Photographer Alek Komarnitsky spotted this coyote while out on a walk with his son near Lafayette, Colorado.
He followed the coyote from a distance shooting these photos with a telephoto lens.
The area was semi-rural, but there were still plenty of people around. Alek shouted to warn these two bikers about the coyote, but that didn’t scare the animal away.
The coyote kept a close watch on Alek.
As the sun began to set, the coyote headed for a nearby farm in hopes of catching some prairie dogs for dinner.
That’s when two dogs spotted him, and the chase was on.
Even though he was outnumbered, the coyote didn’t make a break for it right away, letting the dogs gain plenty of ground on him.
The dogs circled in front of the coyote.
Like two boxers feeling each other out in the first round, neither party went in for the knock out punch early.
It looks here like the coyote is chasing down the lab. But the big yellow lab actually took a swipe at the coyote and missed and his momentum carried him forward.
They both try to regain their balance.
The lab whirls around ready to take another shot.
Here it looks like the lab has the coyote right where he wants him.
But while the lab is bigger and stronger, the coyote is quicker and more agile. He makes a break for it.
Coyotes can run flat out faster than 40 m.p.h.
Most fit retrievers can run between 30-40 m.p.h.
But this chase is over almost as soon as it begins. The lab doesn’t have a shot at catching this coyote.
The lab escorts the coyote off the property. Neither animal was harmed in the scuffle.
Coyotes have been known to kill dogs, even big dogs like Labrador retrievers. However, these boys didn’t seem to get that memo. To visit Alek’s webpage go to: Check out our Worst Coyote Attacks Gallery >>

Watch the chase unfold as a brave yellow lab takes on one of the West’s craftiest and deadliest predators.