Now I’m not very superstitious, and I don’t know whether owls are supposed to be a good or bad omen, but on the last day of lynx trapping season, it worked out pretty well for us.
One last river crossing for the season. Even after 6 months of winter, I can’t help but wish it would last longer. Many people hate the cold, dark, Fairbanks winters, but trapping unlocks a whole new world during this frigid season.
Spring is when snow machines go on sale, and this year I finally bought what I consider to be the ideal trapping sled. The 2011 Ski-Doo Tundra 600 longtrack has just about everything I am looking for.
This machine is awesome. It has a very fuel efficient four-stroke engine that is quiet, but has a ton of torque. With a narrow stance and long paddle track, this thing is perfect for riding winding trails through the woods as well as tearing through deep snow.
Two weeks ago, we caught the lynx featured in the Cannibal Cats gallery in this same spot (the devoured cat was in a snare 15 yards down the trail from here). This is a nice cat, but we caught another one down the trail in the same spot the unlucky one was eaten. There are a lot of cats in the area, and it seems like they keep checking this spot out … maybe looking for another treat.
This really big cat was seduced by the same set that we caught the biggest lynx in a couple days ago in the Lynx Line gallery. Only having re-set the traps a couple days ago, so we were surprised to see this cat waiting for us.
Lynx don’t get much nicer than this big tom. That big white belly is what fur buyers look for when judging quality of lynx hides. Generally, the hides are more brown until mid December or so. Then they gradually turn whiter and get better as the season gets later. This lynx should bring somewhere around $150.
What a way to close out trapping season. We only had about a dozen traps set this year due to weather and overflow preventing us from getting across the river till February. Then the huge dumps of snow put everything out of commission again. With an extended season, we hit our stride though, catching 6 cats in the last 5 days of the season. It doesn’t get any better than that! Check out these photos that highlight my 2011 trapping season…

With the sun returning to the north, the trapping season has come to an end. Check out the photo highlights from my trapping season in Alaska.