Franklin county,Ohio. She was using a Parker Tornado crossbow with G5T3 broadheads. The buck scored 158 inches and only ran about 60 yards before expiring. Her husband Kevin Groom got the whole hunt on film! -kevin groom
11 pt buck and the bow hunter caught on Game Cam just before kill shot
This picture was taken by a game cam as I was in full draw to make the kill shot on this 11 point. This was my first buck with a bow. -badboy4405
Montana Bull Elk
My son Josh was real happy when he harvested this nice 6×6 bull elk at 50 yards with his 30-06, using a self-loaded 150 grain bullet on opening day of the season. -Dianna Wicchman
Locked and Loaded
This skunk is upset with the flash of my trail camera. His tail is up aiming right at it. If you enlarge the photo you will see the raccoon on his right side. Thank God my trail camera didn’t get sprayed. -LovesOutdoors
Montana Monster
No guides, no ranch just boots on Montana public land!!! -Montanaturfkiller
Taylor’s first deer!
Taylor Kennah of Hulett, WY took her first deer, with her Grandpa Joe’s 243 WSSM. She made a perfect 186 yard shot. -Lila Kennah
2011 public land bull. solo and diy 2nd bull
finally got this bull after a hard season of chasin elk, heard him screaming about chasin cows and did a quick sprint to catch up to him and then took the shot at 250 yards, bull down heart shot. -Taylor Pommier
Pending Wisconsin State Bowfishing Record Common Carp
Team Schwack ‘N Stack took this beast while bowfishing at night. It Weighed 59 pounds on a certified scale and measures 46 inches long. -zschwacks
Lauren from New Jersey
Queen Snapper in the Florida Keys 🙂
Monster Buck
A 9-pointer and weighed in at 217 3/4 lbs dressed out. He was following a doe and came into sight at about 60 yards. He proceeded to follow the doe through and stopped directly over my 20 yard marker and left droppings. I went to full draw, waited a moment, he walked 10 yards to my left and stopped, giving me a perfect 20 yard broadside shot. He is by far the heaviest buck I ever harvested. -Joe Mulqueen
Luke Bunde age 8, Number 5 Opening Day Gobbler
Lukes fourth year in the turkey woods, and his fifth gobbler. Mr. Lucky. Shot one last week in NE now in MN. 50 Minutes in the woods came right in to the stuffer hen. 22.5 pounds and a 10 inch beard with 1 1/4 spurs. AWESOME Day to be a Dad. -DJBundee
Big old carp
My grandson with his first carp caught in Holley NY at the falls -Elaine Ryan

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