You have to tip your hat to bow manufacturers. Despite a lack-luster economy, bow design and function are at an all-time high. Rather than resting on their laurels, stalwart companies continue to unveil models that are lighter, faster, quieter, and stronger than ever. Here’s a sneak peek at the best new compound bows that have been released so far for 2013. Of course, Outdoor Life will still conduct it’s annual bow test in 2013, so stay tuned for more details and reviews.
Hoyt Spyder 30
Hoyt’s all-new Spyder 30 is impressive in every way. At just 30-inches axle-to-axle and showcasing a brace height of 6 ¾-inches, this bow is easily maneuverable from tight treestands and ground blinds. In addition, its featherlike 3.8-pound weight rating makes it perfect for those off-the-beaten-path hunts. Tough and lightning-quick, the Spyder 30 is cloaked with impressive Hoyt genius. For starters, the new-for-2013 AirShox Silencing System catches the limbs at the shot, drowning out noise and vibration. Then there is, of course, the RKT Cam & 1/2. Still creating a buzz after its 2012 unveiling, this cam system provides the perfect blend of speed (330 fps) and accuracy. It’s draw length adjustable from 24.5- to 30-inches thanks to interchangeable module cams, featuring ErgoDraw Technology. The Spyder Tec Lite Riser is Hoyt’s thinnest and lightest riser to date. Available in an array of standard hunting color options, bowhunters also have the option of choosing from custom color options and high-polish anodized color offerings like Red Fusion.
Mathews Creed
Matt McPherson and the crew at Mathews have done it again. The 2013 Mathews Creed is a 3.8-pound, 30-inch axle-to-axle engineering wonder. Propelling arrows up to 328 fps is the all-new SimPlex Cam. Another Mathews single-cam marvel, it provides a smooth draw and, thanks to an incorporated draw-stop that contacts the bow’s inner-limb, brings a rock-solid backwall. The Mathews Harmonic Damper floats in an elastomer wheel just under the top limb-pocket. Working in concert with this damper is the Mathews Harmonic Stabilizer Lite. The features are designed to reduce residual vibration by as much as 75-percent, cutting noise to a minimum. The Reverse Assist Roller Guard is set up to reduce accuracy-robbing friction. Unlike most roller guards on the market, the Reverse Assist positions the cables in front, rather than behind the roller guard to ensure a smoother draw. Sporting a 7-inch brace height, the Mathews Creed should be ultra forgiving and accurate. The bow is offered in Mathews Lost Camo and other custom finishes. MSRP: $999
Bear Motive 6
Bear has unveiled an impressive 2013 bow lineup. Leading the charge is the scorching fast Bear Motive 6. At 32-inches axle-to-axle and sporting a 6-inch brace height, it is well-suited for treestands, ground blinds, and spot-and-stalk sojourns. Powered by Bear’s all-new Synchronized H-13 Hybrid Cam System, the Motive 6 sends arrows downrange at a blazing 350 fps. The H-13 Cams are draw length adjustable from 25 ½- to 30-inches in ½-inch increments and can be changed without a bow press. The included draw stop contacts the bow’s inner-cable, providing the shooter with a statue-like feel at full draw. The Dual Offset String Suppressors are designed to soak up vibration. These adjustable dampeners should help deliver a crisp, clean arrow release. A Bear trademark, the Zero Tolerance Limb pockets aid in vibration-control while providing a tight limb-to-riser bond. Other attractive features include the 4×4 Roller Guard, Max Pre-Load Quad Limbs and Customizable Grip. The Motive 6 is available in Realtree APG, Shadow Series and three other racy finishes. MSRP: $899.99
BowTech Destroyer Limited Edition
What’s not to love about the BowTech Destroyer Limited Edition? Available in limited quantities through 2013, this flamethrower boasts a jaw-dropping 350 fps speed rating and tips the scales at just 4.1-pounds. One of the most advanced cam designs ever produced, the OverDrive Binary Cam is all about symmetry, synchronization and stability. Thanks to the bow’s unique axle arrangement and allowable tuneable split buss-cable, cam lean is virtually eliminated and speed is maximized. Rotating modules come standard with the cam system and draw lengths can be altered from 25 inches to 30 inches. Built to withstand the energy that the Destroyer 350 LE unleashes, the HardCore Limbs are super durable. Energy is stored not only on the limb’s surface, but inside the carbon core to better share the workload. Helping make the Destroyer’s transition into its 80-percent let-off while terminating torque is the FLX-Guard. Flexing inward as the bow is drawn, this nifty device absorbs cable-torque that would otherwise be transmitted to the riser. The Destroyer 350 LE is available in BlackOps finish. MSRP: $849
Mission Ballistic
The new Mission Ballistic is begging to be shot. Sporting more adjustments than you can shake a stick at, this bow is draw-weight adjustable from 50 pounds to 70 pounds and draw length adjustable from 26 inches to 30 inches. The bow sports a compact 30.5-inch axle-to-axle length and a mass weight of 4.18 pounds. Providing more-than-generous speed, the highly-efficient modular AVS Cam System offers a good blend of quickness, adjustability, and overall performance. Motivating arrows up to 330 fps, this wallet-friendly ($499) bow outperforms its price. Absorbing vibration that would otherwise be transferred to the riser, the Dead End String Stop’s wide, durable bumper also facilitates a clean arrow release from the string. Looking like a scrunched up caterpillar, the String Grubbs are actually designed to boost arrow speed and downrange efficiency. Take it from me, the new-for-2013 Mission Ballistic is as good as advertised and is available in throngs of custom color options.
PSE X-Force Dream Season
Producing bows for every archer at every price range for over four decades, PSE is back at it in 2013. The PSE X-Force Dream Season DNA has a mass weight of 3.7-pounds and is draw length adjustable (without the need of a bow press) from 26 inches to 30 inches in ½-inch increments. Anchoring the PSE’s most advanced limbs to date–the X-Tech Limbs–tightly to the riser are the second generation CenterLock 2 Pockets. Feather-light and incredibly strong, these pockets feature a triple-lock design that pulls everything toward the bow’s centerline. The Flex Cable Slide is another intriguing feature on this bow. Flexing during the draw cycle, this engineering marvel reduces lateral torque and keeps the cable guard from contacting passing fletchings. Even with a short 6-inch brace height, the 31-inch axle-to-axle DNA is balanced and forgiving. Chalk this up to the state-of-the-art aluminum alloy riser and great feeling B.E.S.T. Raptor Grip. Designed to reduce torque and provide consistent hand placement, this grip puts the shooters hand in direct contact with the ultra-thin riser. And you can’t mention PSE without talking about speed. PSE says this bow will send arrows at 352 fps. MSRP: $899.99
Strother Wrath SHO
The Wrath SHO from Strother Archery is the perfect marriage of speed and consistency. The bow boasts a 7 3/8-inch brace height and reaches speeds up to 335 fps. Available in draw weights from 50 pounds to 80 pounds, this is a handsome well-built rig. The all-new Badger Cam II allows for draw lengths from 27 inches to 30 inches and offers a super smooth draw. Easy to tune, this cam system keeps the bow out of the press and in the woods. Extremely innovative in design, the Pozzi-Loc Cradle Limb System handles energy and stress with ease. In an effort to maximize limb potential, this system provides a near-zero tolerance on the lock of the limb. At just a shade over 30 inches axle-to-axle and weighing a mere 4 pounds, the Wrath SHO is well-suited for the western mountains and the eastern hardwoods alike. Rounding-out the features on this bow is PLT Split Limb Technology and the friction-reducing Super Glide Cable Slide.
Parker Eagle
Price conscious archers looking for a bow dripping with features can’t go wrong with the Parker Eagle. Draw length adjustable from 26 inches to 31 inches via the included mods, the Eagle can be tailored to meet a wide variety of shooting needs. Its ultra-compact 32-inch axle-to-axle length and easy-to-carry 3.65-pound frame make it an effective hunting partner. Parker’s two-piece walnut finished grip should feel great in the hand. The machined aluminum riser showcases a tunable String Suppressor and Cable Rod for maximum bow efficiency. Masked in Next G-1 Camo, archers will appreciate the Eagle’s forgiving 7.75-inch brace height and 80-percent let-off. The Eagle’s High Performance single-cam and idler-wheel will make tuning easier. And, this bow is surprisingly fast. Working in concert with the Extreme Parallel Limb’s, the bow can produce arrow speeds of 310 fps. Better yet, the MSRP is only $300.
Prime Defy
The Prime Defy, at an overall length of 31 inches, weighs in at 4.1 pounds with a brace height of 7.25 inches. Adding to this bow’s appeal is the rubber molded Ultra Fit Grip that provides additional comfort while promoting consistent grip. The Extra Wide Limbs create a solid platform that even the most seasoned archer will appreciate. In addition, the increased width boosts limb longevity. The I-Gide Flex Cable Guard allows cables to flex inward at the shot to better reduce friction and boost consistency. Fitted with 8190 BCY Strings, peep rotation is eliminated and sting and cable life is improved. Adding a little icing to this already sweet cake are the new PCX Cams. Sending arrows downrange at 330 fps, these cams are smooth and ultra-easy to tune. Offered in draw weights from 50 pounds to 70 pounds and draw lengths from 26 inches to 30 inches, this racy rig is available in Optifade Forest, Optifade Open, Jet Black and Realtree AP. MSRP: $949
Darton DS-3800
Back and better than ever is the Darton DS-3800. The DS-3800 has a 6-inch brace height and can reach speeds between 345-350 fps. Perfect for the serious bowhunter who likes to accumulate 3D target trophies, the bow offers a balanced 33-13/16 axle-to-axle rating. Complete with Darton’s draw stop modules, the DS-3800 allows the shooter to customize the amount of cam let-off to fit specific shooting styles. The DualSync Hi-Performance Cam System allows for let-off adjustments between 65- and 80-percent. Plus, the draw cycle is smooth and the forgiving valley provides a comfortable feel at full draw. Offering a mixture of brains and brawn, the bow ushers in a slew of other attractive technologies including the Axis Riser, P.P.L Limb Pockets, 3 Axis Central Pull Technology, DS-Yoke Cam Stability System, and a Soft Touch outer coating that provides protection from the elements. MSRP: $879.99

Compound bow technology continues to evolve with the 2013 line. Check out a sneak peek at the best new hunting bows of 2013.