Gobbler Getters ’09

Filling your spring turkey tag is about to get much easier perk your ears and you can almost hear it–that … Continued

gobbler gear_blind

The Ultimate Blind The Scentite Tent Chair Magnum weighs 15 pounds, and every ounce of that goes to good use. It comes with magnetic "Silent Open" camo window netting, camo brush ties, tent stakes, zippered side windows and interior gear bags and cup holders. It's spacious and bug-resistant, which is nice as insects begin to hatch in spring. The setup and takedown of the blind are easy. Not being seen never looked so good. <em>(About</em> <em>$150, fargason__outdoors.com)</em>

gobbler gear_camera

Roll Camera! The next time you bag a tom, capture the whole hunt on digital video with Bushnell's Videoscope. It mounts easily atop your existing scope and boasts 1 gigabyte of memory. Plus, it's weather-resistant, because the best shots–and footage–don't always come easy. <em>($250; bushnell.com)</em>

gobbler gear_calls

Calls of the Wild Quaker Boy's new Firebox box call features the patented Curved Lid Technology with curved sides and squeak-proof<br /> operation. A waterproof coating guarantees realistic, raspy tones no matter the weather. <em>($25; quakerboy.com).</em> Bass Pro's durable RedHead Long Box Call produces a strong rasp that you'll rely on for seasons to come. <em>($40; basspro.com)</em>

gobbler gear_decoy

Git Yer Strut On Strutting gobbler decoys have been the rage for the past several seasons, and Bass Pro has entered the fray with a big, lifelike strutter that is enticing to other gobblers and affordable. The Strutting Tom is easy to set up and tough enough to endure both unpredictable spring weather and the sharp spurs of an angry tom. <em>($60; basspro.com)</em>

gobbler gear_shoes

Woods Slippers Think of these shoes as snug hunting sneakers. Waterproof rubber over naturally insulating neoprene will keep your feet dry, and the Mossy Oak camo pattern will keep them hidden from approaching birds. <em>($70; lacrossefootwear.com)</em>

gobbler gear_trigger stick

Rest Assured Primos' Trigger Stick is back, in both bipod and tripod form. The added legs mean even more stability for your shotgun as the boss longbeard makes his way through the dark timber, seeking out that lonely hen and dropping thunderous gobbles every few seconds. <em>($85-$140; primos.com)</em>

gobbler gear_twister grendade

Gobbler Music The Hunter Specialties Thunder Twister and Gobbler Grenade will add a new dimension of realism to your calling. The Grenade is a waterproof push-button call; the Thunder Twister is a reed-and-latex gobble tube featuring a twist-on silencer. They're small, so you really have no excuse not to add them to your vest. <em>($20 each; hunter__specialties.com)</em>

gobbler gear_vest

The Last Vest You'll Buy This Rio Grande vest from Texas Hunt Company is designed to be a tough all-weather hunting companion. Six easily accessible pockets hold an arsenal of mouth, box and friction calls. To keep things quiet, the vest uses zippers rather than Velcro. It's adjustable, so you can accommodate extra clothing on chilly mornings. <em>($250; texashuntco.com)</em>

Gobbler gear_ring zone

Ring 'Em Up–The Ring Zone calls were designed using the latest in modern technology and scientific research to create a call that matches the pitch and frequency of a live hen turkey as tested by an oscilloscope. The outer ring on the call keeps your fingers off the calling surface to eliminate dampening the sound. The Ring Zone's resonating surface is increased by over 200% compared to most pan calls. The Ring Zone is available in three calling surfaces. The slate call includes a cross-cut hickory striker. The starfire crystal and ceramic calls include rosewood strikers. (About $22 from Cabelas)

snake boots

Snake's Alive–Serious hunters know the value of protecting their feet-whether it's a rugged day in the field, the threat of venomous snakes or both. Constructed with ProLight outsoles that are lightweight and flexible, so the boots won't feel bulky, heavy or constrictive. Best of all, you'll enjoy dry feet in Rocky's waterproof protection. Soft, split leather and lightweight 900-denier nylon conform to your feet for maximum comfort. A mesh moisture-management system prevents blisters and hot spots from forming. The AchillesFlex system forms a joint that collapses and expands for mobility, while a padded section at the ankle supports your gait over rough and unseen terrain. You'll get a secure fit in these 16" boots with ankle lace-locks that use zip-cinch cords for tightening and loosening. (About $130 from Cabelas)

jake mobile

Fake Jake–The Primos Jake-Mobile Turkey Decoy features the size, coloring, and look of a real jake that's sure to get the two year old birds ready to attack. This decoy folds up easily and fits right into your turkey vest for easy transport. Decoy comes complete with Jake-Mobile silk fan tail, decoy stake, and instructional DVD. (About $50 from Bass Pro)

Glass Hammer

Hammer 'Em–Knight &amp; Hale's new Glass Hammer Kit features a Glass Hammer Friction Call, a Super Striker with a polymer tip that works wet or dry, a yellow birch striker, an Ole Reliable triple-reed diaphragm, a Screaming Hen II double-reed diaphragm and a matching color owl call for locating spring gobblers. For more information contact Knight &amp; Hale Game Calls, 3601 Jenny Lind Road, Fort Smith, AR 72901; (479) 782-8971;

Filling your spring turkey tag is about to get much easier

perk your ears and you can almost hear it–that first gobble of a new spring. It won’t be long now until dawn breaks on the turkey season opener and you start playing for keeps. If you’re a turkey hunter, you’re also a gearhead, and this new lineup of gobbler-getting tools is designed with one purpose in mind–to help you get your bird this spring. Here’s a first look.