10 Minutes with Gayne: Arturo Malo

Arturo V. Malo is the owner and operator of Baja Hunting, one of the most successful outfitting businesses in Mexico. Pictured: Arturo V. Malo (left) with a monster mule deer
Gayne: Wait a minute. You didn't list onza cat? Don't you offer hunts for onza? Arturo: I wish. We can't get hunting licenses for those, [but] all cowboys in Sonora have seen at least one, they have [also] seen pink elephants jumping from flower to flower. NOTE: The onza cat may or may not exist. It is similar to Bigfoot in America.
Gayne: Salma Hayek or Ana De La Reguera? Arturo: They are part of the program every night. Note: I don't remember seeing Ana De La Reguera in camp last time I hunted with Arturo.
Gayne: I had horrible wake up screaming nightmares every night I hunted in the Yucatan Jungle near Campeche (with another outfitter). When I returned to the states I found out Campeche is a hot spot for UFO activity. What do you think? Were aliens screwing with my head? Arturo: Were any of those Sonora cowboys with you at the same time? Pictured: Arturo in the Yucatan
Gayne: Who's your favorite Lucha libre fighter? Mine's Super Barrio. Arturo: Super Barrio is good but being a good Mexican, I like Super Macho better. I will ask my kid, he is very knowledgeable about it.
Gayne: You visit America quite often. What's your favorite American food? Mine's enchiladas verde. Ok, so America stole that one from y'all but there's plenty of food we didn't that you can choose from. Arturo: When we go to the U.S. I like to take my family to a good Mexican restaurant. By doing so, they don't take for granted what we eat at home. Pictured: Just how old is this picture Arturo?
Gayne: Complete the following: American football is better than soccer because… Arturo: You got me on this one, I will have to talk to my son again. Gayne: Thanks Arturo. Pictured: Arturo (standing in orange shirt) and Gayne (second from right) with pheasants aplenty Visit Baja hunting at www.bajahunting.com