For the Missouri youth turkey hunt Chasing Spring had three different team members at locations across the state. In northeast Missouri, turkey guide and Chasing Spring Seminar team member, Joel Shipman hunted with 10-year-old Matthew Wheeler. Matthew took his first turkey with Joel during this text book hunt.
A very happy youth hunter, Matthew Wheeler, holding his first gobbler.
Guide, Joel Shipman, set up a blind for Matthew very close to the roosted gobbler from the night before.
While Matthew and his dad Kevin Wheeler waited in the blind, Joel set up a short distance behind them to do the calling.
I hunted with 11-year-old Wyatt Wilson, and his dad, Brian Wilson of Pottersville, Missouri. Wyatt was a youth hunt winner from a radio show contest with Gary Klee of Ku, Ku, oldies 100 sponsored by Monty’s Surplus sporting goods in West Plains, Missouri.
Here Gary Lee sets up with our young hunter on a cold, dark rainy morning of Saturday, April 9 during Missouri’s youth turkey season. We had to deal with some nasty weather and Wyatt never got his bird, but despite it all we had a great time. You can see the video of his hunt on the next slide…
Meanwhile, Chasing Spring team member, Randy Moore, guided 15-year-old Samantha Rhodes to her second wild turkey during yet another text book turkey hunt.
A very happy youth hunter poses with her Ozarks gobbler and her dad, Scott Rhodes.
Here’s where we hunted in Jacks Fork River hills in the Missouri Ozarks.
Numerous clear spring-fed streams rumble through the granite rocks of the Ozarks.
My brother Marty hit the mother load of early-season gray morel mushrooms.
After the rains and warmer temperatures, the May apples popped though the forest floor, a true sign that the yellow morel mushroom will not be far behind.
Early season turkey hunting during the youth season can be challenging as most turkeys are still in winter flocks.
The Ozarks ridges are extremely open this time of year making turkey hunting difficult.
The flowering Dogwood, Missouri’s state tree, bloomed during our weekend hunt, proving that we are in fact Chasing Spring and the turkey hunting from here on out will be much better.
In the Missouri Ozarks, trees are just beginning to show signs of new life as buds begin to turn into bright springtime leaves.
The vast beautiful Missouri Ozarks view from a mountainside glade.
The blooming red bud trees gave a splash of color to the otherwise drab winter look of the hills in early spring.

The Chasing Spring team fanned out across the state of Missouri for last weekend’s youth hunt.