Albino Coyote
While dove hunting in Roby,Texas with my friend Brady we came across this fully albino coyote. In all our years in the field we had never seen or heard of one so we were definitely surprised. Next thing I know I was able to stalk within 35 yards. I was comfortable enough at this distance to take a kill shot with my 12 gauge and dove loads. One of the coolest experiences of my life. -nathan weant
My first elk
Shot my first elk opening morning of muzzleloader season. My boyfriend helped guide me and called this 6 by 6 in with a cow call. From about 30 yards away I killed him with one shot strait through the heart and lungs. One of the best moments in my entire life, I cried tears of joy for about an hour after working my butt off to kill this monster bull. -alex_jankowski9
What a day! 450lb black bear with my bow. Dutchess County NY. Tony Caggiano
Julia & Ragnhild
Adirondacks Largemouth Bass
My five-year old, Finn, brought in this lunker by himself, on 4-lb test line and a ultra-light rig. Bigger than any bass I’ve ever caught in a lifetime of fishing! -Tim Male
Georgia State Record 30pounds 3ounces
caught with a bream , on 20lbs test line with a penn rod and reel combo. took about 15-18 mintues to get the fish aboard. great fight. -gerald kennedy
GIANT kingsalmon to wake you up Coastal Conservation Assc
Beautiful Texas 8 my dad shot this weekend. Sarah Fromenthal
Steelhead, Salmon River Mirandaxleigh
Trevor’s Fish
This past spring, Trevor won a musky rod from the Musky Brothers at the Milwaukee Musky Show. He got so excited about the idea of catching a big fish, he saved up a bunch of money and bought a reel for it. He also started buying lures any time he got any money, and he’s got quite a few now! So when we took our annual family vacation to Lake Buckatabon in Conover, WI, he couldn’t wait to go out musky fishing. On Tuesday afternoon (7/16), Tim and Trevor went out fishing alone together. Less than a half hour after getting out there, Trevor told him he got a fish and started reeling it in. Tim said that he looked over and saw Trevor’s rod bed way down, because the fish was diving. Trevor got it reeled in close, and they netted it! 45″ & 20 lbs! Bigger than any fish any of his parents have ever gotten! Not bad for a 9-year-old, eh? -Jill Gorecki
Kelsey Kaiserlian
CO elkhunt success. Unbelievable hunt. Cougars, rutting bulls and post rut bulls. It was like 2 seasons in one. Kristy Titus
Columbian Blacktail Western Oregon
23 inch wide 4×4 blacktail buck. -Eric Daniel Yoder
King Salmon, Milwaukee Zephian Wade
Chinook Salmon Ben Thomas
Newest member to @bd_creek_waterfowl she can’t wait till next season! bd_creek_waterfowl
Smashin some teal
After killing my monster bull opening day the next day we decided to kill some teal while the boys went out to try and kill another elk. We jumped these 4 teal off a pond and I sailed 2 ducks with one shot. Aaron shot the other 2. We marinated them that night and cooked em up! Teal are some of the best eatin I swear. -alex_jankowski9
Mentored my little brother and he got his first duck Tyler Juenger