The Trophies You'll Never Kill

Anyone who has ever been to a national park knows that there are some real trophy animals out there that will never be hunted. With no hunting pressure and no real threats from predators, some animals grow to extreme sizes (and shapes). Like this brute, who was allegedly photographed on the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in central Washington where there is no hunting.
There are big elk herds that hang out on the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, and this elk is suspected to be one of them.
No, his antlers did not grow that big because he's been browsing on nuclear waste. At least we don't think so.
For a comparison, here's a huge (but typical) bull that also hangs out in the area.
Now see him next to the Hanford Bull.
It turns out that a parking lot is a pretty good place to escape hunting pressure.
This freak of a mule deer wanders around downtown Colorado Springs.
The message that came with this photo was: "He probably won't get shot, but he will get hit by a car."
He's estimated to have between 35 and 40 points, but nobody really knows for sure. Any guesses on what you think he will score?