Hunting and Fishing Photos: Best Reader Shots, September 2013

After unselfishly inviting the whole crew to hunt North Dakota for years and NOT hunting, himself....Nate finally killed his first velvet buck! Congrats Nate! Heartland Bowhunter
Salmon slammin' Kelsey Kaiserlian
Low Country Elk
Taken in the low country. Quite a switch from the timberline areas I usually hunt. -BWinCO
Put whitetail remains in field after butchering. Set up camera - caught these bald eagles in flight. 1 of many shots, this was my favorite. About a dozen bald eagles came to feed after vultures, foxes and coons. -tomruch51
ga state record 30lbs, 13 oz
caught with a bream , on 20lbs test line with a penn rod and reel combo. took about 15-18 mintues to get the fish aboard. great fight. -gerald kennedy
Hope I see him needy weekend #bigbuck #inlove Chance Mullins
Luke George
Autumn Picture
Autumn with our doves. -4everAutumn
Deer camp #bigbuck Noah Westerhuis
First Striper
my 8 yr old son caught his first striper off of block island , RI -jayderman
My antelope Elise
Biggest carp
nice carp not the biggest i have hook but the biggest landed tasted great after an hour or two on the smoker -lainedillard
Used my Idaho roots and toom my new friend Randy out to cacti salmon instead of bass! Brandon Palaniuk
Nice Muley
taken in the Colo. high country -BWinCO
New Fish Face
Jacksonville Florida Katelyn with a largemouth bass caught in her neighborhood
Wait, wait, Take'em! Ducks Unlimited
Squirrel Opener 8-31-13
My two sons with the results of our morning hunt. They recently inherited these rifles from their grandpa. They wanted to use them this morning, in spite of owning very accurate scoped rifles. Henry .17 HMR and Winchester Model 90 .22 short. Great morning and forever memories. -4everAutumn
Lissy Cordeks 32 lb permit , thanks to captain Rick Killgore (Islamorada)
First time flats fishing,, Lissy fell in love with site fishing for permit,, she cant wait going back again. -dgbolena
The Matthews sang another tune on September 26th, Congrats to my brother Will Toews's on his massive 2013 Archery Muley he calls the Club! Thanks for the share :) Extreme Rush Outdoors
What an awesome C zone buck! cahunters
Well hello... Can't wait to see you... Triple W Transport
First Buck
Levi Best, 8 years old shot his first 5 point with a 410 at a 100 yards. -Crystal Burbach
West Texas Pronghorn! Hayden Hutches
Bass jumping out of water at a dragonfly
I was trying to photograph a dragonfly going from lily pad to lily pad when this happened! -lsteele3

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