Ohio Mega 10
188 0/8 191 6/8 nov 14 2012 compound bow Ohio. Largest typical ever taken with bow in Warren County. Second largest typical ever taken in Warren County (#1 Brad Jerman Buck 201 1/8 largest crossbow harvest ever). Tied for 4th in state all time typicals. -Justin Pandorf
Potential Indiana State Record Bass released instead of ceritfied
This monster bass was caught by Christopher W. Scarber on February 21 (his birthday) in a unspecified local lake near Milan Indiana. on a silver/silver Mepps XD. Mr. Scarber stated that the spread of the trophy’s genetics this spring was more important to him than records and the fish was successfully released. -cwscarber
Big male Montana coyote.
I had located a pack of coyotes by howling the night before. I decided to slip in before first light the next morning, and try for them. I was in position well before sunrise. I waited until I could see well enough to shoot and let out with a howl. Ten minutes later this big male showed up at 140 yards. One shot and he was mine. -ursus21
Heavy Weights
Notice how these bear blacks have their legs separated away from each other, when they walk or stand. Big black bears don’t walk pigeon toed, because their body is so huge. These boars are at least four hundred pounders. This trail camera photo was taken the first opening day evening of the New Jersey bear season. I hunted this same location all day and saw no bears. Tell me bears are not smart. -LovesOutdoors
Gun Buck – Waupaca, WI
Opening morning was extremely slow. I didn’t see a deer until 11:00 but between 11:00 and 12:30 I saw 13 doe. I was sitting on the ground on top of a ridge in the middle of our woods so I could see a long way. Because of this, I was hunting with a 30-06 instead of my usual 12 gauge with open sights. Waupaca county actually just went to rifles last year so this was only the second year its been allowed. The action slowed down about 12:30. At 1:30 i heard something moving behind me on the other side of the ridge. Before i knew it something was 10 yards behind me and i couldn’t move or even see it. Once he started down the ridge to my left i caught a glimpse of him and stood up so i could see the entire body. I stopped him about 35 yards down the ridge. He was faced directly away and only had his head around to see what the noise was. I fired a shot directly into the middle of his back and he dropped right there. We scored it at 138 7/8 inches-my biggest buck yet. -JLarson
Pascagoula River Monster
Me and my father caught this Huge Blue Catfish on 02/01/2013. The fish was caught on the Pascagoula River in southern Mississippi -huntintheoutdoors
Arizona Tarpon 😉
Big ol’ Carp on the Fly rod -Gut Pile
Matthews Cat
This is a 15lb cat my 5y/o stepson matthew caught, he landed this on 6lb test. he has become a natural at fishing, cant wait for him to get older so we can start going after bigger and more varietys of fish. -Jace Boatwright
Opening Day Buck
I shot this buck opening morning while he and antoher buck had their horns locked up -codyg88
last day buck
I shot this buck opening morning while he and antoher buck had their horns locked up -codyg88
Big 8 point with drop tine from New Jersey.
After two years of hunting this buck, we finally met on December 14, 2012. Has a inside spread of 21 inches, 6 inch bases and field dressed out over 200 pounds. Greened scored at 147 4/8. -tarhunt
Perfect Daddy/Daughter Day
After two years of hunting this buck, we finally met on December 14, 2012. Has a inside spread of 21 inches, 6 inch bases and field dressed out over 200 pounds. Greened scored at 147 4/8. Ursus21
My Best Buck Nov 8
About an hour after first light I heard this big buck in a creek behind my stand. He quartered up and away toward another hunter who was hunting just up the hill from me. The Big buck winded him then changed direction and came broadside to me at 20 yds. one Rage broadhead and about 110 yds later he dropped on the side of the road, his rack actually just off the dirt road by inches. -boats82
Me and my dad were sitting on private land during spring turkey season calling. Finaly a gobbler called back and started approching us. He came from behind us but walk up toward our right were I got a good shot on him. I was using my Remington 870 chambered in 20 gauge. The turkey had a 9 inch beard, 2 inch spurs,and weighed in around 24 pounds. -djkkarpiej
Beautiful fall brownie
Another Wind river brown -codyg88

Big bucks, bigger bears, and first turkeys, this photo gallery has it all. Check out the best hunting and fishing photos sent in from our readers last month.