Today’s crossbows are easy-to-operate, extremely accurate and just flat-out fun to shoot. Meeting the demand of the crossbow explosion, manufactures have designed and produced crossbows in a variety of different styles and price points to better fit the needs of individual shooters. Here’s a rundown of some of the industry’s most impressive horizontal wonders for 2013. Following the 2013 Archery Trade Show (Jan 9 – Jan 7), this gallery will be updated with additional crossbow models as they are released.
Barnett Crossbows
Barnett has been producing some great crossbows as of late. Leading the charge for 2013 is the 185-pound draw weight Ghost 410. Propelling arrows at 410 fps, this crossbow is lighter, more compact and even more forgiving that its predecessor, the Ghost 400. Tipping the scales at a mere 7.3 pounds, this 19-inch wide horizontal bow features Barnett’s Carbonlite Riser Technology. Designed to ensure rapid target acquisition and better maneuverability, the riser is ultra-strong. Smooth and durable, the Barnett Custom Composite Laminated Limbs were engineered to store massive amounts of energy and reduce vibration at the shot. The Anti-Dry Fire Metal Injected Molded 3.5-pound trigger is crisp, and safe. Stable and reliable, the CROSSWIRE String and Cable System are designed to provide a quiet, precise shot. The Ghost 410 Package comes complete with three 22-inch arrows, Barnett’s Talon crossbow sling, a Carbon Cross three-arrow quiver, a rope cocking device and a paper-sighted illuminated scope.
Mission Archery
The MXB-360 is designed for crossbow hunters who want a high-performance horizontal bow at a budget price. Its tactical-style and stylish Lost AT/Black finish give this crossbow a racy flare. Easily maneuverable thanks to its 19.5-inch width, 35-inch length and ultra-light 6.55-pound mass weight, the MXB-360 promises to be a solid hunting tool. Featuring a 14-inch powerstroke, shooters won’t be pulling and pulling to cock this crossbow. And in true Mission fashion, the MXB-360 is draw weight adjustable between 160- and 100- pounds. When set at a 160-pound draw weight, the crossbow can reach speeds up to 360 fps. Speed gradually tapers down as poundage is lowered. Be ready for the woods and customize your MXB-360 with an accessory package. Each package comes with an MX-3 Quiver and three Mission crossbow arrows. Complete the package by choosing from one of three Hawke scopes.
Wicked Ridge Crossbows
The Raider CLS is a 175-pound draw weight crossbow capable of impressive speeds and pinpoint accuracy. The 3.5-pound PowerTouch trigger is smooth and accurate, and its Compact Limb System ensures accuracy and season-to-season durability. AT 17.5-inches axle-to-axle when cocked, the Raider CLS is now available with or without the ACU-52 cocking mechanism. The Raider CLS comes complete with an abrasion resistant, high-tenacity hunter orange polyester cocking-cord and ST801 nylon plastic handles to ensure a comfortable cocking experience. Rounding out the CLS package is TenPoint’s 3x Multi-Line scope, Wicked Ridge 3-arrow quiver and three Wicked Ridge aluminum arrows. Available for purchase ($59.00) and easily added to this crossbow is the String Dampening System–a cable-slot mounted string stop that designed to thwart noise and vibration.
Excalibur Crossbows
Fast and powerful, that’s the story behind the Matrix 380 Xtra. It’s capable of speeds up to 380 fps and hitting with 112.3-pounds of kinetic energy. While weighing a mere 5.9-pounds, the Matrix 380 Xtra features an overall length of 35.6-inches and sports a 13.1-inch powerstroke. Covered in Realtree Xtra camo, this crossbow features the Guardian Anti Dry-Fire System. Contained in the scope mount, this innovative design prevents triggering of the crossbow without an arrow in place by catching the string and preventing it from traveling down the rail. A built-in release ensures easy de-cock. Narrower than the popular Excalibur Equinox by six-inches and harboring recurve-style limbs designed to boost overall limb longevity up to 60-percent, the Matrix 380 Xtra promises performance. The crossbow is outfitted with an impressive package including the Tact-Zone scope, raised cheekpiece, R.E.D.S suppressors, four-arrow quiver, four Diablo arrows, four 150-grain filed points and rope cocking aid.
Excalibur Crossbow
The Matrix 355 Xtra features hefty PowerLoad limbs and a durable, lightweight Quad-Loc riser. Allowing shooters to take full advantage of Excalibur’s Compact Recurve Technology, this 34.8-inch long crossbow is capable of speeds of up to 355 fps. Kolorfusion applied Realree Xtra camo gives the crossbow an eye-catching look, and its 240-pound draw weight is easily handled thanks to a 12.2-inch powerstroke and easy-to-operate rope cocking aid. At 5.4-pounds, the Matrix 355 Xtra is perfect for off-the-beaten-path adventures. The Ergo-Grip is comfortable and inviting, promoting overall balance and a steady aim through the included Tact-Zone scope. Engineered to reduce vibration and recoil, this crossbow is available with a Tact-Zone Lite-Stuff package that includes the Tact-Zone scope, four-arrow quiver, four Diablo arrows, rope cocking aid and four 150-grain field points.
Parker Bows
The Parker Stingray is designed specifically for bowfishermen. The Stingray comes ready for the water with a reel, line, bow fishing arrow, mounting hardware and standard sights or a 1X scope. Outfitted for safety, this 34.25-inch long crossbow provides shooters peace-of-mind thanks to its Auto-Engage Ambidextrous Safety, Auto-Engage Anti Dry-Fire Mechanism and Vented Forearm with Safety Finger Flange. Draw weight adjustable from 100- to 125-pounds without the need of special tools or a bow press, the Stingray can be tailored to the needs of each individual shooter. Its 23-inch length coupled with a reasonable 7.5-pound mass weight and short 10.5-inch powerstroke make this crossbow a worthy bowfishing assassin.
PSE Archery
The PSE TAC Elite, at an overall width of 22-inches showcases a 17.25-inch powerstroke and can reach speeds up to 405 fps. Featuring a rail-less design, the trigger, stock and grip are integrated into the barrel. The fully-adjustable stock can be customized between 41.5- and 45-inches, providing a custom fit and feel. The trigger is crisp, and the durable X-tech limbs work in concert with the TAC Elite’s twin-cam design to boost accuracy and overall efficiency. The finish on this 150-pound draw weight crossbow is hard anodized aluminum. Field ready, the PSE TAC Elite Package includes a TAC case, scope, bipod and three TAC arrows.
TenPoint Crossbow Technologies
The Stealth SS Crossbow is a shorter, lighter and more powerful version of the popular 2012 Stealth XLT. Propelling arrows at 334 fps, the 34-inch long Stealth SS features the new-for-2013 FSB (Functionally Superior Bullpup) stock and a black anodized 19.5-inch aluminum fluted barrel. The FSB stock showcases strategically placed cutouts giving the crossbow a mass weight of just 6.8 pounds. In addition, the crossbow is a mere 13.5-inches axle-to-axle when cocked and is fitted with a 4-inch bullpup PowerTouch trigger. With safety in mind, the Stealth SS features an embedded barrel with rubber inserts and rubber safety wings. Designed to hush noise and vibration, the wings also keep the shooter’s fore-grip hand below the flight deck. Providing additional security is TenPoint’s patented DFI (dry-fire-inhibitor). The 185-pound draw weight Stealth SS comes equipped with either the ACUdraw or Acudraw 50 cocking units and is double-dip fluid imaged in Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity.
TenPoint Crossbow Technologies
The Tactical XLT is a performance-packed workhorse complete with 11-inch IsoTaper Limbs with Xtreme Limb Technology. The newly designed aircraft-grade fluted aluminum barrel reduces weight while adding strength and ensuring balance. At 7.25 pounds, the Tactical XLT boasts a 185-pound draw weight and is fitted with MRX cams capable of reaching speeds up to 352 fps. With a compact 13.5-inch axle-to-axle rating when cocked, this crossbow features a detachable, lightweight foot stirrup to ensure easy cocking and provide a streamlined appeal. Powerful and spot-on accurate, this crossbow is ideal for treestands, ground blinds and spot-and-stalk hunts. The Tactical XLT includes Bowjax limb and arrow retention spring dampeners to minimize shot vibration. TenPoint’s dry-fire-inhibitor, 3.5-pound PowerTouch trigger and GripSafety add to the appeal of this bow. Outfitted with either TenPoint’s patented ACUdraw or ACUdraw 50 cocking mechanisms and a RangeMaster Pro scope, this crossbow is sold as a package complete with arrows, quiver, Side-Mount quiver bracket, and TenPoint’s GripGuard.
Velocity Archery
The tactical-style Armageddon is a 175-pound draw weight crossbow capable of producing speeds up to 350 fps and hitting with 110.73-pound of kinetic energy. With an overall length of 35-inches and a width of 23.5-inches, this crossbow boasts a comfortable and balanced feel. Mass weight (7.8-pounds) has been reduced thanks to an airy stock design featuring a large cutout section. Helping ensure shot-to-shot accuracy, the Armageddon boasts a crisp 4-pound trigger and a reassuring forearm. Cocking is made easy due to its 14.5-inch powerstroke and included rope cocking device. The standard Armageddon package comes complete with a 4-bolt quiver, 3 Inflix 407 20-inch carbon bolts, a padded sling and rail lube. The new-for-2013 Armageddon is available in Combat Black.
SA Sports Outdoor Gear
The Crusader tips the scales at just 6.5-pounds and motivates arrows at 330 fps. Its recurve-style limbs are compression fiberglass, making them incredibly durable. The rear stock is crafted from a lightweight composite and gives this crossbow a noticeable flare. The machined aluminum riser is strong, and the extruded and machined aluminum barrel increases accuracy. The crusader features a width of 28.3-inches when cocked and is 35-inches in length without the foot stirrup. It’s anti-dry fire equipped and has an easy-to-operate ambidextrous auto safety. Cocking this 225-pound draw weight (13.5-inch powerstroke) crossbow is made easy thanks to a large, stable foot stirrup. The Crusader comes complete with a 4×32 multi-reticle scope, rope cocking device, padded sling, quick detach quiver and four 20-inch carbon bolts.
Darton Archery
A compact and well-balanced crossbow, the Viper SS Xtreme features a soft touch finish that is durable and feels great in the hand. Slinging bolts at 360 fps, this 180-pound draw weight crossbow features Darton’s Trackless Barrel Design. The 17-inch axle-to-axle Viper SS Xtreme sports an overall length of 35.5-inches and a mass weight of 8.4 pounds. The patented string catch ensures proper release of the bowstring and promotes shot-to-shot consistency. Also boosting precision is the 3-pound trigger and positive limb alignment system. Equipped with an integrated riser/string suppressor system and Darton’s all-new Barrel Dampener, noise and vibration are easily controlled. Rounding out the features of this 13.5-inch powerstroke crossbow is an Anti Dry Fire Safety and studded foot stirrup. The Viper SS Xtreme is available in Next Vista or Muddy Girl camo.

As crossbows grow in popularity, manufacturers are constantly striving to make faster, cheaper, safer, and more accurate bows. Here’s a first look at the new crossbows for 2013.