Hunting and Fishing Photos: Best Shots from OL Readers, June 2013

Check out the 18 best hunting and fishing photos uploaded last month by our readers and Instagram followers. From big … Continued

Biggest carp
8 yr old jayder raifstanger used a night crawler to catch this 14 lb carp in the housatonic river in massachusetts -jayderman
Heather’s Black Drum
Fishing Charleston, SC for bull redfish and my wife landed an 80 plus pound black drum on a half crab. -Allen Pippin
Grandson’s First Redfish
This is my 9 year old grandson Wyatt’s first redfish and was 26″ long with 11 spots. He had to fight it himself because I had one on at the same time. Landed mine quicker because it was smaller and then netted his. Loved it!!! Fishing the St. Johns river in North Florida. -drb
West Texas Whitetail
Walked out of the brush trailing a doe at 10:00 a.m. Had to yell at him 3 times for him to stop. Neck shot at 60 yards and he dropped like a rock. 164 B&C, my best so far. Fair chase! -Van K
Czech Republic Roe Buck
Shot this Roe Buck in Radonice Czech Republic. Was sitting in a high seat all morning watching him chase a group of does in a cabbage field. After 3 hours he made the mistake of stepping within range and a well placed bullet from my Mauser 8mm put him down. -pjsabella
Drake time for some big Browns. Fly Fish Food
Fly Dreamers
From tonight’s tournament!!! Bailey Turner
This shark was just caught in front of my beach house Joe Forte
2013 Illinois Turkey funkhouser85
Catching a timelapse in the fog Eternity Outdoors
Mission Media
More bass fishing castawaygal
Bear Napping
The black bear shown in this trail camera photo is ready for his midday nap. The photo was taken during the month of May. It could be nap time for all black bears because of the afternoon heat. -LovesOutdoors
Come on deer season!!! jabo_moore22
James Urell
It’d be nice to find some more of these soon James Urell
Logan Moeller

Check out the 18 best hunting and fishing photos uploaded last month by our readers and Instagram followers. From big bucks to bass, we’ve got it all.