If there’s any question about what we’re missing with the government closure of national parks, let these photos from Yellowstone answer it. Last month, Peter Bengeyfield along with a large group of park visitors, watched as a bison carcass drew five grizzlies and five wolves.
“The behavior was phenomenal for three days,” Bengeyfield told the Billings Gazette. “I’ve never seen anything that interesting within camera range.” Read more at
A boar first claimed the carcass, but soon five wolves from the Junction Butte pack showed up. Along with crows, ravens and magpies, a sow grizzly and three cubs eventually visited the kill.
The carcass held the scavengers in the area from Sept. 15 to 17. The site also drew in plenty of human attention with about 125 people showing up to watch the action unfold from about 400 yards away.
The wolves would try and separate one of the cubs from their mother, angering the sow who would charge out to protect her offspring, Bengeyfield told the newspaper. “They never tolerated the wolves who tried to get the cubs,” he said.
Even though the sow was much smaller than the boar, she took control of the carcass.
Bengeyfield speculated that because the boar had been already feeding on the carcass for a while, he wasn’t as protective over it.
Here you can see the sow in a standoff with a big black wolf that stands almost as tall as she does.
Grizzlies are feeding heavily this time of year, trying to pack on pounds before winter. Even though they are capable predators, they prefer to scavenge dead carcasses when given the chance.
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A bison carcass in Yellowstone National Park drew five grizzlies and five wolves. Park visitors watched as a sow with cubs squared off against the wolf pack and a big boar grizz.