Michelle Spears Another Tuna in Panama
Michelle shot her weight with this fish at a little over 100 lbs. -dixmo
Huge Striper
Matt Morgan caught and released this beast while fishing the Susquehanna Flats with his good friend Dan Dougherty on April 6, 2013. They estimated her to be 54-55″ and over 60 lbs. They caught about 25 stripers that day on light tackle with artificial lures in shallow water but this was by far the biggest. -m morgan
7 yr Old JD Bowling
7 yr old JD Bowling harvested this 29 lb long beard on 4-6-2013. First turkey kill! – RonB
Momma Wait up
The black bear cub is trying to catch up with its mother. There is a 2nd cub that’s not pictured however one of them did not make it through the summer. -chasew37
Yellowstone Cut, Brush Creek, CO
Caught on a yellow Stimulator. Awesome day on the creek with eager trout! -Gut Pile
Bunny with a bow
Gotta keep those bow skills in check! -Gut Pile
Soup is on
Trail can set up on fox den with 8 pups -cnggack
Montana, On our own
Three miles in off the Missouri river and sleeping on the ground for three days, we made our final stalk the last mile on our hands and knees, this was as close as we could get,I knew I would not get a second chance at this Bull, it’s now or never I made my shot at 480 yards. No guides, no horses, just a lot of determination and hard work. -Reddog300
Son’s First Turkey
Opening day of youth turkey season 2013. My son shot this bird at about 12 yards with his youth model Mossberg 500. The bird had a 5 in beard. Needless to say he was pretty excited but maby not as much as me as every father who has had this pleasure can attest to! -Outdoor Operator
Potential Indiana State Record Bass released instead of ceritfied
This monster bass was caught by Christopher W. Scarber on February 21 (his birthday) in a unspecified local lake near Milan Indiana. on a silver/silver Mepps XD. Mr. Scarber stated that the spread of the trophy’s genetics this spring was more important to him than records and the fish was successfully released. -cwscarber
My beautiful lab Avery
Avery on point looking so focused and on target -TJWesolek
Owen’s First Turkey
Owen (8 years old) has been hunting turkeys for three years now, and connected with this northern MN tom on the final morning of his season. Two toms came in full strut to our calling and decoy, and after a 15 yard shot, one ran away. 20 pounds with a 9″ beard. -MITCHW
Coyotes on Patrol
Looking for their next meal -chasew37
Just Missed
Just out at a local lake a few miles from the house, and this Osprey was out fishing for his lunch. He missed this time. -karmela
Mr. Stud Muffin
We were riding thru Amity Campground in Lanett AL. He was struttin his stuff… It was a PRICELESS moment to get to watch him and being that close to him. He was 30yds from the road where we were at. -rlecroy
9 yr old Kayleene Long of Walnut Ridge, AR toting out first ever turkey kill Turkey youth hunt 2013!! SUCCESS -lana gray
Early Spring (Still Cold) Red Nice Redfish -dfield
big 10 point
I climbed into my stand I called and rattled for the first time ever. I left around 08:30 to get a new license plate for my truck. Pa just came out with military Bonze Star plate that I got durning Desert Storm. I went back into the woods around 10:00. At 10:30 it got very quite I hit the rattles hard and made grunt calls the deer came out of nowhere. -Job like
Lac Vieux Desert Walleye
Caught 5 walleyes on 5/19/2013 with the smallest being 18″ and the largest this 30-1/2″ all released. -eeesox
New Jersey Black Bear
I put out three motion trail cameras in three different locations. One camera near a beaver pond, one on a mountain top and the last camera above a ravine near a ticket. My cameras got nineteen photos in three weeks. This is my first spring bear for the trail camera near the ticket above a ravine. -LovesOutdoors

May is the perfect season for the all-around outdoorsman. And all month, our readers snapped great shots of huge stripers, strutting toms, and monster bass. Check out the 20 best photos here.